November 10, 2013

OSX Mavericks

the good: much quicker launch & shut down

the bad: behaviour of power button changed! simply pressing it only makes machine sleep. to have more options, it needs to be pressed between 1.5 sec to 5 sec. don't press longer than 5 sec or everything does not save will be lost due to force turn off. (ref: apple support)

written on osx mavericks

October 09, 2013

the stolen years

the story is attractive at first, boring before the turning point, and sad after the point. maybe it is too carefully calculated. i have thought whether the girl would become a devil again when she returned to work. the tragedy may not happen if the girl was not so rickless or the hospital did not break the rule to accept the instruction of a disabled person.

it is quite obviously the film is not purely made by taiwanese. the accent of some actors has betrayed everything.

lego city #60020 cargo truck

  • the outlook of cargo truck and forklift truck is full of details
  • nice design to open the side panel.
  • too many stickers
  • using a rubber to control the forklift may not be good. the rubber may be broken after ages and the forklift cannot be raised again.
  • the layout inside the cargo truck is not realistic 
  • roof of cargo truck is not sealed due to the hedges like the ambulance
pix are here.

lego lord of the rings #79006 the council of elrond

  • sticker as eye of sauron to protect the brick is a good idea
  • rare elrond & arwen
  • rare weapons
  • nice colours chosen
  • structure of tree is better than city house
  • not just one ring only!
  • stickers but not many
  • scene is too small making everything is too close
  • not include the whole fellowship of the ring
  • much technic stuff to build the structure & playable functions similar to palpatine's arrest.
pix are here.

August 14, 2013

lego star wars #9526 palpatine's arrest


  • design with details from speeder to nearly everything
  • many golden bricks including microfigures!
  • many characters! mace windu, anakin, palpatine & more
  • many playable functions
  • can be used in various scenes if those involve chancellor's office
  • stickers but not many
  • parts are not firm enough including entrance & roof of windows behind chancellor's seat
  • too many dark bricks which are a bit hard to distinguish in the manual
  • much technic stuff to build the structure & playable functions
  • the base of the office makes me feel like a plane at first!
pix are here.

August 13, 2013

the wolverine

i don't really like the movie. few parts are excited.

jane grey is hotter than japanese girls but a bit too old.

yukio is really attractive except wolverine

bodyguard is too stubborn on loyalty. that is the same for eastern ethnics.

eason's life concert

only bad thing is no encore...

July 28, 2013

lego city #60018 cement mixer

  1. trolley!!!
  2. 2 minfigures!!!
  3. a gate to stop cement out
  4. guided slope to let cement go to the right way
  5. great care to driver, a mug for drink
  6. the height is lower than #7990
  7. the radiator is firmer than the one in #7990
  8. doors
  9. cab can be opened to show cab over engine
  1. stickers!!!!
  2. drum mixer is not stuck to the rotating base properly

July 20, 2013

lego starwars #75012 BARC Speeder™ with Sidecar

  1. obi-wan & captain rex!
  2. features to play
  3. nice printing
  4. speeder is better than the one in #7913. IMG_5163
  1. stickers!!!
  2. too weak for confederacy of independent systems

March 17, 2013

Windows 8

Obviously Microsoft has lost the soul on post-Wintel world. Windows 8 is another failure even with the advertisement featured with Lenka.

They try to incorporate features of mobile devices to make Win 8 used by both desktop & mobile. But they clearly lose their ground. First Win 8 cannot load everything essential at start even on a device with SSD hard disc. Apple's latest Bootcamp fails to load on time making Trackpad without correct setting. Everyone says it is faster to load but I cannot find it with my latest 13" Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

The most aggressive move they have done is using Metro. Now is a mess making user confuse. Sometimes we look at a stylish screen while often we are back to old Windows desktop. They should either use Metro completely and dump the old world or make two merge instead of something hybrid now. That would be a big risk for general users who do not use much of traditional desktop. Simplified layout provided by Metro especially in system setting makes users fail to control & protect their machine. Computer gurus, on the other hand, feel messy switching between the two different layouts based on distinct concepts.

Windows Market is a nice move compared to traditional complex software installation. But how to close an application? I cannot find shut down button / icon. Only the old way (Alt + F4) works?

Compared Apple has made a bit better on incorporating features from iOS to OS X. That seems Microsoft is lacking some guys good at user experience.

February 09, 2013

django unchained

the marauding masked group who were leaded by the plantation owner hiring brittle brothers hunted by the dentist were damned idiot. that is the second funny thing after the symbolic teeth above the dentist's cart.

the place, candyland, was just opposite to its name. it's rather a hell for black people. there were many henchmen and also ways of brutally punishments for these poor guys.

should the dentist let django meet his wife before the deal? it's hard to say how they would have behaved if they met each other during the dinner. it's so true that every place has someone like stephen trying to betray their fellows for personal gains. i really didn't know jailing broomhilda was for sex slave until reading plot online. it was funny when quentin was dead in such a stupid way.

django was different from normal slaves. he was so much smarter as an expert sniper and shooter at a short time. he wound play the role quite well even though eq was not good enough to prevent the loss of dentist. stephen was another even he's on another side.

my previous mind on leonardo dicaprio was still the young boy in titanic. this film changes the view a lot. christoph waltz made another good job with quentin again while samuel l jackson remained a key guy in quentin's films.

but anyway i like inglourious basterds more. maybe i knew more on wwii than the slavery in the states. and the way of torturing people was much over than the previous one.