March 17, 2013

Windows 8

Obviously Microsoft has lost the soul on post-Wintel world. Windows 8 is another failure even with the advertisement featured with Lenka.

They try to incorporate features of mobile devices to make Win 8 used by both desktop & mobile. But they clearly lose their ground. First Win 8 cannot load everything essential at start even on a device with SSD hard disc. Apple's latest Bootcamp fails to load on time making Trackpad without correct setting. Everyone says it is faster to load but I cannot find it with my latest 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

The most aggressive move they have done is using Metro. Now is a mess making user confuse. Sometimes we look at a stylish screen while often we are back to old Windows desktop. They should either use Metro completely and dump the old world or make two merge instead of something hybrid now. That would be a big risk for general users who do not use much of traditional desktop. Simplified layout provided by Metro especially in system setting makes users fail to control & protect their machine. Computer gurus, on the other hand, feel messy switching between the two different layouts based on distinct concepts.

Windows Market is a nice move compared to traditional complex software installation. But how to close an application? I cannot find shut down button / icon. Only the old way (Alt + F4) works?

Compared Apple has made a bit better on incorporating features from iOS to OS X. That seems Microsoft is lacking some guys good at user experience.