December 28, 2004

still busy after x'mas

yesterday nite 1st to kwun tong with dicky and bought a pair of dunk low at factory outlet. then to mongkok to search the restaurant for tonight's dinner. walked a bit to the market and boguht hot pot food and did that at dicky's home with secondary schoolmates
tonight took dinner with university mates. chatted a lot. food was not quite enough. sorry...

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carmen, please take care... and also alan

tomorrow gonna have hard work. when can i leave?

December 25, 2004

fixing computer

still fixing...

no time to write yet...

nearly done now (dec 26 20:00)

but my broadband line not very stable. need to relogin every 10-30 min. need to phone the customer service

(P.S.) forgot to say i just got bonus with salary few days ago. earlier than normal months.

x'mas party

this year i joined a party organised by assoicate degree mates. they booked an upstairs cafe since they knew the owner well. a bit odd to go there after disconnected for around two years. but become better when starting to play winning eleven 8. and happy to play card games. left around 3am.
hope join them more

December 18, 2004


not join colleagues for bbq. (just wanna see how our german did in chinese style bbq)

just gone to fix glasses. how come in bad luck. no one working to break glass but i did. after that thx ivan for the discount of the jeans (for him & me, i cannot tell you what brand and how much discount)

December 16, 2004

bad luck

glasses broken because of work. ($260 to get a new glass) need to buy a cheap one for work

this job makes me bad luck. computer failure and glasses broken twice...

p.s. finally change the mobile service supplier. i can get the calls at home or work clearly now

December 15, 2004

my x'mas stuff

arrived yesterday:
my lego Posted by Hello

(P.S.) the seller sold me a pair of badly conditioned legs but he is nice to sell a better one to me. thx. nice italian (got that on x'mas day. :))

there is a lego show. just a brief look... need time to visit whole site

and also the loan of study... (over $2800, just paid before new year)

December 10, 2004

dr peter leung

our company had two accessors today. one of them was dr leung. they were for the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. he recognized me and talked few words... met him again on next mon and tues.
just bought some stocks (two lots) recommended by famous local stock commentor. very expensive but need to learn this game. otherwise never get enough money only based on salary or interests from banks.

this weekend:
  1. ot on sat (i hate that)
  2. duck race (any news?)
  3. packing up some old stuff in pc & at home (did some)
  4. swimming / treating my leg (leg 1st)
  5. anymore...? (bought 2 agatha's books, organising some stuff, & saw joey yung at harbour terminal)

updated at 5:45pm gmt+8, dec 12

December 06, 2004

grad pix of ball, sheep; bday dinner of silver and b ming

morning to fix my leg. then took some food at kwai fong before joining guys to hku. too west for ball. his camera is broken and used mine and sheep's to take. many people met there (check the title link when you see me online in icq or msn) and took quite a lot of photos (some are even unexpected).
dinner at belcher to celebrate birthday silver and b ming. got a cake from singapore from west ball. after that got some coffee at mongkok. back home around 12:00. tired today and cannot type more now...

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December 04, 2004

this week

legs hurt again, bad stomach (ate too much unhealthy stuff), & tired

began to listen german from our german...

gonna change mobile service provider, & bought 7260 for my sis (she chose it...). so expensive

finished reading three act tragedy

November 28, 2004

irene's birthday

took some pix with ball just back from singapore before returning the gown. the final end of the university life. then to celebrate irene's birthday with florence, her niece, two sheeps (lunch @ festival walk). later with danny and sheep to the latest longham place. the place i don't really like it. too many escalators and too crowded compared to other shopping malls. quite dangerous as we think when something happened. but it is the best in mongkok so far. after that we went singing karaoke...

irene's birthday gift Posted by Hello

irene's birthday with florence's niece before xmas stuff Posted by Hello

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November 26, 2004

damned job

salary increased after probation, but boss is not happy. he thought i'm not as good as other said (1st and 2nd months he was out). some i need to work a bit harder, like understanding standards, braver... but his working style i don't agree. sleep only 4 hours a day for the work (same as the one just get promoted). the company is not worth having workaholics with bad conditions to us. (low paid compared with other firms, just further cut OT salary and the requirement to get OT)... for god's sake, i won't burn my candle just like them

much wanna quit

November 21, 2004

guia race

too much time for the safety car coming out

bmw got the race but seat was good as a new comer

next year should be more attractive because guia will be the last race of wtcc. more talent drivers and different cars from big manufacturers will play and next year may not be so boring. let's see how the luck bmw will be next year

November 20, 2004

duck duck

just got this:

will my duck rock? Posted by Hello

btw finally found jack's book and bought it

tmr will be the guia race. will beamer win?

November 15, 2004

dinner for ben's birthday

9 people going to take japanese buffet. ivan and florence only ate cooked food while others took both fresh and cooked in 2 hours. the gift is a camera's battery. after the meal, ivan bought a minijack but ben said he should buy a $1xxx one because of good quality... then we went to ivan's levis store and hehe... last we played in console game stations before went home.

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ben is now in mainland near shanghai for three weeks.

November 13, 2004


today was my graduation day, waked as early as normal working day. went back school around 9am. took some food at canteen and met my fyp supervisor and his son there. he asked me the work...

then quickly joined the ceremony next to the canteen. from a bit nervous to a bit boring and a bit missing... anyway four years here...

after the ceremony, thx to the fact my department is one of the strongest in the school (and thx to the professors) and we could have our unique farewell. and my aunt came in the midway.

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any regrets? some but cannot find out.

waiting west ball coming back

this is the song which i think it's suitable to the day

Say Goodbye - S Club
In the years to come
Will you think about these moments that we share
In the years to come
Are you gonna think it over
And how we lived each day with no regrets
Nothing lasts forever though we wanted to
The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
Cause true love never dies

In a year from now
Maybe there'll be things that we'll wish we've never said
In a year from now
Maybe we will see each other
Standing on the same street corner
No regrets
Each and every end is always written in the start
If only I could stop the world I'd make this lasts

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
Cause true love never dies

And when you need my arms to run into
I'll comfort you
Nothing will ever change the way I feel

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in everyday
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
Because the true love never dies

November 09, 2004

new dc

finally could leave a bit early today. still that stuff, why those colleagues love to work so much even the company sucks

joined dicky in mongkok and took a short meal. hanging around the street to have some window shopping first. finally i fixed my idea and bought the dc, canon digital ixus 40. anyway thx dicky. he also got a new mp3 player, ipod mini.

November 08, 2004

pix with 2ndary mates

taking pix with secondary schoolmates. many had come. thx

1st going to cityu, but i didn't have much experience on organizing and not so brave at all. so quite suck in the journey in cityu. sorry every one.

then to polyu where jason did the thing better and took more

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after that went to karaoke near the polyu and sang until 10pm... tired to work on the next day

i need to buy a dc before the day but couldn't do on monday because of damned boss...

November 06, 2004

another week

earlier leave becasue of season low. so less ot :( need to care about my speaking, said too much. but this week is ok for my work.

bought more biscuits in m&s. lovin' it

tommorrow with take pix with secondary mates. cool

duck race is coming. pls donate!!!

