November 21, 2007

warm coffee for x'mas is back

toffee nut latte from starbucks!

p.s. hk starbucks management pls monitor shops a bit more. cups in cochrane street's shop are not quite lookin' good.

November 18, 2007

wtcc macao round 2

it's so lucky for andy priaulx with some tactics. based on wtcc's regulations, 8th in first round starts at first for second round, so priaulx became first. his major competitor, yvan muller was down in first round. so he just needed to run safely and he could become the champion.

after start, second was james thompson and third was nicola larini. but maybe alfa romeo is not supporting officially, the car is a bit slower and larini crossed him later on. thompson was strong enough to stand third from seat's tiago monteiro.

bmw is lucky and with good tactics. seat is much stronger with diesel engine. chevrolet also has potential with good drivers and good cars (even faster than seat on hills). but will's alfa romeo continue to play in wtcc while others improve a lot?

  1. andy priaulx
  2. yvan muller
  3. james thomspon

wtcc macao round 1

alain menu started on pole but yvan muller got the first after first corner. all top position cars passed most of laps in safe. but in second last lap, yvan muller's car was broken before curva melco. so his seat temmate gabriele tarquini became aggressive and augusto farfus jr got hit when blocking the way. menu was the first to pass the finish line, then tarquini and robert huff...

bmw doesn't have advantage in macao anymore...

who can be champion?

November 17, 2007

工程師的大鐵鎚 » 老一輩既工程師

really wanna know whether any schoolmates meet similar situation?

and whether they will think of their future?

November 11, 2007


thru ipo, i got a lot of shares and i sold that at a relatively cheap price on first date. the market is kinda crazy right now. will i buy it again? the current value is still too high for me even the company is profiting. let me focus on other stocks first.