June 25, 2005


i'm too busy these few weeks. one of the reasons is the hardworker is taking a leave to germany to meet her boyfriend who has just finished training there. another i think is to stop me to find another job. but last week bought some stuff and wanna talk about them one by one

1st is 7242, the third generation of the street sweeper of that size from lego. compared to 6645 and 6649. it has a figure less than 6645 but the design is more similar than 6649. however i think 6649 is the worst in these three. because of a less figure, poor design. 7242 uses the latest of lego bricks to enhance the outlook, and new painting on the figure. but a thing not really like is that the sucker cannot be well positioned because of the tube...

another bought is live at brixton academy dvd by dido but not yet have time to watch the full.

June 12, 2005

brief of my trip - day 3

after two days of excitement, the last day was a bit dull. ball was busy that day so we did not bother him anyway. same as the day before, woke up around 9 and took the similar buffet breakfast at hotel's coffee shop.

with the suggestion of ball, we took mrt to little india with our luggage stayed at ground floor of hotel after checked out. after raining the night before, the sky was blue and the ground was extermely hot. even the view is especially good, and we wanna stay a bit longer, the weather beat us. so we took mrt to the next stop, china town again.

this time we nearly walked thru the town and ate braised shark's fin abalone & sea cucumber thick soup at tam kah shark's rin restaurant. and also bought some stuff there. we handed around the town and nearby building, got away my air alpha force, sat nearby when exhausted.

finally back to hotel and waited the shuttle bus to pick us to the airport. some northen europeans and two more hkers went ahead to the airport. checked in and walked around the mall. a bit trouble before the gate and stepped on the plane.

took off and hit the rain cloud nearby (not rain yet that time in singapore). sooner or later we took the supper and the light went off to force us to sleep. three hours and more, we were on the sky of hongkong, looking down we could see shatin, shing mum tunnel, our building complex (i know why we can hear and see planes so easily) and sticked into the clouds and clouds. finally landed and needed 10 min to taxi to the terminal. need a bit of time to get the luggage and took the bus. at home, family were watching tvb broadcasting star wars series.

June 11, 2005

ER the computer game

tried a bit on it. act as a newbie to learn and finish the assignments. need quite long time to finish a shift. just different from theme hospital. you act as an owner there. it's still the right time to punish the game even the show is declining... and noah wyle who acts as dr. john carter has left the show. it's the final time to get more except dvds (i think i will buy season 6 to trace back the one i missed, the one min return of george clooney because of plane delay) before the show is finally cut.

btw it's showing my computer lack of space and need to upgrade.

senior centre

recently someone began a campaign to stop converting the empty shops to senior centre at the ground floor of our building complex. here's some background information: elderly population is increasing. our complex location is far from nearby estates (10 min silent walk which is tough for hkers). only two thousands more to live here. so those shops are empty right now. to fully use the facilities, to convert them to senior centre is one of the possible choices. but what we need is a good management since elderly may not beahve in a proper way.

June 06, 2005

brief of my trip - day 2

after day 1. we woke up at 9:xx because the free breakfast provided was ended at 10:30. in real world, free stuff is not good. after breakfast. we started our journey again. this time we only walked to newton station and took mrt to the next station, orchard. we went to another shopping mall. that one is owned by run run shaw. and nearby are department stores mainly by marks & spencer and istean. after hanging around and met ball at china town. took tea at chinese restaurant and then went to the cable car station to go to sentosa.

1st we got off. bought a fan and cable car arrival centre but lost it (i think at sky tower). we spent some time at merlion (not the same as in raffle). saw some stuff in cinemania and sat on the shuttle bus to have a brief look of the beaches. bought some stuff and left.

back to orchard road and took the award winning chicken rice, and bak kut teh at chatterbox coffeehouse in meritus mandarin singapore hotel. it's the most expensive meal there. but it's very good.

ball then went to meet his friends at a bar but it's time for us to go back. luckily the big rain (much larger than amber warning in hk) didn't block us to back hotel with the cab.

June 04, 2005

xerox machine 's technican

on 1st day of this month, the technican came to have the check and clean service. (once or twice a year here but every month for cityu's library). i think they are much better than me. 1st everyone hurrys to use the machine again but they don't care. they just follow the sequence to work even under such pressure. 2nd is my main weak point comparing with. i.e. don't look around and attach to the things unrelated. i hear the voice and i will look at that way if i'm not very concentrated (pressurized) on the job. too bad i am.

June 03, 2005


no change in the coming year. (some upwards, some downwards)

what the xxxx

June 01, 2005

end of my western tv drama journey?

even not watching er anymore. and not interested in new drama, like dh. only care qe and 24.

in school days, nearly watching every show as i could...

(edit on june 4: marcolm in the middle is not bad)

hk's weather

a bit more tropical than before in this year
  • y: more rains, large and sudden. in the past, only smaller rain happened
  • n: sky's cloudy. not much sunshine even after a long period of rain!

new route

tried a new route to go back home:
took minibus to tsuen wan. then went to kwai hing by mtr and went back home by bus from mtr station.

time: 1hr 20 min. longer than normal coz queuing for the mini and the bus.
fare: more expensive
motive to try: if having attractive stuff, i will try...