October 09, 2004

growing big = good?

every business wannabe growing large, earning more money for their owners. but...

my sister opened an account in hangseng bank for paying school fee. even having enough money to pay the school fee, but the bank charged the fine for not enough money to autopay in the account. why? most of the money was put into the current account, not deposit account. it is not allowed to use cheque books under 18. why to be allowed to open the account for her? the employee, the computer program and the programmer, the supervisor... wth are they doing?
another example is a company making stuff and checked in my company. used to be good but expanded and allowing OEM stuff... then the quality falls and tension increased between my company and that client. we hold the lastline of safety but that company wants us to loose it... wth?
last is washing machine, my washing machine is gonna be broken and it's hard to find a machine outside serving long lifetime as last one (over 10 years with one little fix)?

do you know any company growing large but its products are still good? tell me and i must buy their stocks!

for companies having factory or allowing OEM from mainland china, DO CHECK more because communists lower people's quality and standard!

P.S. my watch is down... :-(

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