April 26, 2009

new flu outbreak

suddenly there is a new flu coming out and we should take more care on the incident going.

  1. it’s like the flu in 1918, i.e. young people are much more easier to be infected. so we should have a better living style.
  2. pros and cons compared to that in 1918.

    pros: organizations like WHO and more NPOs, medical development including genes, vaccines, and drugs; information circulation and alerts so earlier measures can be taken;

    cons: easiness for travel (mobilization / globalization); crowded living conditions in urban areas; fewer exercises / lazier and full of junk food.
  3. hope margaret chan not make mistakes like what she did in hk again.
  4. currently the deaths are still in mexico, and original outbreaks in there and mexicans populated southern part of the states, that may mean a. poor medial conditions there; b. virus is active in hotter & drier places.

may god bless us.

gingko house

luckily i still work at central / sheung wan district in these few months so we can try it before going to quarry bay / tai koo area. we didn’t book a table but we were lucky there is a time gap for us to take our lunch.

the most special thing is the waiters are elderly instead of youngsters used by most newer restaurants elsewhere in hk. services are wonderful and discreet even without service charge. also the set lunch is delicious. pizza is thin and rich in tomato sauce. if the time gap is longer, the lovely set drink will not be wasted. the bill is reasonable and actually i would pay for more. hope i try more before relocation.

america’s army 2.8.5

another update before AA3 and it shows more ES2 introduced in previous one in existing maps. developers said there will be special tricks for “bridge” based on addition of ES2. i’m looking for them.

however they need to update they deploy client before further update. mine still crashes and i need to use old way to get the latest fix.

April 11, 2009

24 s7e17 (spoiler)

  • reasonable to bring kim back. but it’s experimental… and may be too late for treatment. the thing should bring more harm than he’s was drug addicted in season 3. what will this happen in season 8?
  • olivia and her reporter partner ken is really a pair of mom & son (bitch & sob)! is their sleep longer than that of logan’s? btw cool to see aaron again.
  • tony finally rocks but how can he broadcast live images out the facility? the place was shielded for intrared, it should have done something else for wireless jamming (special station for internal communication only) and the place is underground with military grade material.
  • and that american way makes the monster back to her ass at all.

April 07, 2009

finally rumor gone for house (spolier)

goodbye kutner.

… to work for obama!

anyway it brings the line for next few episodes to let house to find out why he chose suicide. since he was so positive as far as we see. only little changes were found in last episode (let taub get his point). maybe he’s afraid to be another house?

April 05, 2009

goodbye ER!

it’s the last stuff for golden era of nbc which i started watching it since i took secondary school (dropped it after carter left).

it’s nice to have the old opening credit & theme song back and there are so many familiar scenes (even carter & rachel greene conversation!). and also to get so many original casts to appear once more.

what i wanna say it ends in a good way at all. thank you.

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