October 31, 2004

got some stuff in tst

bag for interview, socks, food in muji & m&s. have a look on dc. last time to be a student for the transportation

handle some comp games and winter clothes @ home

October 26, 2004

October 25, 2004

the day

morning playing computer games

afternoon back to school to take photos. still need to take more on next coming weekends. it's been a long time for so many to take tea together, and maybe this is the last one. where's norton? just got one pix with him. so many paying for dvd package... but it's good. last dinner at nah shan?

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btw thx west ball's call from singapore

P.S. just bought the album of king of convenience

October 20, 2004

October 17, 2004

marriage dinner again & stuff for graduation ceremony

yesterday night was the marriage dinner for my aunt's step-son. the dinner was in lee gardens. everything is better than that one by the boss. there was a foreigner who's the clsoe friend of bride. and there are few tvb guys as step-son is working there. aunt was very happy.

today came back school to get graduation ceremony stuff but in a bit bad luck. to borrow the clothes, i had already transfered the deposit to the school's bank account. however i lost it at home, i needed to pay $100 more for it :-(. but met so many mates and hanging around and taking photos. cool~

P.S. the watch is fixed

October 16, 2004


working late and late with no ending...

just heard the company monthly target is around 10-12% more than last year. damn it...

October 11, 2004

murder on the orient express

how can agatha christie be so clever to deliberate the story so well? when can i find my instinct and use it?

P.S. at least 2 companies website saying they are running the express now? which one is the true one? i wanna take a ride.

October 09, 2004

growing big = good?

every business wannabe growing large, earning more money for their owners. but...

my sister opened an account in hangseng bank for paying school fee. even having enough money to pay the school fee, but the bank charged the fine for not enough money to autopay in the account. why? most of the money was put into the current account, not deposit account. it is not allowed to use cheque books under 18. why to be allowed to open the account for her? the employee, the computer program and the programmer, the supervisor... wth are they doing?
another example is a company making stuff and checked in my company. used to be good but expanded and allowing OEM stuff... then the quality falls and tension increased between my company and that client. we hold the lastline of safety but that company wants us to loose it... wth?
last is washing machine, my washing machine is gonna be broken and it's hard to find a machine outside serving long lifetime as last one (over 10 years with one little fix)?

do you know any company growing large but its products are still good? tell me and i must buy their stocks!

for companies having factory or allowing OEM from mainland china, DO CHECK more because communists lower people's quality and standard!

P.S. my watch is down... :-(

October 08, 2004


even some jobs are unloaded, but always busy, and needs to train a n00b. when to have an easy moment? this makes me tired and forgets many things already

October 05, 2004


2 n00bs starting to work. one is vincent and another is man...

October 02, 2004

boss' marriage dinner

yesterday was the time for the dinner. he chose a restaurant next to boy scout's hk headquarters for the meal. we joined together at jordan and heard a giordano shop playing borrowed heaven.
we met the old workmates there and also the big boss. the child of another boss is so funny that even so brave to talk with the big boss. the restaurant is new and the tools (spoons, glass cups...) were quite dirty... but the food is not bad even not all are my favourite.
after dinner, we went to sing karaoke next to the restaurant until 3am. one mate seems to chase another but i don't know the end of the story... sang quite a lot of songs
took the bus to back home. 1st time to pay when got off the bus at mei foo and transfered to another. that one only had 7 passengers including me and the station i got off is the last before the terminus (covers whole upper kwai chung where aunt lives). back home at 4am... tired...
P.S. i will not wear the new shoes until a date just like those opening the case of blythe. the shoes are so cool... made in taiwan and it's the 1st time to get retro
wind blows like arrows, sky is grey. make me feel the 1st wave of winter. pls don't come so early. i love summer and autumn

September 28, 2004

mid-autumn festival

work until 3:2xpm but i don't have any mood to work whole day.

then back to cityu to "blow water". danny and steve had a match on their t-shirts. carmen was so lovely... to mongkok to help carmen to sell her broken phone and look for shoes... :)

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September 26, 2004


sunday is a day of rest

morning woke up to go swimming... probably last outdoor swimming in this year. water is become colder and colder. where should i go swimming in winter? ymca or shing mun valley?
weather is dry and warm with sunshine but it's not last long. i wanna buy a hat when i saw it in muji shatin. but the price...
took brunch in kwai fong and then went back home to fix my computer which is nearly done.
then went to find the chinese doctor because of little sick. and requested service for computer from my mom's friend (sister of doctor) on day after the festival.
after the visit, headed straight to tsim sha tsui to buy books, and checked whether any sport shoes suitable for me. finally bought two books and the favourite shoes have my size but i didn't buy yet... hard to find a affordable and few people restaurant nearby...
jamie's new book is already out here (earlier than uk, usa and canada). find a cd chain store selling with different price in different area...

September 24, 2004

September 23, 2004

few things

  1. congregation is firmed on Nov 12, i will get the dress on Oct 17. find me to take photos after that day
  2. there will be 2 more n00bs coming next month.
  3. met a classmate of west jimmy which followed prof luk to do fyp at lunch time. he works at cct right now

September 22, 2004

something nice from west ball

> 一個人一生中最早受到的教育來自家庭,來自母親對孩子的早期教育。>> 美國一位著名心理學家為了研究母親對人一生的影響,在全美選出50位成功人士,他們> 都在各自的行業中獲得了卓越的成就,同時又選出50位有犯罪記錄的人,分別去信給他> 們,請他們談談母親對他們的影響。>> 有兩封回信給他的印象最深。 一封來自白宮一位著名人士,一封來自監獄一位服刑的> 犯人。 他們談的都是同一件事:小時候母親給他們分蘋果。>> 有位來自監獄的犯人在信中這樣寫道:小時候,有一天媽媽拿來幾個蘋果,紅紅綠綠,> 大小各不同。 我一眼就看見中間的一個又紅又大,十分喜歡,非常想要。 這時,媽媽> 把蘋果放在桌上,問我和弟弟:你們想要哪個? 我剛想說想要最大最紅的一個,這時> 弟弟搶先說出我想說的話。>> 媽媽聽了,瞪了他一眼,責備他說:好孩子要學會把好東西讓給別人,不能總想著自> 己。於是,我靈機一動,改口說:“媽媽,我想要那個最小的,最大的留給弟弟吧。”> 媽媽聽了,非常高興,在我的臉上親了一下,並把那個又紅又大的蘋果獎勵給我。我> 得到了我想要的東西,從此,我學會了說謊。 以後,我又學會了打架、偷、搶,為了> 得到想要得到的東西,我不擇手段。直到現在,我被送進監獄。>> 某位來自白宮的著名大士是這樣寫的:小時候,有一天媽媽拿來幾個蘋果,紅紅綠綠,> 大小各一同。 我和弟弟們都爭著要大的,媽媽把那個最大最紅的蘋果舉在手中,對我> 們說:"這個蘋果最大最紅最好吃.誰都想要得到它。 很好,現在,讓我們來作個比> 賽,我把門前的草坪分成三塊,你們三人一人一塊,負責修剪好,誰幹得最快最好,誰> 就有權得到它!” 我們三人比賽除草,結果,我贏得了那個最大的蘋果。>> 我非常感謝母親,她讓我明白一個最簡單也最重要的道理:要想得到最好的,就必須努> 力。 她一直都是這樣教育我們,也是這樣做的。 在我們家裡,你想要什麼好東西都要> 通過比賽來贏得,這很公平,你想要什麼、想要多少,就必須為此付出多少努力和代價> !>> 推動搖籃的手,就是推動世界的手。 母親是孩子的第一任教師,你可以教他說第一句> 慌言,也可以教他做一個誠實的、永遠努力爭第一的人。>> 如果你是孩子,請把這個故事講給媽媽;如果你是媽媽.....

btw. i've applied google adsense to get some money (i wish lol). may add some codes here later. u can then search thru my site and i can get paid...

