December 01, 2015

lego star wars #75088 senate commando troopers

What makes this so attractive to me to buy?

Figures are rare. Previously there were only two sets with senate commandos and only one of those contains the captain.

New design of guns allows real shooting. The design is nice except the one for the captain which simply makes it a bit longer. It is one of the sets to collect extra bricks.

The use of Technic bricks can allow the cannon to rotate easily and more playable.

The only drawback is no printed bricks except the figures. That should be better to be a printed control panel of the cannon and an emblem of the Galactic Republic.

November 30, 2015

The Same Sun & White Light

Second album form Sharon Corr is better than the first one as a whole.

Return of the Corrs is anticipated:

  1. Andrea's accent has changed to be more Irish;
  2. My favourite song is Catch Me When I Fail.
It is enough to keep the old fans exciting but that is hard to motivate others to join the range. 

October 11, 2015


You will feel better if you don't know or forget the original story line.

Timing to release may not be right. It should be shown during summer vacation or Christmas season as it is a movie for kids.

The story is a bit too fast at the beginning but it is reasonable afterwards. Ideas like flying pirate ship is quite fresh. But why Tiger Lily is white?

There are rooms to develop on some characters but it fails to do that. Obviously if there is a subsequent, it will talk about the broke up of Peter & Captain Hook. 

Does Mary know the orphanage is linked with pirates? Does Blackbeard really die?

September 27, 2015

lego city #60083 snowplow truck

  • concept is rare in lego's history
  • many rare parts for me
  • stickers & stickers
  • blade is too huge, not in scale

September 24, 2015

Music albums

Such a long time not commenting the albums bought after Dream of You:

Albums before Ghost Stories by Coldplay: due to discount in iTunes Store & really like some of the songs.

All albums by Taylor Swift: my favourite is still Speak Now.

All of You by Colbie Caillat: simply motivated by few songs inside.

Let Them Talk by Hugh Laurie: obviously affected by House but his performing of Blues is good.

Latest two albums by Jason Mraz: Yes! should be the best among others. Love is a Four Letter Word should be the last physical album bought

All Cantonese albums from Robynn & Kendy: affected by girlfriend but really like soft songs

The Same Sun by Sharon Corr: much better than Dream of You

My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice: wait is over

inside out

Lava - did pixar use the wrong item to show the love story?

I still don't like Sadness after the story anyway even that makes Riley in balance. Personally what I need is more Joy. Such a sad thing Bing Bong cannot be back to Riley's mind. Something should long live!

Can the train of thought be rebuilt? What will be happened if Joy & Sadness cannot be back to the Headquarters? i.e. the control console is disabled & Riley really goes back to Minnesota?

P.S. does the film mean cat's emotions suck?

May 31, 2015

lego star wars #75076 republic gunship

gunship in minifig size is too big for me to keep. that's very good for lego to make a micro size with a minifig (even i want a jedi / clone captain/commander).

there is no cons in my mind. it comes with no stickers (even for galactic republic logo). i love to have more phase 1 clone troopers. it accurately represent the key features of the ship & it can shoot missiles too. and there are many spare parts left.


April 12, 2015

lego city #60059 logging truck

  • new from lego
  • nice design for the craw
  • nice presentation of the wood cut
  • stickers which are hard to paste correctly
  • ear protection cannot work at all
  • cabin is not well protected. there are gaps front the back

lego city #60000 fire motorcycle

  • N/A
  • stickers
  • the cover of the bin is too long
  • no idea where to put the extinguisher in the motorbike

April 07, 2015

the imitation game

The last of the movies to watch in early this year and this is another British one. Luckily watched it before it is going to be removed from the big screen. The main reason in my list is the performance of Benedict Cumberbatch in sherlock and want to see what the difference is another piece of work. Another reason is I'm interested in nearly everything on WWII.

Eyebrows of young turning is so long. For viewers this is the key way to make him distinguish from other pupils in the school. His affair with Christopher really affected his whole wife. Even the machine is also named Christopher. Is really "Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine"? Only thing I can figure of is the concentration they can put when comparing to the normal people.

My memory of Keira Knightley is still back from Love Actually. She is much older here. BTW her last make-up after WWII makes me think of the one in The Duchess.

Another thing in the film related to Cumberbatch is the discovery of the breakthrough is so "House" which is derived from fictions of Sherlock Holmes.

I had a thought that there would be a cameo of Winston Churchill as he allowed the team to run smooth and the best chance was head of MI6 reading the work at Churchill War Rooms.

The handling method of the end was quite similar to American Sniper. Both are sad one. The words from Clarke could only extend Turing's life for one more year. What would happen if he stayed alive longer?

March 28, 2015

An Acoustic Evening with Jason Mraz & Raining Jane

What a wonderful night. just in time to catch airport express to asiaworld expo arena as the concert started quite early.

started by solo of raining jane but i think they are better with jason together. since we were sitting a bit far from the stage, it was sad that the display was not switched until jason came.

it was a surprise he sang many songs from previous albums. with raining jane, "lucky" was performed with even deeper emotions. and the greatest was during encore, everybody stood up and sang "i'm yours" (captures from different angles by 2 different fans as below) & "i won't give up".

playlist dropped by kkbox

Herman Lee(@heiminglee)張貼的相片 於 張貼

March 16, 2015

american sniper

The film time-line is very well calculated and very smart to port to the actual footage on pass away of the main character. But I cannot recognise Sienna Miller.

There are few things that can be better:

  1. No armoured skirt for M1?
  2. Miller's pregnancy belly was very fake
  3. Do those rookie marines really suck even don't understand hand signals?
  4. Why didn't the team use M203 when they are surrounded by the insurgents after killing Mustafa?

March 01, 2015

shaun the sheep movie

very good indeed

if you follow the tv series, the difference is seems to be fewer sheep in the flock and the bitzer is not so close with the farmer & the flock.

January 31, 2015

taken 3

Why did they change the actor of Stuart from Xander Berkeley who is not unknown and also good to act as a bad guy?

As Brian was so smart in the field before, why didn't he think he was set up from someone a bit close to him immediately?

How could Brian leave the lift trunk before the explosion? His age didn't reflect his mobility at all. Also is the Porsche so damned strong?