September 27, 2015

lego city #60083 snowplow truck

  • concept is rare in lego's history
  • many rare parts for me
  • stickers & stickers
  • blade is too huge, not in scale

September 24, 2015

Music albums

Such a long time not commenting the albums bought after Dream of You:

Albums before Ghost Stories by Coldplay: due to discount in iTunes Store & really like some of the songs.

All albums by Taylor Swift: my favourite is still Speak Now.

All of You by Colbie Caillat: simply motivated by few songs inside.

Let Them Talk by Hugh Laurie: obviously affected by House but his performing of Blues is good.

Latest two albums by Jason Mraz: Yes! should be the best among others. Love is a Four Letter Word should be the last physical album bought

All Cantonese albums from Robynn & Kendy: affected by girlfriend but really like soft songs

The Same Sun by Sharon Corr: much better than Dream of You

My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice: wait is over

inside out

Lava - did pixar use the wrong item to show the love story?

I still don't like Sadness after the story anyway even that makes Riley in balance. Personally what I need is more Joy. Such a sad thing Bing Bong cannot be back to Riley's mind. Something should long live!

Can the train of thought be rebuilt? What will be happened if Joy & Sadness cannot be back to the Headquarters? i.e. the control console is disabled & Riley really goes back to Minnesota?

P.S. does the film mean cat's emotions suck?