September 19, 2004

lazy day

play the game
watch friends, QE, and ER

and nothing else

September 17, 2004

bugs world

1st is a cockroach walking the ground without any afraid of people
2nd is a fly laying worms on a plug just freshing opened...

September 15, 2004

September 14, 2004

long day

tired because of working long time last nite (after 9pm) & fixing computer (after 12 midnight)

talk about the pro-probation: very little chance of salary increasing, what i will be gonna do

September 12, 2004

dicky's birthday

another night not at home. becoming poor. need to start to the plan to become rich dad

high pot at mongkok. nice environment but service & food were just normal. watching the final episode of a cantonese drama there... same poor ending with other drama... cannot watch the final of friends and the episode of QE...

the sims 2 can be found on web

September 11, 2004

florence's birthday

after work, i went to take my glasses. the shop claims there is no more stock for my color. so they fixed using another color. but i don't mind . it's a special edition now.

then went to tseung kwan o to meet guys to clean water bay for florence's birthday. stupid to join there because only way to go to tseung kwan o is to take taxi and the fare is $60...

others came from kowloon tong with some food... for bbq. then we played at the beach like swimming (1st time to swim in sea after i learn how to swim), playing near the coast. sorry to hear carmen's phone out of order as it dropped on water when changing clothes.

after playing, we started to have bbq...

back home about 12 midnight and installed back windows xp

last days with a senior

money wasted, and more tasks for me

2 expensive lunch, one taking japanese in fo tan, and another taking american in shatin new town plaza
1 expensive dinner, taking buffet in royal plaza hotel

his tests are transferred to me but i don't get any right now because he didn't have time to teach me much...

wasted lots of money because of small problem

damned electricity.

made my transformer, motherboard, and keyboard dead...

wasted money to buy surge protection socket outlets, new transformer, new motherboard, and new keyboard... over $1000...

September 05, 2004

another day of computer

swimming around 10:45am, very damned hot, only got there for around half hour...

then joined mom and her friend for the brunch at delifrance. then went to shamsuipo to buy a computer for her friend. finished whole stuff at around 7pm. watched 1st part of friends series finale, then was the 1st QE after the break of olympics. b4 sleep, played aa but big packetloss. cos of network? cos of xp sp2?

day for my graduation should be on Nov 7th and collection of attendance tickets, guest tickets and academic dress should be at 9:30am to 11:30am on Oct 17.

September 04, 2004

ptu graduation ceremony

we went to fan ling ptu training barracks this morning for man wai graduation. good ceremony presentation but mai wai is quite west. saw some rifles and even a dolphin copter... then we sang karaoke in tsuen wan. i went back home while others took dinner outside
west turtle is still jobless. joanne works in standard chartered. fff is gonna work in macau...

September 02, 2004

bad luck

  1. broke the expensive glasses
  2. no free lift, needed to walk down stairs for over 30 floors
  3. took taxi to pick sister to her school, then to kwai fong station for $25
  4. no 47x route bus for 10 min, took 46x
  5. at shing mun tunnel interchange, wait over 10 min but still no 47x bus, just had a bit of luck to get on a 49x bus where i just stood next to the bus driver
  6. another bit of luck to share the taxi fare with a colleague to the office

but in whole, damned...

September 01, 2004

life goes on

  1. even leave late in 1st of month, maybe no free weekends anymore
  2. near the end of probation, will do more household testing for vde, tuv... = more ot. one colleague works until 9:xxpm everyday and does writing stuff to finish a job on 2 weeks!!!

August 29, 2004

dumplings 餃子

have just seen the film with dicky this afternoon in gv mongkok. the film is not the traditional eastern terrible movies like 2 other films in the same series. but it shows the attitude of people right now using a terrible view and also the dirty side of mainland china. i think i don't eat any kind of dumplings for days...
met so many old guys in these few days, from mountain to mr kwan... and saw ivan's in his levi's store and talked some stuff heard.
after watching the film, we were just hanging around. i wanna buy sporting shoes but the one i like are too new. it's just shown on milk... i may buy another for work after salary released and the one i like will be for weekends... but i need to handle money much more carefully.

August 28, 2004


  1. not closing air-con yesterday night
  2. the weight hurt cleaning lady...

August 27, 2004

kf = king of fuck

his company sucks, delay on tuning facilities and damage the absorbers...

yesterday i'm really tired, worked until 9pm...

heard the leave of a senior staff, my bad days are coming, more damned OT. i wish i had a better interview on passing monday. :(

August 23, 2004

Interview @ Central Government House

Post: Contact Technical Officer
Interviewer: 3

actually inside of the house is just like the normal office except a little bit more security procedures. workers were just talking casual stuff when i were waiting to be interviewed

there were 2 parts. 1st is the self introduction using english. then using cantonese to talk about technical stuff. i think i'm not bad after not being interviewed for a period of time. but those technical problems really kick me out of the door (i'm weak and lazy on that)... seems it's not possible to quit the current in a short period.

afternoon i were doing some bank stuff and playing games for today's no pay leave

August 22, 2004

just back from china

we woke up on saturday morning and took breakfast in kwai fong, then we started to go to guangzhou. after being there, first was going to a military hospital to do a small skin operation for my mom.

we went to the elderly house where grandma's living. we were nearly dead!!! why? a damned stupid driver just wanna make a u-turn and nearly hit our taxi by blocking our way. luckily the taxi driver was smart enough but he had a big mouth. we took the dinner with aunt and grandma nearby.

we went to aunt's house in clifford garden to sleep overnight. they are quite many foreigners living there and here is a picture of the undeveloped area of that garden
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we saw the olympic games but unluckily it's too late to watch the table tennis match which hongkong team gets a silver medal! and also finished studying lord edgware dies. i slept around 1 am but not very good. woke up around 9 am and we had the brunch in a restaurant inside the garden. we took the train back to hongkong. the dirty northern stupid chinese sitting next to me nearly took my seat. damn him. and the stupid shenzhen station, it has only one way to leave (the escalator), so damn dangerous. before going home, we had the dinner in a shatin restaurant.

tomorrow i will go to the central government house.

