June 28, 2009

more on america’s army 3

of course we cannot compare the brand new thing with the old aa2. it does bring something good, especially ifak which you can be treatable after gunshots, and also much more detailed basic training with new point systems. besides one thing you cannot do in aa2 is to melee the enemy.

however they should bring some aa2’s features back. i don’t like the aim point which is much harder to hit the enemy and hard to see when background is in rich details. m320 is worse than m203 in both way of aiming & number of available rounds (that means my favourite, insurgent camp, cannot be converted). and you don’t know how many bullets left after firing few. it’s very hard to get good result for xm110 test even you aimed the target so well. i miss m24/m82 anyway.

June 21, 2009

finally hk disneyland is shown

in google maps & earth! and also union square, land reclamation in front of star ferry, stonecutters bridge.

but how come lee garden road is next to hk academy for performing arts?

June 20, 2009

america’s army 3

it’s completely fresh built, not like aa2 was just building on top of aa1. but before closing publicly staffed development studio, army should allow them to fix up the bugs first. there are still tons of bugs after the first update, like abnormal menu behaviour, account setting maintenance failure in game.

one of the things pissing me is it cannot link with aa2 account. i have already pre-registered my account so i don’t create a new one. the damned in-game setting don’t allow me to link back.

but the suck one is user cannot finish the basic combat training which you cannot play the game online! i have finished combat life saving for three times but the it doesn’t allow me to move on. is that due to steam? (seems so, the auth server delayed updating my result) damn it.