September 21, 2009

inglourious basterds

the layout is a bit like a book, starting with chapter 1, 2, 3. even the film is a bit spaghetti western and a bit violence scenes, the story is quite mainstream. you can say it is right in balance. btw i love the way to handle nazi

the guy acting colonel hans landa is really good. he can show how the colonel really does the job well & treats the job as a job instead of a crazy nazi.

both main actresses are pretty and it's a bit sad the jewish cannot have a happy ending. btw the last scene of her is just like a ghost.

another main actor, brad pitt, is cool in the film with that accent. but when comparing with colonel, i think something is missing.

obviously british is in a bad role in the film, the lieutenant nearly ruins the operations. even though he's good in german movie industry, he doesn't act as a german in other ways. and he wastes two local basterds and nearly makes the key person dead.

really hope hilter was dead in that way, so tom cruise will not die later.

p.s. don't know why german language inside the movie sounds much better than that i saw i youtube.

September 13, 2009

e-statement by hsbc hk

in order to save more paper, hsbc hk will enforce using e-statement instead of traditional mailing very soon.

i still stand on traditional statement even it will charge me starting from 2011. this is because conversion of statement is quite different from that of other paper. especially when many places from government, public utilities, to financial institutions (even hsbc itself) still only accept traditional statement.

besides they only officially support on windows xp & internet explorer 6. win xp is going to be faded even it is still mainstream. ie 6 is even worse, microsoft already pushes hard to make users use ie 8 instead. and there are users using other systems (mac, linux, or mobile systems) with different browsers (firefox, chrome, safari, opera...). how can they use the service even if everywhere accepts e-statement?

pls stop this stupid move before everything is ok. pls don't flatter those environmental protection enthusiasts.


i just think the ideas brought behind are similar as the things inside steve jobs, de facto owner of producer, pixar.

everything is just fit into the right position with no less or more.

that's why pixar will bring back two old friends, toy story & cars, instead of a new story in coming years.

September 06, 2009

some new good google services not available in chinese

  1. sports' schedules & contacts' bithdays - only contacts' birthdays are available to us, but we do need sports' schedules. of course it's hard to cover both local & overseas sports, hope they can try putting it on stock faster. (why do they announce in gmail blog instead of docs' blog? because of contacts?)

  2. Google Domestic Trends - this will be free & easy way to study the big trend of economics so we can buy at low & sell at high. actually they can directly implement this to hk version of google finance (use google translate to make it in chinese) as our/mainland's economics is highly depending on that of the states. so we study what happened across pacific and we can act accordingly.

September 05, 2009

lens of canon cameras

the said e18 error is always a nightmare for many users. for me, this problem makes a 3-year ixus 40 dead & now nearly kicked my 1-year ixus 860is to hell.

the ixus 40 problem finally made the battery closed to explosion (blowed a bit) and the fixing fee quoted by canon service centre can allow me to buy another good camera under other brand. but i still like canon so i get ixus 860us.

the problem of new one is it loves to switch on again even i shut it off and put into the case. & it makes itself out of order. when i took it out & found the lens rotated anti-clockwise for around 30 degrees. luckily method fix #7 mentioned in this blog post saved my day. but the rotation may already hurt some electronics inside, there are dead spots on lcd screen...