August 19, 2004

so small world

a summer trainee & a colleague's bf knows my mom!

starts to know too much

bought avirl's under my skin

back to mainland for grandma's birthday and come back alone on sunday night, anyone dinner with me that night?

what am i gonna do on monday? related to last diary

August 17, 2004

August 14, 2004

hair cut

had a hair cut with mom and sister together in causeway bay

sister has a new curly hair which makes her look like older than mom from the back

dinner at Xiaonanguo Imperial House, bill is $340 but we agreed the food is much better than outside. a great dish which other people ordered when it came to our table: 素冷麵

August 09, 2004

sam hui concert 2

a bit shorter than 1st
closer seat but reflection of light beams killing me

tough at work because of late work, exploded a heater. damn it

August 07, 2004

day of computer

after work, i went to sham shui po to help dicky to buy the computer. 1st taking the lunch nearby, then after checking the price with peter west, we found out the cheapest and bought it. but we need to pay back the price by the time. installing hardware by company's technicans waited over an hour. because they cut the cost, they rent a cheap house nearby the computer centre for their technicans office. the ventilation is not good and we still waited over half an hour to get our stuff. dicky and i went back his house to install software and i took the dinner at his home. actually installing software waits more time than installing hardware.
but anyway thx dicky for lunch and dinner. and his family is a bit similar to me. the younger brother/sister is quite trouble in these eras...

August 06, 2004

rhumba frappuccino blended coffee

starbucks hk has promoted the new product and i triedd tonight. the taste is even sweeter than mocha and cannot feel a bit of coffee taste. price: hkd$31 for tall, $33 for grande

August 05, 2004

inside story (link is the version of newspaper)

a 3G company interviewed the "team" but... ther stuff is far from the production stage (mainly the size).
i heard in earlier this year. the supervisor of the team leader asked the leader to find a job after finishing the research study. but in the newspaper, he said he will continue to research. i don't know any update of it...
the leader knows a lot of "packging" his results and maybe he learnt from his family background.

August 04, 2004

several stuff 2

  1. dinner with head and all mates at hung wah. not much things there are good.
    the german guy always waits for me when queuing the minibus... queer
  2. (updates)
    music: king of convenience's misread... so many wannna buy
    games: america's army with clanmates, doom 3 is leaked!!!
    magazine: milk, e-zone
    and sleeping; hanging out in the street; drink, singing, or eating with secondary friends
  3. not much hard disk space for my computer...

August 03, 2004

several stuff

  1. leg hurt cannot be recovered like fordo?
  2. cheap sheep just asked the stupidest question i ever heard, "when u register in the U to accept the offer of the course are there many ppl in the University?" why not...
  3. still tuned in tvb pearl more: 24, ER, the Apprentice, Friends, Queer eye for the Straight Guy... so many nbc programs?
  4. got 2nd salary, more than half borrowed to mom to pay rent... my dad seems a bit addicted to gambling... can leave a bit earlier from work in these few days but more duties, no more easy days. deptartment head is gonna leave the company next week. tommorrow will have the dinner for him...
  5. books: agatha christie's poirot series, giuliani's leadership
    music: corrs' BH, avril lavigne
    sports and games: swimming, america's army, cash flow,...

July 28, 2004


the german guy told me how to pronounce my name in german...

he showed his dvd of diving in phillipines in april after lunch break... he said he will try dive deeper in september

still have many places to improve...

July 25, 2004


yesterday bbq in a bbq park at tuen mun. started from around 7pm to 12am and caught the last bus to town centre

then back to tsuen wan and sang karaoke overnight. drunk some alcohol and i were sleepy due to work. slept there around 3 until 6 when there is closed. next time i will not play overnight... tough for me

July 24, 2004

sucker: K F Tsang

yesterday he came to the company to help setting the new facilities. '02 graduate and i agreed he is a real sucker! he made me a farther way to get 2nd up. we told the summer trainee not to choose his course

July 22, 2004

opening ceremony

opening ceremony for my floor stuff today
group chairman sucks, only spoke rubbish when he faced the reporter on the issue on pal pearl delta region. his name card is also cheap when our german guy showed it with others he got today
because of the ceremony, my work is delayed and need to have ot more! damn it

July 18, 2004

3 stuff in this weekend

Posted by Hello
it's crapped. a little mistake on connection of usb front pane made the south bridge of my asus p4pe burnt out... and i broke my mouse too
i need to buy both of them but i don't have much money...
2nd: dinner on friday
for boris' trip, and birthday of 7c and man wai
3rd: dinner on saturday
reunion of the guys of 1.1 (back to the time of adcs)

July 10, 2004

paid dinner

paid dinner for steve with carmen at mongkok. got some news for everyone

bought a USB-IR device but need to do something on my computer before using it

begin to think how much i need to save each month. steve said a thing which i very agree. only 2x years for working, earning is impossible for the whole life without good planning. i paid for transportation, lunch, magazines (milk & e-zone), study debt (said in rich mad, around 1.15 times of  debt), family, and swimming. around 1k left for each month, and i only buy fictions, investment, and management occasionally. besides maybe buy some legos. i need to keep 50-60k for a year living. others will use for investment...

July 08, 2004

new staff in my division & chat with the german

1st new staff in my division after i came in. she's a typist because of the centralization of computer systems (so slow to do it). all girls in my company are not... and i move back to ground floor after a week of going up because of painting on the ground

talk a bit with german of my company using english. talked something about dtm. he seems like motorsport as he knows f1 will race in shanghai this sept and i told him dtm will race there this month... and more about housing. he said renting a house at his home country. the kitchen and the bathroom is not counted on the house size. buying a house just only counts around half of the size... he said hk's developers...

July 04, 2004

spider-man 2

movie not bad (at least i'm not sleeping even i'm so tired). kristen durst is... compare her look in er

p.s. saw a old friend (don't ask me who) and his look is much older than his age, even older than his elder sister... take care of your health

July 02, 2004

handover anniversary

yesterday is the 7th year after hk returning to china from uk. still very hot. morning and early afternoon, i played aa with some clanmates. dinner time met some friends in tsuen wan and chatted together. i really wanna know a bit of cheap ball's new girlfriend. hahaha... how about tonywest's? sheep will be a sales engineer from next mon working in kwun tong. and fat fong found out coby passing us with her boyfriend but i didn't know

today met the german with his wife. (the guy for vde joint venture) he is nice but is english is not easy to listen... sometimes i think if i work beyond hk that's may be good.

June 30, 2004

interviews today

very hot today. i swore a lot

morning was the pccw interview. 5 people interviewed me, one from training, one from hr, and the others from different departments. i think i suck, no chance to get the offer. everyone are asked with their ability of putonghua but not me. i said too much technical but which should be not good. my introduction in english was poor. replys to hr was also bad.

then went back to school's clinic to get the sick leave proof. but the damned doctor didn't give me saying that my body temperature is not high enough!!! waste $13 on her. shit.

lunch with steve and carmen in an italian restaurant in festival walk. steve said somethings about school including tvb news, future projects, and stuff about professors. thx him for the lunch

after that, another interview at kowloon bay, new world pcs. very fast interview but seems to have a 2nd one because she has asked me any more interview in this period which is a sign of further interviewing / giving an offer

finally got a sick leave proof using $150...

