March 14, 2010

non-mainstream choices

  1. even riot on the empty street is not my best favourite (but i was really attached to misread), kings of convenience has attracted me anyway. so when declaration of dependence is out, it's already in my mind. my recommendations are: boat behind, rule my world.

  2. fireflies really shine. ocean eyes is another album i feel i like in a whole. owl city makes it in well balanced. so there is no need for me to make any recommendation even though everywhere are fireflies.

March 06, 2010

24 s08e10

  1. hope the body not be found if there is season 9. cole was a bad guy before?
  2. just a few cameos for tim woods. really not enough
  3. hastings really changed?
  4. paramedic, "let me do my job!!!". jack's yelling does not work in 24 either
  5. how will be the line for hassan & renee if the bomb detonates