March 28, 2015

An Acoustic Evening with Jason Mraz & Raining Jane

What a wonderful night. just in time to catch airport express to asiaworld expo arena as the concert started quite early.

started by solo of raining jane but i think they are better with jason together. since we were sitting a bit far from the stage, it was sad that the display was not switched until jason came.

it was a surprise he sang many songs from previous albums. with raining jane, "lucky" was performed with even deeper emotions. and the greatest was during encore, everybody stood up and sang "i'm yours" (captures from different angles by 2 different fans as below) & "i won't give up".

playlist dropped by kkbox

Herman Lee(@heiminglee)張貼的相片 於 張貼

March 16, 2015

american sniper

The film time-line is very well calculated and very smart to port to the actual footage on pass away of the main character. But I cannot recognise Sienna Miller.

There are few things that can be better:

  1. No armoured skirt for M1?
  2. Miller's pregnancy belly was very fake
  3. Do those rookie marines really suck even don't understand hand signals?
  4. Why didn't the team use M203 when they are surrounded by the insurgents after killing Mustafa?

March 01, 2015

shaun the sheep movie

very good indeed

if you follow the tv series, the difference is seems to be fewer sheep in the flock and the bitzer is not so close with the farmer & the flock.