September 25, 2010

dream of you

a year after releasing of the first single, the album is finally here and the release date in hk is earlier than that in australia! the track listing is still the corrs’ style. it is a mixture of forgiven, not forgotten, their first album & vh1 presents: the corrs, live in dublin, their live album. there are twelve songs within which three are instrumental and two feature with other artists.

everybody’s got to learn sometime, the second single and also the cover version of the korgis, is quite odd when the music is passing to chorus thru headphones. but using speakers to play that part the feeling is much better.

it is good for mná na h’éireann to be instrumental as it is a bit controversy. and you can find the contribution from famous jeff beck.

maybe it’s a bit hard for her to sing smalltown boy in live every time as part of lyrics needs her to sing in very high pitch.

the arrangement for cooley's reel is same as that of other traditional songs presented together with her siblings.

my favourites include it’s not dream, so long ago, dream of you.

for die hard the corrs’ fan like me, this one should please us much more than the one sung by her sister andrea when we are still waiting the siblings to get back to work together.

September 11, 2010

temp fix for ipod detection error after upgrading to itunes 10 in win xp

  1. uninstall every apple software per instruction in apple support site.
  2. install previous version of itunes (i.e. don’t remove setup file asap or simply use auto update function)
  3. install latest version of itunes
  4. done!
Mar 6 2011: itunes problem should be finally fixed in 10.2 by asking user to reboot the machine after installation