June 29, 2004

June 28, 2004

interview on wed

morning pccw, afternoon nwt, need to take a sick leave (i hope that's only sick leave for this company before i left there)

should go back to school for lunch on that day

June 26, 2004

1st meeting of secondary school's alumni pre-assoication

wing, joanne, jimmy, 7c, and me have come back the secondary school today afternoon to have the meeting. there were over 2x people to join. 1st was the principal to have a speech. then we talked some functions which alumni, the assoication, and the school should do.

next meeting will be on 16/8 (sat) afternoon, and will be talking about the formation stuff. welcome every alumni to come back that day. and check school's site for details

June 25, 2004

contract, interview, & honor

finally signed the contract of the job. it seems no hope to get higher salary as the contract has written down the amount

new world mobile sent a sms to me to ask me to have an interview on tues. besides cascade/pccw left a voice message for the interviewing. i haven't replied yet. i should apply sick leave or vacation leave?

the honor of my bachelor degree has out. as expected, second low

June 22, 2004

macau again

company around 7:20, went to hk-macau ferry pier directly but all tickets before 10pm were sold out. so we (7c, tonywest, and me) took dinner before taking the ship. after an hour trip, we 1st went to the latest casino, "sands", owned by venetian. it is much bigger than casino lisboa and it's las vegas style, show, free drink. we played $600 and lost all... :)

then went to hotel to join other mates. that hotel should be a hostel (5 floors) and it is next to the one i stayed in last x'mas. we booked 3 double rooms for 10 people. :( those couples slept 1st and boys watched england vs croatia. gj rooney. slept at 5:xxam and waked up around 10am

1st went to temple at south. but the weather is too hot for us, so we separated into 2 groups. 1 for "sands" and another to taipa. i went to taipa with ball, hong, and dicky (anymore? but i forgot)... we found a place next to the shore and naive portguese house which is windy and relaxing. then back to city centre and joined back other guys, we bought some stuff and took the ship back

the west thing is forget to that electronic hand-held fan. too hot...

June 18, 2004

day 3 + pccw written test

learnt some new stuff about testing and watched some standards
must boring is pulling the cord and pressing auto-return for over 1000 times, but still have over 10000 times waiting me

left around 5:4x, took a taxi with over $100 fare to kwun tong to do the written test. saw 2 ee and 1 cs schoolmates. as predicted by ryan, i think the paper should be nearly the same as him. 3 long questions are: 1. shopting new tech 2. project management 3. how the company can accept the change of industry

June 17, 2004

2nd day

mainly working on sockets. from dimension, markings, to current leakage. for current leakage, why don't they use a machine to do that but by human hands?

seems to need over 5 years experenice to get promoted to one level...

got phone from pccw to have a written test

June 16, 2004

1st day

orientation for 2 hours, people are not bad but my office cannot receive mobile signal. and then just broke down the desk lamp, inserted thermal couples, finally reassemble it... worked from 9 am - 7:1x pm. 2 men working with me in a new place, but one of them owning high diploma and studying bachelor is still working same as my post for 4 years. he may be waiting to get promoted after getting the bachelor but how about me?

tomorrow need to test short-circuit of socket/plug, but very boring task

pccw phoned me to have a test on the graduate trainee post, but i haven't replied it yet. what should i do?

June 15, 2004

an offer by HKBN

but i rejected since the offer by the first offer makes life easier (need not work outdoors or under typhoons) even the salary is higher...

June 14, 2004

2nd interview @ HKBN

i wait over 45 min until the head of the team to meet me...
basically he just asked me very few details and should give me an offer

salary is over my suggestion but need to shift overnight, work anywhere, a bit dangerous. and every half a year has a test to know how much you understand the company for bonus... need ccnp to get promoted and it's not easy to get promoted as not much supervisors left.

got a job offer

post: technical officer - electrical division
position: fo tan
salary: 7000
OT: 45/hr
working days: mon - fri & sat shift
working hrs: 9-5:30/ 3-11, 9-1 for sat
starting date: 16/6
probation: 3 months

June 12, 2004

sam hui's concert again

tickets are selling for his 2nd round performance and my mom woke me up @ 6am to buy for watching again

this time fewer are sold because of bookings of boc credit cards. so cheapest tickets are out very early and we bought dearer ones

forgotten to drop down @ d-day

ronald reagan dead.

d-day 60th anniversary hooah soldiers

today also was tonywest birthday. we had dinner at pizza hut and we gave him a wallet

June 11, 2004

1st post here

old stuff has copyed or you can check them there

i joined a clan (PG needed) for america's army

corrs' new album is much better than last one

ball has come back and...

June 09, 2004

sam hui's concert & interview @ JOS

watched concert with dad & mom yesterday. over 3 & 1/2 hrs singing most of his pops. very good. i think i'm oldie.

post: system support
the job is found with the help of girlfriend of my father's apprentice. however the post does not suit me, it needs mcse... maybe good for 蕭佬

hk broadband asked me to have 2nd interview next monday...

June 04, 2004

Interview @ CMA Testing & Cert. Lab.

post: Technical Officer - Electrical Division
people interviewing: 3 (separate)
time used: 1 hr 30 min ~ used whole morning period

1st one is hr, asked in details, from school life to other interviews, like what have been learnt during school period, difference between school and real world, how bad for previously interviews, if having other offers...

then should be the supervisor of lab (same surname with me), asking me describle to standard in chinese, circuit stuff (series rlc circuit), antenna stuff...

last one is working emc, asked me antenna stuff, asking which professors teaching me...

but still need to wait result... and salary is not good... 7500 after probation (others must be over)

June 03, 2004

Interview @ HK Broadband

Post: Field Technician

many went there to apply this post, i may be the one with highest academic qualifications. to except filling normal stuff, needed to do mc questions about tcp/ip and cisco router stuff. all forgot after exam, thx hk education system

waited a long time to get interview. and he thought me not co-operative and not really fulfill the requirement... anyway will know result in 2 weeks

tommorrow another interview, test lab under chinese manu. associat. of hk

America's Army 2.1

new version is out and there are some views on it

  1. needs more resources than 2.0, i need to lower my setting (my hardware is p4
    2.4B, 512 ram, gf4ti 4200 64mb)
  2. Character 'Ragdoll' Physics is pretty good, much more realistic
  3. ic: no more 203 spawn, good!!! no of nades reduces to 1, may need more
  4. sf hospital: lag & more resources needed. no nade there gives more space
    for both sides
  5. sf arctic: simple & owning latest stuff: m136at4, if vss, and stryker.
    stryker is cool but need to beware. one shoot from stryker to teammate is enough
    to kick u to prison... & stryker is not strong at all... worrying troops
    using it in iraq
  6. lastly, sf village, got lost, only find 1 of 3 caches... even following
    {nato}chowyun-fat. but it's good for cqb. but no official servers?

