February 25, 2005


3 more lego bricks from mom. cos of some stuff of her working place, she got them easily

a foreigner got a shuffle and we were looking eye to eye each other in shatin...
one thing needed to complain: you need to have the songs in your computer when you connect the shuffle. otherwise all songs are gone...

February 24, 2005


my home is very wet now. there are water drops forming from ceilings. all air conditioning is opening...

tried the shuffle. sound is good. but there is a small nearly unvisible scar on the case

February 23, 2005

got my ipod shuffle

thx hk post because some part of my home address on the parcel is missed.

2 questions

  1. how long to charge for 1st time?
  2. need to fill the warranty card? (to beijing?)

February 20, 2005

after first day

after first day, damn things come

ot, ot, ot. due to poor management, those samples are already received over a month and nothing has been done. finally finds me, a n00b on that test to do it in a hurry. what the fuck!!! i'm gonna break down. this job needs both physical and mental energy and makes me tired everyday with so much ot. salary is not high and ot wage has been cut a lot. and finish the annual review. they said they have a high expectation but a bit not fully understand to teach people. this is because i learn only for the job, not for life. but i will learn a bit more than before leave if i'm happy at that moment.

my ipod shuffle is on the way. but i may need a cover to protect it. i've got some funny ideas about covers. ask me. (but there is something similar in the market...)

February 16, 2005

1st working day in year of rooster

what i can say: not bad. but still need to find another

P.S. M$ finally kicks its own ass to upgrade IE.

February 15, 2005

anymore missing from this chinese new year holiday

today is the last day. let me review what i'd done
  1. woke up late, played both games
  2. not yet check how much i gain from lai see ($960, updated on Jan 20)
  3. got some beer with wests, nice to see ball looking smart, singing karoake
  4. got a coat, ordered ipod shuffle finally after 勁煕 bought one
  5. met someone unexpected & heard something i should not hear
  6. started to find new job
  7. read half of the both books

February 12, 2005

meet the fockers

finally on cinemas in hk. no boring scene. it's good.

February 10, 2005


just got it when i bought newspaper in convenient store

size a bit odd. the arm is too big, but with new components (is that new?) to fix the arm not falling down

February 09, 2005

year of rooster

this is the third year of rooster after birth. first was my year of birth. second was the first year in secondary (last year in primary).

last day in the year of monkey, only needed to work half day. then went to tsimshashui. asked one of the apple centers and still needed to pre-order ipod shuffle if wants to pay the official price. i'm still thinking to buy or not... bought the genuine rome total war for a cheaper price. stayed at home for the night. slept around 1:30.

woke up near 8 this morning. took breakfast with mom. and bought a cup of coffee from starbucks and back home. got a surprise phone call and someone has come back for a week!!!

February 07, 2005


i hate mistakes but i'm not a careful guy. what can i do to work in a safety lab? not hurt me only (luckily not yet to go to the hospital), but my supervisor need to take my bad... not good to work in this industry?

P.S. first red pocket money from our german colleague

February 06, 2005

dinner for wests

yesterday morning i ought to be at home but still needed to work with a tired body so that minor mistakes occured. damn those workaholics, their life nearly is only work and sleep. please go to hell!!! the company sets a impossible target on a sliding market, even those workaholics felt tough...; their salary is lower than average in the business; our supervisor is not an easy-going guy; they cannot enjoy all the annual leaves they are allowed; and the most important thing is that is not their business!!! they get no shares. it's not worth for them to work so damn tough.

dinner with wests to celebrate birthday of cheng and fong at mongkok's 王家沙 and 西貢滿記 dessert (mongkok again). talked with dicky about those workaholics and we hated them! after that we took a look of mongkok's lunar new year fairs.

some pix:

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February 04, 2005

dunk lows & poop

dunk lows in my home are in bad luck. the one worn by my sister got pooh when she just bought and wore them in macau... too much poop outside my workplace as garages are on the opposite side and they love having dogs as guards but not teaching them to behave right. when i was going to take lunch yesterday. big fresh poop was not found out and i stepped on it... damn. i need to wash it when went back to workplace...

annual dinner for my team was on that night at mong kok's 譚魚頭. why the hell they like hot-pot so much? already started late for waiting my partner finishing his lessons. and too damn many were there already so that served us slowly. i went late back home and feel very tired.