May 28, 2004

the day after tomorrow

saw that with forrest in festival walk's amc

1st talk about forrest, his new job (after sales representative?) is in japanese firm (making mic with dominating market share) and he loves the job. no overtime, good supervisor... he said something that i haven't considered before. my mind is still as a student, should be worry and open-minded on job seeking...

now is about the film, it's produced by the one making independent day. but i think it's not so dramatic as independent day. good prediction of the future weather, blaming u.s. government about their environmental policy are cool. but some scenes are not good: why president is the last to leave washington d.c. how come the copters can fly so far from mexico to nyc to pick up people...

next week will have 2 interviews: kwonnie (with the help of the faculty) and hkbn

May 27, 2004

days after interview

no more interview...

saturday got the mds to do some free lance job. finish on saturday. got a reasonable money. thx hong, sheep

sunday nite thx peter west fro the dinner. meet some guys after the exam. good

wednesday sang k and joined mother... tired

today went to job market. too many people. not much hope to get an offer

May 19, 2004

Interview @ Oriental Pluritec

it seems not big company, mainly becomes agent and services of selling foreign cnc machines, and their own brnad machine made in shanghai. 2 men (one should be future supervisor) interviewed me for half hours (longest)

they asked me about exam marks for some time (why to study assoicate degree before...) but not language. they also asked few technical, like what is cnc; what do you think what should be r&d (they make me feel just improve the speed of the machine...)

what will gonna do is that using two years to find out suitable or not in several areas: after sales service ~ furthermore maintenance which cannot be handled by mainland staff; translate menus..., purchase materials for own cnc machines, sales of the machine, and r&d. (including trainings overseas)

they said they will shortlist and may have 2nd interview at end of the month. then offer will be given...

May 18, 2004


my 1st swimming in this year was at the pool near to my home

not many people there, a little bit windy but water is at suitable temperature, several dead bugs floating on the water. swam about an hour and i feel i got fit.

any of my friend free to swim? call me

May 17, 2004

Interview @ Elec & Eltek

i forgot the right time to interview. i went to there 1 hour earlier. but that's fine. basically she (HR officer) seemed to be hurry, mainly asking personal stuff in cantonese and english. she used half of interview to introduce her company. main culture there is workaholic: needs to work as early as 8:30am and overtime... but newbies should not worry the workload, i need to gain experience!!! she said supervisor is not available but i'm doubt of she... there might be a 2nd interview but need to wait notification.

another interview will be on wed...

May 13, 2004

1st interview

empolyer: asia container terminal (company of CSX World Terminals ~ Sea-Land)
post: Technician (Electrical)

interview is half personal (basic stuff + mind working outdoor to repair machines, working with elder ages with lower academic qualifications, night shift), half technical (ask about projects, plc control)
time: about 45 min (half for filling a form, another for interviewing with HR personnel)

P.S. no demo needed for fyp. it's good

2nd interview will be on monday, Elec & Eltek

May 11, 2004

last day of exam

but not last day of school yet

1st talk back the exam. not bad not good. there is no hope to get an overall good grade before the graduation...

i still need to do the mini project for passive rf (diplexer), and the demo of the fyp. at last the pick up.

then the last holiday before work (how long i don't know but hope not so long). some classmates has got two interviews but none for me...

at home i still need to remove soem old magazines which should be done before, fixes the damned computer (something wrong again)...

May 05, 2004

exam day 2

better than 1st day but cannot compensate the lost made

last will be on may 11, and i hope it be the last exam for my undergraduate

met steve at mtr station, he was going back home...

finally took the 25th anniversary train. it's quite normal train but painted outside and sticked some comparsion pix on the walls of the train.

May 04, 2004

exam day 1


bad date, bad venue, bad memory

i know nearly all short questions but only worth for 50 marks (but i think i can only at most get 3x marks - just little above passing marks)

but for 2 long questions (25 each), damn. 1st one everyone sucks. that's ok. but the 2nd one, really forgot all stuff, shit. other can do it... god damn curl, god damn maxwell!!!! too late to remember, no time to write right stuff...

p.s. (23xx HKT)

met 7wing when coming back home. his voice is a bit husky. i think he didn't get enough sleep. he said he gonna have driving test tommorrow but still not faimilar to drive and afraid to fail... he got not enough training before the test (just like many others because of money). he said he's finding a new job. some jobs he applied are same as me but he got an reply for written test. Not ME!!! Why? sucking school email system? btw seen someone faimilar but not sure she is the one i know...