October 29, 2005

DBS Black Card

the time first heard the card was around half year ago when i visited my friend who's workin' for dbs in singapore at that time and he said the card will be issued in hk. but at that time my mom said it's an american express card (ae card) and not quite useful in hk coz not many places here accept ae card. he also agreed...

now the application form has come to my house as my mom is an "loyal" customer of dbs and she can get the card with no annual fee forever. so she will apply it.

black card? not a big deal at all.

October 28, 2005

few small things

  • saw a blog to talk about mbti and i tried it. the result:

您的人格类型是: ISTP (内向,感觉,思维,知觉)

◆ 出色处理限定任何和实质产品的能力

◆ 敏锐的观察力,对实际信息的出色记忆力

◆ 具有把混乱的数据和可辨认的事实有序排列的能力

◆ 独自工作或者与敬佩的人并肩工作的态度

◆ 在压力之下面对危机保持头脑清醒冷静的能力

◆ 使用手和工具工作的态度

◆ 对突然变化和迅速发生的转变有良好的适应能力

◆ 丰富的常识

◆ 确认和利用有效资源的能力

◆ 柔韧性和愿意冒险尝试新的事物


◆ 难以看到行动深远的影响

◆ 缺乏进行言论交流的兴趣,尤其是表面上的交谈

◆ 不喜欢实现准备,你在组织时间上有一定困难

◆ 对抽象,复杂的理论缺乏兴趣

◆ 有对别人的感觉迟钝麻木的倾向

◆ 有容易变得厌烦和焦躁的倾向

◆ 难以看到目前还不存在的机会和选择

◆ 对行政上的细节和程序缺乏耐心

◆ 不愿意重复自己

◆ 难以做出决定

◆ 很强的独立性,不喜欢过多的条条框框,官僚作风

◆ 抵制制订长期目标,难以达到最后期限

that's quite true to show my mind. and from another blog, there are jobs suitable for me:

· 信息服务业经理

· 计算机程序员

· 警官 (tough for my personal body strength)

· 软件开发员

· 律师助理 (lots of OT & no good future?)

· 消防员 (even tougher than policeman)

· 私人侦探

· 药剂师 (ohh too late to know this!)

  • iTunes Music Store opened in Australia, but not hk.
  • cooked a tomato musroom sauce bought in jusco by unliever. the taste is too pale with only one sliced mushroom in it... it's not worth.
  • Furthermore, those usin' gmail service please check the account size increasin' rate is slowin' down!

October 21, 2005


two interviews took my friday at kwun tong. morning one was from jardine onesolution. time was only wasted to fill the from but the interview was so damned fast. why? they said if you don't know PABX the salary will be very low. so i left there without any regrets. then i first searched where the company i was gonna interview in the afternoon was.

apm is a cool place in kwun tong to fill up my spare time. i put my remainin' hours and bookstore there until jimmy wokrin nearby joined me for the lunch. he said maybe there are specific classes in ive for pabx. and said it's a bit strange for the second interview that a pcb manu company to hire someone knowin' lan. we also think some of our classmates are very lucky to have a high salary job in this field with relatively few experience.

the staff gave me a test on electronics (typed BASIC) when i just came to the company for second interview). it's not basic for most of modern day electronic engineering graduates in hk (something talked in newsgroup suits the case that jimmy agrees, we know many but not specific). they asked the delays SPST..., to find out things in the schematic i know i'm not the type of person they wanted. any other fast interview then. the woman (i feel she's in sick) asked me why there were blanks on the tests, and what is your objective...

P.S. very good entry list for gula race. at least not too much slow atcc drivers (like last few years) blockin' behind

October 19, 2005

no more iTunes Music Store (iTMS) in Asia yet

from the post in apple daily, the new products were introduced in the press conference by apple computer inc. asia pacific. but from the mouth of their marketing director, there is no plan to setup any iTMS store in Asia after japan in this moment...

why? not enough customers or cost too high? i don't think so, even not in hk, there is potential in oz or sg; not enough co-operation from cash, ifpi, or record companies? i don't know. if so i can only say wtf they are doin'?

October 13, 2005

stuff interested

  1. china's spaceship:

    even i hate communists, this spaceship is still a cool thing. first is full coverage in government site using traditional chinese. second is the good side of chinese people and products, if most of normal chinese can perform so good as the space agency's crews, china is not a devil place anymore.
  2. ipod 5th generation:

    that's "one more thing" from ipod series. at least apple knows there is something lack from the other portable multi-players (the same as other mp3 players), i.e. sources. they provide music videos, short animations from pixar (also from steve jobs), and also tv series! but as i always said, in hk we need an itunes music/video store before any further ipod release. and what will the 6th generation include? pda (new newton)? phone?...
  3. stuff to learn

    my old site used frame but it is not supported by host and it is not perferred in xhtml. so i need to fix it by implementing css. but i need to learn it from ground with not much money. and i'm trying to find something good on the net first (like wikibooks).

    another i want to learn further is java which i learnt in the college. luckily there are plenty of free resources and i have a book for old version.

    one more is putonghua. even cantonese is derived from the ancient chinese (like modern italian from latin), putonghua (a bit modified by communists from mandarin to ensure whole chinese especially not much educated farmers can understand. another move is simplifed chinese) is the common language for the coming future and i'm weak on it.
  4. something missed for a good job

    i got an interview earlier for a fastgoing foreign company (good future and working environment) but i failed to get the job. recently the company posted another job ad and i found an requirement more, i.e. proactive. i remember why they need it. the engineering director asked me how to handle a phone call when the client cannot log in webex from our company. but i could not answer well...
  5. wish list

    rome: total war - barbarian invasion
    sid meier's civilzation 4

    cannot find in local bookstore
    even i haven't finished east and west yet

October 12, 2005

another test from blogthings

Your Career Type: Investigative

You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for your are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.
is this the little light i should follow?

