July 29, 2007

no more free lunch for manhattan id card holders

after standard chartered bought it from chase manhattan bank for few years, they finally take actions to promote the brand. to cover some loss from promoting, they cut some offers for current customers. the most important is annual fee waiver. formally the waiver is for entire life. starting from next year, waiver is only available by fulfilling either one of belows:
  1. retail purchase of HK$12,000.00 or more each year (counting from card issuance date)

  2. retail purchase at least once every month (statement period)
but no amount of annual fee is mentioned in the leaflet included (Aug 6 - HK$216.00 from press release).

some other things that may need to take care:
  1. the responsibility of bank for activation of renewal/replacement of card is reduced

  2. points earned cannot be combined with other manhattan card

  3. maximum interest fee free repayment period is shortened from 60 to 59 days
as offers from other cards are similar to id card provided, and products for points redemption are not attractive to me (mainly local artists performance), that seems like i will cut the card in coming future.

July 28, 2007

fixed: problem of google analytics report in firefox

my problem is: cannot get data from specific keyword in analytics report

in network location, clicking any location like "america online", it can show other details like pages/visit, bounce rate or choosing segment

just go to top of page. extension firebug shows error.

July 24, 2007

so damned clever excel 2007

finally finds out why my vba is ok in excel 2003 but not in 2007. when a field format is set already, and you use vba to set the same format again, excel terminates. but this does not happen in 2003. cool? thx microsoft.

beyond the sword

i've tried the one i expected. new features are so really cool (especially navy part finally fulfills current situation, no more battleship as end of development, and using missles!).

but one drawback is i cannot use these into my old saves in original civ 4 or convert original saves into new one. if this is supported, that's awesome (finally find some tricks to send original saves to bts).

forgot to say is if your pc is not running in english, pls set to english in country settings before initial running main programs or mods for core and bts. otherwise xml cannot be fully converted and some texts cannot be shown.

July 22, 2007

hk book fair '07

  1. very suck arrangement for travelling from hall to another hall
  2. not steady air-conditioning
  3. most booth design not quite good. people got struck. better at pageone (book price has been raised before the fair so only little money is saved), publishers brand name also promoted.
  4. not much computer books
  5. most successful promotion besides books: anobii

four books bought are:
長尾理論的圖像 平民資本家的圖像 44 Scotland Street的圖像 唐朝十講的圖像

temp fix for zonealarm

to fix the crash, don't click the bubble for allowing the program to access internet. rather than clickin' it, open zonealarm and allow that program to access inside. then click deny on that bubble, 80% of problems can be fixed.

but sometimes poppin' bubble also crashes the machine. either you click n-time ctrl-alt-del to shut the program makin' bubble comes out and log out your machine; or reset your machine

recent films

shrek 3 - ok as expected
hooked on you - suck; quite loose storyline

die hard 4 - no one accompanies me


July 21, 2007

zonealarm got crappy again

actually it goes crappy since last version, 7.0.337. it doesn't allow me to update from 7.0.302 to it. but as far as it works, i don't care.

recently another update is out, 7.0.362. and it makes crash when installing. even i backward install 7.0.337, it prompts not enough admin rights. so i checked the official forum and said that's a problem from active virus shield (avs). at last i really remove avs in order to install zonealarm but crash still happens when they both run. maybe i should use 7.0.302 which doesn't crash with avs.

i remember same crappy thing happened few years before and actually was a problem of zonealarm instead of other programs. even zonealarm is one of best firewalls, it's kinda crappy with other programs and the supplier doesn't take care it. using windows default firewall is better then.

July 08, 2007

To the hk guy in Globe Trekker Sweden & Denmark

  1. don't think no body watched it in hk (thx atv)

  2. gals in hk also wear low cuts & short skirts (maybe a bit less hot than those in denmark

  3. how was ur gf/wife who is next to you thinkin'? i feel that first was supportin'. later she was embrassin'

July 01, 2007

maxim's mx

even how they did for rebranding, i still believe they are the weakest among the field.

the menu is not popular, only strange stuff shown; the price is not competitive; not all stores are modernized completely; the food quality is much worse than other two, dry egg, not nice looking fried fish, and not well prepared tomato sauce...