January 29, 2008

January 26, 2008


from this and this, microsoft (ms) is not dropping visual basic for applications (vba) yet.

even vba has some drawbacks like outdated (based on vb 6) and security issue, staying alive is good for many people as many macros (from word, excel, access to other programs) are written on it (not just me feeling happy, but also company colleagues).

but the move from ms still make many worrying. first is discontinuing support to other non-ms programs. and it's not available for latest office for mac '08 (that may stop people transferring from pc to mac!). the important is they are pushing people to use visual studio tools for office (vsto). the latest one needs you to use visual studio '08 pro or team system.

i do think vba will be faded out just like visual foxpro. but seems that many are still using vba and not many will buy a full set of visual studio just for office macros, the future of it is still a bit long (like win xp now or win 98 in the old days)

atv world is great

gets both top gear and fifth gear! the two great british motor shows.

FYI top gear is a bit more funny while fifth gear is more normal one

January 13, 2008

triple o's

have a try of original burger combo at citysuper's cookeddeli causeway bay. size is quite big for the burger but meat is a bit too dry (even drier than mcdonald's'). it's wise to take pickled cucumber out as quite many don't like it. french fries - they are real potatoes obviously! price is double of mcdonald's' which may not be worth for normal hk people (so at this moment stay inside luxurious food courts).

January 06, 2008

investment strategy

hold & buy more in long term: 0006.hk, 0410.hk, 0806.hk

short term interest: ipo (some in the list)

other will try to sell @ better price (but dunno when)

January 05, 2008

another poirot season on atv world

they are: the mystery of the blue train, cards on the table, after the funeral, and taken at the flood and were shown in uk in early '06. the broadcast time sucks which is at 11:30 pm on sun and they are shown few months after second season of marple in hk.