June 02, 2004

last grade for my studies

fyp b
digital b
wan a-
passive rf c+

gpa = 3

just listen to the radio, the song singing "you can go your own way..."

June 01, 2004

interview @ school

company is kwonnie, making home application. the interviewer used to make military stuff in america: northern bell, lockheed... 1st he talked about me, (heard from another that he thought i cannot tell the objective of my fyp but i really work not nothing but a dream to publish paper...). then he talked with me many about military, sr-71, rah-66... the time is around an hour, much longer than prediction time: 15 min. the job needs me to go back mainland to stay... 1st year just to learn the work flow...

i just got 2 more mds from joanne... needa listen again

PS. just got corrs' latest album and bought a new cell phone (old one crapped)

May 28, 2004

the day after tomorrow

saw that with forrest in festival walk's amc

1st talk about forrest, his new job (after sales representative?) is in japanese firm (making mic with dominating market share) and he loves the job. no overtime, good supervisor... he said something that i haven't considered before. my mind is still as a student, should be worry and open-minded on job seeking...

now is about the film, it's produced by the one making independent day. but i think it's not so dramatic as independent day. good prediction of the future weather, blaming u.s. government about their environmental policy are cool. but some scenes are not good: why president is the last to leave washington d.c. how come the copters can fly so far from mexico to nyc to pick up people...

next week will have 2 interviews: kwonnie (with the help of the faculty) and hkbn

May 27, 2004

days after interview

no more interview...

saturday got the mds to do some free lance job. finish on saturday. got a reasonable money. thx hong, sheep

sunday nite thx peter west fro the dinner. meet some guys after the exam. good

wednesday sang k and joined mother... tired

today went to job market. too many people. not much hope to get an offer

May 19, 2004

Interview @ Oriental Pluritec

it seems not big company, mainly becomes agent and services of selling foreign cnc machines, and their own brnad machine made in shanghai. 2 men (one should be future supervisor) interviewed me for half hours (longest)

they asked me about exam marks for some time (why to study assoicate degree before...) but not language. they also asked few technical, like what is cnc; what do you think what should be r&d (they make me feel just improve the speed of the machine...)

what will gonna do is that using two years to find out suitable or not in several areas: after sales service ~ furthermore maintenance which cannot be handled by mainland staff; translate menus..., purchase materials for own cnc machines, sales of the machine, and r&d. (including trainings overseas)

they said they will shortlist and may have 2nd interview at end of the month. then offer will be given...

May 18, 2004


my 1st swimming in this year was at the pool near to my home

not many people there, a little bit windy but water is at suitable temperature, several dead bugs floating on the water. swam about an hour and i feel i got fit.

any of my friend free to swim? call me

May 17, 2004

Interview @ Elec & Eltek

i forgot the right time to interview. i went to there 1 hour earlier. but that's fine. basically she (HR officer) seemed to be hurry, mainly asking personal stuff in cantonese and english. she used half of interview to introduce her company. main culture there is workaholic: needs to work as early as 8:30am and overtime... but newbies should not worry the workload, i need to gain experience!!! she said supervisor is not available but i'm doubt of she... there might be a 2nd interview but need to wait notification.

another interview will be on wed...

May 13, 2004

1st interview

empolyer: asia container terminal (company of CSX World Terminals ~ Sea-Land)
post: Technician (Electrical)

interview is half personal (basic stuff + mind working outdoor to repair machines, working with elder ages with lower academic qualifications, night shift), half technical (ask about projects, plc control)
time: about 45 min (half for filling a form, another for interviewing with HR personnel)

P.S. no demo needed for fyp. it's good

2nd interview will be on monday, Elec & Eltek

May 11, 2004

last day of exam

but not last day of school yet

1st talk back the exam. not bad not good. there is no hope to get an overall good grade before the graduation...

i still need to do the mini project for passive rf (diplexer), and the demo of the fyp. at last the pick up.

then the last holiday before work (how long i don't know but hope not so long). some classmates has got two interviews but none for me...

at home i still need to remove soem old magazines which should be done before, fixes the damned computer (something wrong again)...

May 05, 2004

exam day 2

better than 1st day but cannot compensate the lost made

last will be on may 11, and i hope it be the last exam for my undergraduate

met steve at mtr station, he was going back home...

finally took the 25th anniversary train. it's quite normal train but painted outside and sticked some comparsion pix on the walls of the train.

May 04, 2004

exam day 1


bad date, bad venue, bad memory

i know nearly all short questions but only worth for 50 marks (but i think i can only at most get 3x marks - just little above passing marks)

but for 2 long questions (25 each), damn. 1st one everyone sucks. that's ok. but the 2nd one, really forgot all stuff, shit. other can do it... god damn curl, god damn maxwell!!!! too late to remember, no time to write right stuff...

p.s. (23xx HKT)

met 7wing when coming back home. his voice is a bit husky. i think he didn't get enough sleep. he said he gonna have driving test tommorrow but still not faimilar to drive and afraid to fail... he got not enough training before the test (just like many others because of money). he said he's finding a new job. some jobs he applied are same as me but he got an reply for written test. Not ME!!! Why? sucking school email system? btw seen someone faimilar but not sure she is the one i know...

April 26, 2004

treat meal, hw, & couples

last sat, ivan and i treated steve an expensive meal in festival walk. today we (ben, carmen, florenece, ivan & i) treated bryan, duncan, and steve another meal in school's restaurant. don't know why they only chose few food. so all were hungry and needed to eat again at 4:30.

for the passive rf homework, this is the hardest one. even the two cleverest gave the wrong answer... i asked the lecturer and he said we should use matlab to find it...

when back home, i met the couples in mtr trains which i knew they have been together for a long time already. they are cow's. they played gba so they didn't discover me. finally i made them aware me when they needa transfer to another train. cow is still so handsome but his gf needs some facials.

i bought the book, "QE", as a gift for ball's trip:-)

P.S. chinese fake products are sold in whole countries except hongkong, macau, taiwan... recent one is making "big head baby". they drunk milke by low-protein man-made milk powder and make their head big, legs and arms short, thin body... they will highly be handicapied...

there are so many poor soldiers in iraq. they got badly armored. from newsweek's article, they are very poor... bad defense secretary... army should not waste money on making games (even i love to play) for recruitment. they should give their soldiers with more tanks... btw the ranger soldier who used to be us football star is dead... being a soldier is pride in front of people but this is bad if you don't get enough support

April 22, 2004

last day of lesson & new monitor

last day of lesson was wan test. we all did cheat (too much needed to remember) and i think the lecturer knew but didn't care. then he said some hints for exam. after that, there are still few things to do: digital communication assignment; passive rf homework and assignment; exam; demostartion of fyp after exam; and seek job...

after 5 yrs, crt monitor finally burnt, it is acer 45e, which uses philips core. so i need to buy a lcd mon. dad paid for me (i didn't request) and it is philips (should be the best nowadays)