October 08, 2005

2nd interview @ nixon

yesterday i was used to be interviewed by senior and boss. but both were busy so only the senior had interviewed me.

he raised an question i'm always lack of, this job is totally different from previous one, do you have enough passion to do this job... ah...

more things known about the job is 5 and 1/2 days, not much ot. supportin' everything from computer system to installation (need to go to construction sites!)

still need to have one more interview from the boss.

later that night to join university mates for dinner for one of girls' birthday. one of us is gonna get married. he's the second guy doin' that within my age range (first the primary mate who has a 4-year-old daughter). i don't know whether it's good for him because i don't know the thing in deep. but as always i wish them happy future.

while back, other mates asked me why not doin' programming jobs which my skill is stonger than them. and also because the one interviewed is the same type as they worked as summer interins and they don't like that type of companies. i think first thing i don't like ot; second my mind cannot handle complicated stuff (i found that in later stages of both programming courses when the level of difficulty gettin' hard). but i need to get back from strength on programming for my own fun. and i know only little on that type of companies!

October 04, 2005

zhong shan

on national day, i left my lovely bed in dark at 4:30 and took my breakfast. then left my home and got a taxi to go to china hong kong city. found tour leader and other mates there around 6 o'clock. we had 19 people in this tour with 10 "wests", 2 pairs of couples, a family, and a middle-age man (not including the leader). our ship was going to zhong shan after an hour.

after and hour and a half, we stepped on the soil of zhong shan port. after the immigration procedure, we got on a coach with a local tour guide. the first stop was a modified village providing activities and food (世外桃園龍井坊). some rode the horses for few minutes (very short one) and others shot arrows (nearly got the prize of a free pigeon). later on we paid and ate young pigeons and fish balls just around 10 am.

nearly won a pigeon rows of pigeons

the next check point was a bee farm (翠怡峰). but monkey kawks, cocks, and dogs were found. the presenter told all the things about bee products and began the selling of the products. But we thought this guy were the best among the sales persons in this trip.

monkey kawkcock runnin' aroundbox of bees

the next few hours we stayed in the club hosue of agile garden. they took lunch of aloe. but it sucks. the restaurant was not bright, food was with a lot of msg. and we watched some basic magic shows and they wanna us to pay to learn that magic. no one paid finally. the place was called harry porter magic world but wtf it's not related. it's another pirated stuff in mainland china and few paid 20 yens to have a boat cruise but they said the river is dirty. while the others had massage. those workers only have 3 dayoffs and are as old as us. we are luckier than them. their skills are quite good and just 90 yens for 120 min.

next stop was "hawaii spa treatment world". but it's just a covered integrated swimming pool. it consists of children's pools, 50m pool, spa pool, sea salt pool, steam bath rooms, hot/cold man-made springs. it's not bad in mainland level at least it looked clean. we swam about two hours there before heading to the hotel at jiang men.

the room there is luxurious with steam bath, integrated switch (something like what i saw in clipsal interview), and lots of space to put sofas. but we wests first took our dinner (not organized by the travel agency) at the hotel food mall. it contains various kinds of chinese food. some were good while some were a bit under our expectation. after the dinner we walked the department store and some back to the room to watch their favorite soccer match. others played pool. slept around 1.30.

next morning the service of the hotel was disappointed. we woke up by morning call at 6.45 and should take the breakfast at 7.15. first damn thing was the place to eat changed without prior notice. and what pissed us was the food was not served until 7.35 by the push of local guide. when on the coach, the guide told how bad the city is and also the hotel is...

in just few minutes we visited a buddhist temple nearby but with no monks or nuns there. i think all were kicked out in cultural revolution 30 years ago.

then we went back to zhong shan to visit a place about orchid owned by guangdong academy of agricultural sciences. first is talked about some thing related to orchid (just a corner only). then they said a chinese medicine is made from orchid and began to sell that medicine. (another place to sell stuff)

we ran too fast so we had plenty of time to have our own activites. that is kart at zhong shan silverstone. it's cool for just using 50 yens to play 15min there. my kart is a bit bull shit because the kart could not get full power and lost power for a moment when being hit by the other car. we were all in sweat as we raced under the full power of sunshine.

kart race rsultaloe garden (西子園) owned by ausnow was another view point in our tour. the presenter (quite gay i think) showed different species of aloe and present products made of aloe (cosmetics, tooth paste...) and as usual asked us to purchase those products.

last lunch in zhong shan was much better when we took that in a restaurant when had specialized meals for tours.

we headed to a tribe from sw china (雲南布衣族). if you don't want to be in trouble, men please don't touch any girl's hat or they think you are in love with her. that society is headed by women and men are for indoors only. at there they briefed some tribe backgrounds and they again sold tea leaves and some sneaks to us.

a big gap because of our effiency sent us to waste time in the zhongshan sun wen memorial park.

and last spot was the chinese biscuit / dry meat store.

at the pier, officers asked us to take another ship but we didn't. (heard later a ship hit at hk pier). and we took the original ship back to hk.

P.S. more pix on my flickr album. (link 1, link 2)