October 30, 2006

lamma island

  1. waves are too high in victoria harbor; ships are faster and with a/c
  2. only chained store except government service
  3. is hsbc?
  4. dogs is major population other than people
  5. my home is much better than that boarding house! (even motels in NZ are better)
  6. local & foreign snacks, bars are better than local chinese seafood restaurants
  7. played too much winning eleven with too less sleep

so close for Blogger & Xanga

as founders of these two competitors are working together!

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October 28, 2006

another update for Google Reader

few things marked are good move:

  1. items are not read when just movin' scroll bar
  2. keyboard shortcuts in IE are fixed
  3. labels can be added when subscribing feed
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October 27, 2006

Another Medival 2: Total War demo

just a new demo is out. at the page you download, you can find the mini spec needed for the game.

the speed control is workable this time, but screen rotating is too fast. sometimes cannot catch up the which part of field is being watched

Windows Live Barcode

not only japanese are interested in qr code, but also microsoft! they made a site under windows live allow you to generate qr code in free!

New iPod?

from CNet, this seems to be the next music player from Apple? o... the wheel is gone? is nearly full surface screen? so will it be so vulnerable as nano?

October 26, 2006

Firefox 2.0

It is out now. at least it has chinese version but not for IE7 yet.

but one thing sets me down a bit. avs (kaspersky) uses all resources to check firefox setup file. i chose avs to scan all details of file and it uses up all resources of my core 2 duo to search for virus!

Bday Card

from appledaily

lucky color: not my favourite

characteristics: yes, yes, no, no, too much, yes, yes, yes

love affair: really? omg...

October 22, 2006

Love You Lately

Another recommended after Bad Day from Daniel Powter!

update on Oct 26: the video is now online on his site or mp3.com. check it out! It's about an assistant (acted by Rachel Leigh Cook) helping him film the song's video, thought about her past affair when she heard the song...

October 15, 2006

Lego System #6342

Lego System #6342

got it from one of online shops @ bricklink. the quality is ok but i think next time i would buy thsoe in very good condition.

anyway this one is much better than currently selling 7903. this design is much better; it has a yacht; & it has a hot t-back minifig.

t-back worn on minifig

but two things 7903 did a little better, the wings are not big enough & 7903 has wheels

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Medieval 2: Total War

just tried the demo of the game on the day of Battle of Hastings. it has a tutorial to teach how to control troops in battle field and the battle used is Battle of Hastings!

the quality is much better than Rome: Total War except it is harder to control the speed of game. the button to control running faster or slower is hard to get clicked! the developer should check that before selling the game officially.

and the demo did not show the turn based system which is the key of the game so i don't know it is good or not.