March 29, 2004

fyp presentation

better than i expected even it is hard to answer the questions from professor...

it's gone...

March 25, 2004

last few busy weeks in school

busy busy busy

presentation powerpoint... thx steve, carmen... but still working

cover letter... thx ball, but need time to think how to write

test... omg no time to study

March 19, 2004

fyp presentation

on 1st day of the week afternoon (mar 29)

my supervisor, accessor (supervisor's master), and a professor from optics (former head) will mark me

PS fyp is still working, today is too lazy so mphil took my measurement chance... tommorrow need to wake up earlier

March 17, 2004

st patrick's day

monday, test on digital communications, as expected, not easy. but i think i can pass it. afternoon, made two new antennas, but found out today one has little problems. night, to a toy shop (cartoon figures) with a friend in tsuen wan. it's on the 2nd floor, quite small, with a smell of plastic. but found out some lovely figures... price... not cheap. so we didn't buy any

tues, measurement. not bad.

today, st patrick's day, not good luck but not bad for me. few careless mistakes. waste some stuff...

PS: 24 season 3 shown in hk. kim is a bit thinner & uglier. both she & michelle become sexier... story is a bit unreasonable, after nina, how come another spy in ctu?

finish another story agatha christie's book. next i read will be her masterplace, murder of roger ackroyd

& more corrs' new album details out, please check corrsonline

March 13, 2004


everybody lives in dreams

my supervisor wanna publish a paper on my results even in theoretical his idea is just impossible...

my dad always wanna earn a lot of money but he doesn't know the right method, & waste in a fast way

my mum wants my dad... my sister to study science subjects, not naughty...

for me, i wanna have a good final semister, get a job.... so many!

P.S. so many agatha christie's books available in bookshops. i wanna buy some but don't yet finish those in my hands.

the corrs is gonna publish their new album, seems i need to waste some money

our favourite motorsport, DTM, has so many stars this year: jean alesi, frank biela, tom kristensen, emanuele pirro, bernd schneider, laurent aiello, heinz-harald frentzen... it's so good. we can see good races this year. hope tvb still buy the right to play freely

March 03, 2004

wan test, fyp, & virus

today there was a test for wan. all questions are just using ur short term memory because just repeating old exam/test questions (lecturers had given those answers already). damn, is girls' memory much better than boys'? ...

i'm lazy for the fyp in this week, because supervisor wants me to get a series of results before moving on. but there is no time for me to do that (4 weeks before presentation) and my antenna basically works...

i have subscribed to u.s. navy news. suddenly i opened my mail box and found an infected email from u.s. navy news (virus is W32.Beagle.J@mm by scanning attachment). i didn't open it and after that, australian denfese department sent me an email saying blocking my incoming email becuase of that virus. what the hell? i didn't send that infected email to any place. who is the asshole writing this virus??? i must kick his ass!!