December 17, 2012

Life of Pi

Sorry, I don't have any feeling about the meaning behind the film.

Spoilers below

The worst thing I can spot is the actors' ascent for the protagonist is different. I don't think people change much for the ascent even we can learn for multiple ascent. Do Pi's family have French nationality? And why don't they go to France instead?

Actually Pi is an extreme clever character as shown he can remember the known numbers of pi after decimal points.

Attitude of Pi is right. every religion is a method the god communicates to us. If everyone knows this, there will have much fewer wars, from crusades to war on terror. But his dad was also right, you can only eat vegan if you believe all religions.

I really didn't figure out the cook in the ship is acted by famous Gérard Depardieu. In 70’s, radars were common and early warnings by observatories were available easily, why did the ship still go into that storm?

I thought the zebra was still drugged when it was being attacked. That's why I cannot connect the second story to the first one. How could Pi get the stuff to build the raft & move all stuff to it when Richard Parker was in the lifeboat? Richard Parker should have a connection long before. It did not kill him when he brought a meat to it.

The floating island looks like a woman, the acidic lake at night is which part of the island? I think the knowledge, not just the religion saved Pi to make him leave the island.

That is normal for Richard Parker to leave him when they finally arrived the coast. Don’t look back when there is future ahead, otherwise you will lose the chance forward. But of course that’s grief to separate especially since we are emotional.