December 29, 2009


  • computer graphic is always a strength from james cameron. better focus on last few minutes.
  • name of the moon is pandora… obviously this is to show how greedy we are
  • jake scully is the chosen one, a bit like anakin skywalker. of course the harm is less but less dramatic… and reasonable to him to become na’vi finally due to his human body defect
  • human pls don’t underestimate force of nature
  • how to get two more sequels? if the way follows similar to jurassic park, that wastes this one ending.

December 28, 2009

sherlock holmes

maybe it’s a bit more on action. but if it is filmed by conventional way like those tv episodes for stories of agatha christie, it’s not a blockbuster even with jude law or robert downey jr.

besides the novels did say holmes is kinda professional on martial arts. this doesn’t make conflict to the original idea from sir arthur conan doyle. and the film does emphasize the method he investigates. actually many tv series nowadays are using the same style, like house, the mentalist. using both law & downey and starts with holmes already famous is very fit too all other stories using holmes’ methodology. they are not cartoon heros anyway. if people really want to know their background, they would buy the fictions and study themselves.

for some cg screens i have a feeling of another film starring jude law, sky captain & the world of tomorrow. the only drawback is i don’t like the way they handle hair of robert downey jr. it’s a bit too modern.

For the sequel, obviously needs to include death of mary, and of course professor moriarty.