April 15, 2004

home silence again

my uncle-in-law & his family have left the midway, my home, to their final destination of their trip - their origin, guangzhou to meet other relatives after 14 years in new zealand

in these few days, they slept here and my mom & dad need to sleep on floor. they woke up early becasue of jet lag. uncle smokes which i don't like.

but they make us to connect other relatives, play & eat everywhere, bought some expensive stuff & i can try to use, play & speak english with lovely niece-in-law...

they will be back on 30 & stayed before they take a plane back to new zealand in early may

April 13, 2004

dinner at lung wah hotel

opposite to shatin police station, need to cross a bridge which is over the railway

a bad smell when walking the road between the bridge and the hotel

some birds are feed at the entrance of the hotel

is it a hotel? cannot see any rooms

food: a bit salty, size too large (6 people only need 4 people set meal), otherwise need to pick some back home

April 11, 2004

easter trip

pls check dicky's one

somethings i feel:

those minibuses are not quite safe actually

we should not take dinner there

we played too late in window of the world (but there's big & we were happy), so too late to go to tonywest's house & didn't have time to pick right stuf to his house

take care to cross the road in china

good time at city where tony's house built & good lunch!!!

April 08, 2004


relatives from nz come & stay here

busy to do fyp report

& gonna go to tonywest house!!!!!

March 29, 2004

fyp presentation

better than i expected even it is hard to answer the questions from professor...

it's gone...

March 25, 2004

last few busy weeks in school

busy busy busy

presentation powerpoint... thx steve, carmen... but still working

cover letter... thx ball, but need time to think how to write

test... omg no time to study

March 19, 2004

fyp presentation

on 1st day of the week afternoon (mar 29)

my supervisor, accessor (supervisor's master), and a professor from optics (former head) will mark me

PS fyp is still working, today is too lazy so mphil took my measurement chance... tommorrow need to wake up earlier

March 17, 2004

st patrick's day

monday, test on digital communications, as expected, not easy. but i think i can pass it. afternoon, made two new antennas, but found out today one has little problems. night, to a toy shop (cartoon figures) with a friend in tsuen wan. it's on the 2nd floor, quite small, with a smell of plastic. but found out some lovely figures... price... not cheap. so we didn't buy any

tues, measurement. not bad.

today, st patrick's day, not good luck but not bad for me. few careless mistakes. waste some stuff...

PS: 24 season 3 shown in hk. kim is a bit thinner & uglier. both she & michelle become sexier... story is a bit unreasonable, after nina, how come another spy in ctu?

finish another story agatha christie's book. next i read will be her masterplace, murder of roger ackroyd

& more corrs' new album details out, please check corrsonline

March 13, 2004


everybody lives in dreams

my supervisor wanna publish a paper on my results even in theoretical his idea is just impossible...

my dad always wanna earn a lot of money but he doesn't know the right method, & waste in a fast way

my mum wants my dad... my sister to study science subjects, not naughty...

for me, i wanna have a good final semister, get a job.... so many!

P.S. so many agatha christie's books available in bookshops. i wanna buy some but don't yet finish those in my hands.

the corrs is gonna publish their new album, seems i need to waste some money

our favourite motorsport, DTM, has so many stars this year: jean alesi, frank biela, tom kristensen, emanuele pirro, bernd schneider, laurent aiello, heinz-harald frentzen... it's so good. we can see good races this year. hope tvb still buy the right to play freely

March 03, 2004

wan test, fyp, & virus

today there was a test for wan. all questions are just using ur short term memory because just repeating old exam/test questions (lecturers had given those answers already). damn, is girls' memory much better than boys'? ...

i'm lazy for the fyp in this week, because supervisor wants me to get a series of results before moving on. but there is no time for me to do that (4 weeks before presentation) and my antenna basically works...

i have subscribed to u.s. navy news. suddenly i opened my mail box and found an infected email from u.s. navy news (virus is W32.Beagle.J@mm by scanning attachment). i didn't open it and after that, australian denfese department sent me an email saying blocking my incoming email becuase of that virus. what the hell? i didn't send that infected email to any place. who is the asshole writing this virus??? i must kick his ass!!

February 29, 2004

congratulation, ball

this time is the official announcement from ball about his job offer. (i knew that on st. valentine's day) and he will be the mt of dbs. he will be gonna go to singapore for a year in july. (i'm thinking a present now...) so today he treated us today. the restaurant is in chungking mansions which many indians lived there. most of us go inside for the 1st time. we took curry & indian food there. the food is ok but normal chinese may not like the taste as they are different from outside which mostly using se asian/japanese curry. anyway, thx ball!!!

then we went to a pub nearby and we got some beer, playing dices...

February 28, 2004

gossip from the floor heaven

tuesday afternoon, i needed to exposure the patch antenna on the ground floor. then some year 2 students (few girls & a boy) came for their epd project. the cheap lab techincian came to show off himself in front of girls just like how good the relationship with the bosses outside... after that those yr2 asked him about ias & fyp. but the lab techincian said he was not good to tell them and push this taks to me... cheap man...

wednesday, consuls-general visited, principal had a chance to show off in front of those visitors. when chic chan describing the sar measurement kit, he didn't know what type of fluid which simulates the head. principal then said the name directly... btw., we had heard before they came that even US consulate would come but acutally...

thursday, a phd student sucked. orginally i were wanna measure in the afternoon, but she took the chamber when i were at lunch! normally, i would not be angry with other people, but not she. she didn't know how to use & waited lots of time... 3 hours later was in my turn. i used it for 2 hours, then a co-op student asked me to help him a bit. what do u think who came? she again! she wanted to measure a pattern... i were wanna leave & asked she to help the co-op student. but she even said she just looked but not helped. god damn...

friday, i took my results to meet my fyp supervisor. he often got sick & asked me to wear a mask. that's ok. but i didn't feel he was sick when he was talking about my project. he said my antenna's connection with the probe is ugly & this will make the parasite effect. as far as i know, this only affects high frequency antenna but mine is only for 2.4 GHz. that should make only a very tiny problem... (hope this mean my project near to the end...) then he asked many other things & didn't trust my result... shit. & he taught some methods to improve the performance but i tried in the simulation that they are useless... but a good thing is he allowed me to find his phd student officially which knows patch antenna more than him...

February 21, 2004

bad luck & cold blooded

bad luck is about the fyp, & i am a cold blooded man...

i am following last year fyp from a graduated & my supervisor wanna punish the result on the paper. but how idiot is my supervisor. he could not find the result of a graph was fake even the real result on relative graphs was on the next page in the final report and he gave a- for the project. he asked me to improve it... that's a quite impossible job. do i need to cheat him?

at friday's night, i got home as usual taking mtr in kowloon tong station. i saw two foreign ladies (one over 40, another over 60). they were both carrying luggage. they should use lift instead of escalators but they stepped on the escalators. i just stood next to the old lady. she wanted to move down to join the younger one. however she cannot pull down the luggage. and i didn't have any action or realize something i should do until a true light school girl came to help her. suddenly i felt i am so bad and stand away immediately after the escalators brought me to the platform. what the hell am i?

