January 16, 2016

the abominable bride

First half is brilliant enough even those who did not watch the tv series before can understand. But second half you need to have some background before. And the frequent time traveling made that worse. Is that because both are working on Doctor Who too much?

Is that the first time to formally incorporate the actual scene of the original story even the story line has been tuned? Is Mary also hired by Mycroft or just imagination? Is the line of Moriarty finally ended? Sherlock really wants his brother to die faster while his mind is attracted to Irene. He thinks Hooper wants to show something to him. Using Christmas special to explain Sherlock back from exile earlier can make Series four a reboot.

Make up of Mycroft is funny. First part of additional footage is nice but later part, just like the special, becomes boring.

January 03, 2016

the force awakens

Spoiler alert!

Who is the wise man to find and keep the fraction of the location of first Jedi temple where Luke is hiding and hated by Kylo Ren? Wookieepedia said he is under the group of people close to Jedis. But why did Luke leave the clue to him/them?

How is the fate of other Jedis under old Jedi Order like those in Star Wars: Rebels?

Is BB-8 weaker than R2 as it cannot fly?

Kylo is strong in getting other's mind & control blaster bolts. He should be able to fight against Rey but he was hurt. Kylo is right to wear a mask as he really doesn't look alike Leia or Han Solo. His temper sucks even comparing with other people using dark side. Has Leia, Han or Luke told what Anakin did and how he redeemed? What is his relationship with General Hux?

Poe is obviously not Force-sensitive.

Is there any chip in Finn when stormtroopers were brainwashed just like clones? Is he Force-sensitive?

Has Captain Phasma removed her helmet in the film? Is she so weak? Has she escaped from garbage chute before the base explosion?

What has happened before Rey was left behind Jakku? Who has said to her to keep quiet? How does she know the Jedi tricks? Does she relate to Kenobi? 1. Romance between Obi-Wan & Duchess Satine; 2. The lightsaber was used by Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke & Rey; 3. Strong Jedi Mind Trick which Obi-Wan was strong on; & 4. Ewan McGregor voiced Obi-Wan again when Rey first touched the saber.

I really think Harrison Ford would wannabe Indiana Jones more than Han Solo. How was the faith of Han's freighter? Would it be used to pay for his debt by Guavian Death Gang or Kanjiklub? Ben is really the sting in Han's mind. How will Han be presented in next film? Force ghost?

Has Chewie got old?

Is Snoke one of the inquisitors under Galactic Empire? He is strong with Force and only two types of people can be allowed to be Force-sensitive in the Empire. One is Sith but only two allowed (Emperor & Vader) while another are inquisitors.

Why did Luke not stop Kyle to kill the Padawans? Has Obi-Wan or Yoda done something to stop?

How can the super-weapon of Starkiller Base destroy several planets nearby as the same time?