July 18, 2010

bye andy

thx to steve jobsroy disney, disney did acquire pixar so that disney dropped her own idea of storyline of toy story 3. toy story 3 should be the winner of this summer movie season.

for those who watched toy storytoy story 2, time-line of toy story 3 fits them which they have the same problem as andy has. woody and the gang are still misunderstanding each other. and their world is so humanized.

every toy dumped was rescued, it is quite environmental friendly. their life is reborn, so cool. i love buzz in spanish mode and ken is very attractive, both how he reacts to barbie, and also his girlish way.

but is that necessary to make the film as 3D? and a bit sad to cut some characters to make the story smooth.

and sid the villain is the garage truck driver?

p.s. is andy's computer a mac? bonnie's one is a must, but the map finder is not by bing, google or yahoo? will it be future apple's map?

the pandorica opens & the big bang

seems david tennant is too successful on being the doctor, matt smith still makes me feel the difference between two incarnations even he has more facial expressions.

karen gillan's amy pond is designed to prevent tenth doctor's problem happening again. the companion has a husband so there's no way to have another rose loving doctor so deep and making doctor regret for a period of time (even that's so tiny for his 903-year journey!).

but there are something not quite reasonable:
  1. how can sonic screwdriver open deadlocked pandorica? and pandorica can be opened by little amelia so easily?
  2. how can river song keeps enough memory to wake amy's mind on doctor?
  3. will the crack appear again after doctor coming back? i.e. is problem really solved?

July 04, 2010

egl kcja05-0622

  • food: ok thru agency arrangement even only last included (beef steam pot) & self paid ones are good
  • accommodation: lotte world jeju is very good. courtyard by marriott seoul times square is new, but a bit small. and the design of toilet sucks. glass door of shower has a gap between ground & lower hinge so water keeps running out… btw we can watch now tv & cctv 1 in courtyard.
  • scenes: quite balanced
  • time arrangement: as best as they can
  • tour guides (egl’s wicky, local agency’s joy & photographer peter): excellent. can accomplish nearly every needs and provide lots of side info

=> target: 25-35 years old couple. they have energy, start to have money to spend, and start to know how to enjoy the trip

P.S. Pix on flickr