October 31, 2004

got some stuff in tst

bag for interview, socks, food in muji & m&s. have a look on dc. last time to be a student for the transportation

handle some comp games and winter clothes @ home

October 30, 2004

bad digestive sys., early leave, careless mistake

that's all in past few days

October 26, 2004

October 25, 2004

the day

morning playing computer games

afternoon back to school to take photos. still need to take more on next coming weekends. it's been a long time for so many to take tea together, and maybe this is the last one. where's norton? just got one pix with him. so many paying for dvd package... but it's good. last dinner at nah shan?

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btw thx west ball's call from singapore

P.S. just bought the album of king of convenience

October 20, 2004

October 17, 2004

marriage dinner again & stuff for graduation ceremony

yesterday night was the marriage dinner for my aunt's step-son. the dinner was in lee gardens. everything is better than that one by the boss. there was a foreigner who's the clsoe friend of bride. and there are few tvb guys as step-son is working there. aunt was very happy.

today came back school to get graduation ceremony stuff but in a bit bad luck. to borrow the clothes, i had already transfered the deposit to the school's bank account. however i lost it at home, i needed to pay $100 more for it :-(. but met so many mates and hanging around and taking photos. cool~

P.S. the watch is fixed

October 16, 2004


working late and late with no ending...

just heard the company monthly target is around 10-12% more than last year. damn it...

October 11, 2004

murder on the orient express

how can agatha christie be so clever to deliberate the story so well? when can i find my instinct and use it?

P.S. at least 2 companies website saying they are running the express now? which one is the true one? i wanna take a ride.

October 09, 2004

growing big = good?

every business wannabe growing large, earning more money for their owners. but...

my sister opened an account in hangseng bank for paying school fee. even having enough money to pay the school fee, but the bank charged the fine for not enough money to autopay in the account. why? most of the money was put into the current account, not deposit account. it is not allowed to use cheque books under 18. why to be allowed to open the account for her? the employee, the computer program and the programmer, the supervisor... wth are they doing?
another example is a company making stuff and checked in my company. used to be good but expanded and allowing OEM stuff... then the quality falls and tension increased between my company and that client. we hold the lastline of safety but that company wants us to loose it... wth?
last is washing machine, my washing machine is gonna be broken and it's hard to find a machine outside serving long lifetime as last one (over 10 years with one little fix)?

do you know any company growing large but its products are still good? tell me and i must buy their stocks!

for companies having factory or allowing OEM from mainland china, DO CHECK more because communists lower people's quality and standard!

P.S. my watch is down... :-(

October 08, 2004


even some jobs are unloaded, but always busy, and needs to train a n00b. when to have an easy moment? this makes me tired and forgets many things already

October 05, 2004


2 n00bs starting to work. one is vincent and another is man...

October 02, 2004

boss' marriage dinner

yesterday was the time for the dinner. he chose a restaurant next to boy scout's hk headquarters for the meal. we joined together at jordan and heard a giordano shop playing borrowed heaven.
we met the old workmates there and also the big boss. the child of another boss is so funny that even so brave to talk with the big boss. the restaurant is new and the tools (spoons, glass cups...) were quite dirty... but the food is not bad even not all are my favourite.
after dinner, we went to sing karaoke next to the restaurant until 3am. one mate seems to chase another but i don't know the end of the story... sang quite a lot of songs
took the bus to back home. 1st time to pay when got off the bus at mei foo and transfered to another. that one only had 7 passengers including me and the station i got off is the last before the terminus (covers whole upper kwai chung where aunt lives). back home at 4am... tired...
P.S. i will not wear the new shoes until a date just like those opening the case of blythe. the shoes are so cool... made in taiwan and it's the 1st time to get retro
wind blows like arrows, sky is grey. make me feel the 1st wave of winter. pls don't come so early. i love summer and autumn