February 12, 2004

CRE result

fail chinese. others pass. that is what i expected

February 09, 2004

IELTS result

not bad for a engineering student. average is 7.0!

listening: 9.0
reading: 7.0
writing: 5
speaking: 6


today i had a talk with my fyp accessor. not bad, he is more cleverer than my

February 01, 2004

by request

god damned the system, can't save my stuff.

something between chinese new year & now

on the eve, we went to festival flower market at victoria park. there were lots of people. and many things are sold: houses, flowers, toys, anti-government stuff... we left around 2am and ate nearby, back home around 4am.

2nd day after new year, went to temple to pray gods, wong tai sin & che kung. che kung has more and more people because the prediction for hong kong had been so real for last year. it predicted bad and then sars came. btw this year the luck of the place is medium...

3rd or 4th day, sick (again on Feb 4th)

Jan 27, a day before the end of the school holiday, started the fyp again. chaning the content, but is still difficult because that is a bad idea thought by my supervisor and i need to finish it!!!

Jan 31, lam fong birthday. we went to play bowling in the afternoon (bad luck to see a stupid university schoolmate). then at night, we watched the show at victoria harbour, symphony of light. the buildings are too far away, some too high (e.g. IFC), some too low / small (e.g. City Hall). & the narrative is too disgusting... finally we ate at a japanese restaurant.

January 20, 2004

fyp again

since results of the measurement is far that from the simulation. the current one is cut. my supervisor assigned me to continue the work that last year guy unfinished...

i tried the special coffee of the lunar new year by pacific coffee. it's not big special (latte plus double expresso with nuts), but a shape of its logo is on the bubble....

January 17, 2004


i wasted over $300 to buy a book to train me before the exam because school's free copies are all underlined by others. Is it worth? ok, but not for $300...

i woke up before 6am, then arrived at kowloon bay at near 8am. the signal for the shuttle bus to the venue is not very good. i needed to ask the security/information desk for several times. but the bus came quickly. it is owned by sun bus, a kmb company. i checked in and waited until 8:50 outside the exam room. at 9, the exam started.

1st was listening test. it is easy. but i heard someone couldn't follow after the exam finished. then is reading. luckily i recently read some books (agatha christie's poirot series) to improve my reading skills, so my speed was not slow and i finished it 15 minutes earlier than allowed. i found the one on my right hand side used a lot of time to underline which is the method for a-level. and i assure that that is not useful here. you should read whole message and get a main idea 1st. writing is the last one before lunch break. my vocabularies is still a weak point so that task one's mark should not be so high. i think task 2 is better. the topic is about universities should prepare students for empolyment. and we need to write 2 sides of view, and my own view.

i went back cityu for lunch because i had 3 hours before the speaking test. i took with the phd student and he told me secrets of people (including himself), tricks for fyp and seeking jobs.

i came back at 3 and i got the exam earlier because the one who should exam in front of me is absent. the examiner is called charles. i found from the mark sheet that everybody sucks at task 2 which is explaining the idea from the topic of the card. i suck too. only grade 6 is given. the topic is choosing newspaper or magazines for the favourite, explaining with reasons, which parts you study most, what kinds of people would read... i spoke about 1'30". last part is grade 7, is interaction about the topic between me and him. i couldn't see the mark of the 1st part, interaction about myself, but i think around 6 or 7 is given as i saw those previous marks...

January 11, 2004

last entertainment for the last semseter break

we song lunch karaoke together. there are six friends toally: ball, me, tony, jimmy, martin & his girlfriend joy lam.

then ball and joy bought the same mobile phone, nokia 3200 for their own. both lost their phone recently and one of the service providers provided refunds if they use the service and buy the phone there. the refund is $700.

then we played some electronic games at a games station nearby. i won twice at motor racing but sucks at typing of the dead.

then we were shopping at bossini again. joy, tony, & ball (again) bought somethings. and ball bought a bag at a small shop...

January 10, 2004



jimmy, ball & i went together at kwai fong. but i nearly came late. not good traffic here. when i got on the bus to kwai hing, the crapped minibus which went to kwai fong directly appeared. shit. there are other people i know, like cs angie, ee victor, someone used to tudy self studying room with us at secndary...

attitude: ok; use of chinese: bad, even our chinese expert said hard; use of english: not so good, it's a bit like a-level

after exam, ball and me went to kwai fong and we were shopping in bossini. he bought some & i bought a belt. then we went to starbucks. we saw joanne and joy lam outside waiting minibus. tthey didn't discover us and we phoned them as ball for joy & i for joanne. :-) before left, we discussed about the 1st few years after graduation, we agree it's hard to have some savings at that period. many need to be paid.

btw, ball and i think love actually's song, christmas is all around, rocks. :->

2 tv shows recommened on sat: rthk's 女人多自在2, the US's queer eye for straight guy

January 06, 2004

two little things

finally make a workable antenna (not simulation, is real!!!), but not very good indeed. whatsoever i hope this small step is really useful for the future.

the grade is out. it's ok. but others are even better... i think i'm really not the kind of the person to study engineering. or i often perform poor in the examinations... i should study arts or biology or even computer science that i can get a better result. however the hk education system can't help you to show the right way to study because of exams, exams, and exams!!! those exams are just using your small memory (you can imagine only 10% of brain are really used throughout the life and you should figure out how many are for the memory) only.

January 04, 2004

last photo taking

there are so many people appeared this time, like 7wing, miss tsang, elder brother and two policemen.

actually we only take photos at few spots as nearly all of us are tired because of work (how can france allow so few working hours - 35? only chinese/japanese work so long).

then we went to causeway ceo neway to sing karaoke. the price is reasonable. the room includes separate toilet and RF mics. but those mics suck, either poor connection or the sound is bad...

our dinner is Xiaonanguo Imperial House. it is a shanghaiese restaurant suggested by ball but he didn't eat with us! there is a smell of vinegar and the food is too salty for hong konger. but it's not bad acutally. the price is not expensive.

i think we guys will not meet each other for a period of time. everyone is busy on own things, work, study...

January 03, 2004

love actually

a movie even better than the lord of the rings 3. no boring scenes. in this movie you can find not only love between men and women, also brother and sister... the movie actaully concentrates on a place, "the street". all are living on the same street

luckily we can see the film before it is put into discs. the stories of the film is excellent, the stars too. not just only english actors, also american. elisha cuthbert, "kim bauer" in 24 also acts. but not all people should see it

recommend (from nearly must to should): wants to show the love to the one doesn't know; couples; loves british comedy

not recommend: just be alone; alone for a long time; doesn't like dirty language & scenes

where we saw is olympian city's broadway. the seat is comfortable and the sight is not blocked by the front. very good.

tomorrow is the last photo taking of university graduations: hku!

January 01, 2004

new year eve

happy new year

just like last year, we went to tuen mun bbq site to celebrate. but this year we had fewer people, some needs to work in mainland, some need to celebrate with their girlfriends alone. totally there are 12 + 1 people joined.

btw i need to say sorry to someone, making him unhappy.