October 31, 2003


today i just talked with my supervisor and he said what i'm doing now won't be any breakthough in technology. and i could only get pass if i still focus on it. he said i just improve the result and he will deliver another project so i can get higher marks. omg, what i have done is wasting my time???

i'm gonna busy from next week, tests, assignments, lab reports... until exam. no public holiday is at that period... the road is not easy...

the big four, agatha christine's book, is very hard to read compared with 'cat among the pigeons'. previously i saw bbc site saying that her per-WWII books are better post ones. i really believe that. poirot only appeared in 'cat' at late stage and did little. but in 'big four', he is the centre of the story, nearly every chapter has an investigation. and the words are much more difficult for me to read...

October 26, 2003

ocean park

yestreday night we went to the ocean park where it has a halloween party. there are tons of people. we have been in 2 ghost houses but they are so scary or big. a bit of disappointment. but we played mine rail which is goood although we have lined up for about 2 hours and missed ferris wheel and raging river...

after leaving ocean park, we went back to tsingyi to eat. btw the taxi driver packing us to hk station asked everythings from ocean park to mtr. he even didn't know what is the different between airport express and tung chung line.

thx everyone for the present. i really love them.

October 24, 2003


today is my birthday. thx everyone.

monday celebrated with university friends among 2 other whose birthday is on 22nd. my gift is a side bag.

maybe brithday gives me luck, thrusday a phd candidate helped my fyp project. finally i can realize what i'm doing. & supervisor didn't challege me.

i have finished the book: the french mistress was killed because she knew the 1st kill and wanted to raise some money from killer. poirot knew the princess in the school was fake. julia's mother's back and pointed out the killer. the killer wanted to kill her but miss chaddy got the bullet. the killer's head's secretary and she was a spy at wartime. she wanted the jewels. but she's not responsible to the 2nd kill. miss chaddy's the murderer for that kill. she's co-founder of the school and afraid the successor taking her school. finally the jewels had handed to the wife of the prince in the uk.

i have bought another agatha's book, the big four. i'm now watching it.

October 16, 2003

hk electronics fair

today is the last day of the fair and we got the ticket from one of my professors. we went to there after the lab. there was big, many things to see, but it's really not for the consumers. we saw some funny stuff. they are 2.4 GHz wireless speaker, and a 'fan' style LED display (they put LEDs on fan ~ no wind during turning, but the image can move even the LEDs' positions are changing). jimmy was there as a representative but i didn't notice. so i didn't find him.

then we took the ferry to tsim sha tsui. there are many foreigners which finished their jobs in the fair (i mean they are buyers) and take a look for the victoria harbour. after back on land, we played few rounds of electronic games before going back to school.

for the book: school nearly stopped functioning. julia found the jewels of the royal family. she felt danger and found the detective poirot to help her. head has chosen the successor. the french mistress was a bit strange.

October 10, 2003

luck day

today is the demo of our lego. luckily, we have finished & demostrated without errors. it's so good.

then drawing for the remaining of the lego project (actually onlt batteries). i got all brand new one (2 batteries) with probability of 25% (4 out of 16). this is the 1st time i got so good in the drawing.

@ lecture by my supervisor, nothing is happened to me. lucky

when i took bus to go back home from kwai hing mtr, this is the 1st time for me i saw miss leung (vice principal of my secondary school. now is the principal of the school near to me) after moving.

hk is gonna be cold, wind is blowing, rain is falling (worrying about tommorrow trip).

for the book, the content just seen: wanna ask one of pupil's mother (used to be spy @ wartime) to help, but she is in turkey. the princess has been kidnapped. another teacher is murdered.

October 08, 2003

i'm damned

i had a poor sleeping the night just gone, waked up extremely early but not very tired (hell)... then went to chinese restaurant to have tea with parents in kwai fong

then i went back school @ noon, made lego and did rf homework. i must damn those south asian foreigners for maintaining the lego. they didn't tell us to check the lego when they handed to us, so there are not enough motors, light sensors... they gave us black face when we complained. after that we found his head (another chair professor). maybe he gave them pressure & they found us in a polite way...

today i heard the talk about ielts. shit i can't get the email about this. but luckily my groupmates went & i followed (so stopped building lego for the moment). deadline is next weekend....

tmr i'm gonna find fyp supervisor for weekly report, but nothing really has done because of lego. i only find some details for some terms...

dido's life for rent is ok i think, but not as attractive as 1st album cos the style is similar... white flag likes here with me, which tv series roswell had used for theme song. i loved other songs, especially last two.

i have finished over half of the agatha christie's book. it says the head wanna find successor as she thought she's feeling dull, but hard to find. there was a murder killing sport mistress in sport house. maybe related to the jewels from prince as a relative (princess) is here. btw damn is not a dirty word, i saw it twice in the book.

October 05, 2003

dad service

today i had a service ordered by dad, that is computer maintenance for his friend's family. that is my 1st time to sit inside a mercedes. mercedes is much different compared with the japanese car i have sat. it's comfortable, fast & feeling safe: airbags, fast braking...

computer problem is very small, just worm welch. but the daughter has moved some files carelessly so i need to help her to use norton windoctor to tell windows the new location of programs. besides installed the anti-virus program... during that time, i discussed with her about jupas....

we ate dinner (火煱) together we drank beer, took a lot of food. i still feel stomach cannot handle them...:>

October 03, 2003

west day

today totally sucked...

all are during my fyp supervisor's lecture.

i bought a cup of coffee before the lesson in school. but god damned they've made it with too hot water (should be 70-80 degrees as i know for ordinary including starbucks coffee). to the guy familiar to the starbucks coffee, my mouth got boiled!!!!!! it's a bad indication.

later in the lesson i got picked out because i talked too much!!! but actually not... even i did talk a bit, the stupid guy next to me who did print notes always cross in front of me (i.e. lie over the table) to check another one notes. shit, shit, shit!!! my image is even worse in front of supervisor even i have asked him some useful questions about the lecture.
the story i have read in agatha christie's book until now: the prince & his english friend were dead. friend's sister family went back to england without knowledge of carrying prince's jewels. sister's daughter went to the school mentioned before. many know jewels were carried by sister family and used various methods to get back

next week is gonna be busy. lego design, fyp, lab, chair professor & supervisor's lecture homework...

October 02, 2003

poor image

today is my 1st weekly report to my fyp supervisor. i show him some graphs... but he asks me whether you really know what you are doing. i can only reply in a bad way... i need to prepare a list of Q&A before finding him.

in the lesson taught by chair professor, he said my vice principal had counted out that quantites of journals by our dept's (EE, CityUHK) professors are the 2nd of the world top 500 universites (by shanghai jiao tong university) just under UC Berkeley. another time to show him 吹水 techinque. haha

the story i have read in agatha christie's book until now: a revolution in middle east (how she knew that happens nowadays in 1959), the jewels of original royal family are taken to england by the prince's english friend's sister. & the school i mentioned before has accepted the princess from that country to study there.

October 01, 2003


not good, like the friend saw earlier than us

the story line just describes the background for the 1st movie. except the bloody screen, nothing special we saw that @ 10:15 in tsing yi, where the last one for yesterday. when it finished, time is 00:20!!! i just got the MTR to kwai hing and need to take a taxi back home... shit bus company
btw i think the trailer before the movie is attractive, it's a terrible film gonna be shown on halloween period. the story is about there are 7 people going to an amusement park own by ghosts after 14 years without people going...