April 17, 2006

for those who love f-14s

many are attracted from its design, strength or even from the movie by tom cruise, top gun. although it will not be on sky anymore, there's a navy pilot from second last squadron flying f-14s put flights and last show on flickr. let's salute to f-14!

P.S. something more: Last F-14 to Fly Combat Mission Comes to NAS Pensacola

Another P.S. tamiya has made a model for blacklion f-14!


April 15, 2006

day before april fool's day

i got fooled from a car toy factory. they offered a post as a r&d engineer but the boss gave me time to think before accepting this job. however when i replied i would like to work, they said they have found another guy for the post. wholly shit!

Los Angeles Fire Department on Flickr

will our fire department follow them?

Los Angeles Fire Department on Flickr

P.S. even Blogger Buzz is interested!

I'm not an alien on this issue!

at least one more person agrees what i think on working hours

check them: 1, 2

spending too much since this year

like last month:
  1. weddin' dinner - $500
    first person i know in our age range getting married. they are couples for more than four years and just got a flat with down payment support of their parents (30% of flat price?). the dinner was cool. food was good but the servants were not enough.

  2. game cd wanted too long
    after i got the salary from new job, first thing to buy is rome: total war - barbarian invasion. while no more copies were found in the city, i bought the parallel imported one from thailand. but i think i should buy it from amazon where the price was just the same.

  3. music cds
    also got them after the salary. first one is bed to bedlam from james blunt. another is from jack johnson again, OST for curious george which was not shown in hk cinemas which actually using jack for one of the covers. all songs are cool in blunt's album while i especially love "talk of the town" in that OST.

  4. ipod applecare for sister's ipod
    bought that for her because hers is expensive and easily broken (fourth generation ipod photo). but the warranty was already outdated in the database apple computer inc. so my sister phoned thier hotline and they asked to fax the proof (sales receipt) but the line is a foreign one which was hard to find a fax machine with IDD easily. finally parent of her classmate helped her.

    btw here's the site to check how many remaining for your ipod warranty.

  5. loan (for university student)
    still need to pay $3xxx every quarter for near four years

  6. food
    spent too much for lunch this month eating in soho area. but one was a bit sad. we paid a temp clerk for lunch before her resign as she hurt her recovered spinal again during her work and the company cannot provide another easy-going position so that she needed to resign.
when can i recover that?

April 10, 2006

at least 3 more days to come

i mean fox's 24!

ref: HQ

"The rich pact, which is set to begin in June, calls for the actor to continue on the hit Fox drama for three more years and includes a two-year development deal for Sutherland's soon-to-be-launched production banner.


On the big screen, he next will be seen opposite Michael Douglas and Kim Basinger in "The Sentinel" and will provide the voice of the lion in Disney's "The Wild.""

April 09, 2006

lemonade or lemon water

appledaily quoted our former chief justice yang said in the uk people said lemonade while lemon water is used in the us. but in wikipedia lemonade means different things in both countries. in america, it means uncarbonated drink but it is carbonated in britian and uncarbonated will be called as "real lemonade".

how about dessert, sweet and pudding? yang said lower class using sweet or dessert but not pudding. but in wikipedia, "Dessert is most commonly used in Hiberno-English, American English, Canadian English, Australian English and in French. Sweet, pudding or afters would be more typical in other variants of Commonwealth English for this course."

i'm not sure his definition on what and pardon is correct or not (he said what is from the mouth of blue blood). anyone can help?