May 24, 2008

house's head; wilson's heart

is this the right time to stop amber line?

it's so sad when finding out the truth

if i'm wilson, my heart is broken and cannot face the fact.

May 20, 2008

why don't bmw use diesel in wtcc

but they allow schubert motors to fit a diesel engine in super 2000 320 (i.e. same format for wtcc) for nürburgring 24h. seat use diesel in wtcc for an year and give a brilliant result.

May 18, 2008

ipod nano 3rd gen update

latest 1.1.2 fixes some bugs as per apple description for ipod nano 3rd generation. the most important for me is making sound much louder! i think the power has been doubled. that means i need to reset volume control but i forgot the password. so i have reset whole machine completely.

and the sound quality has been improved to a level i think it is much more acceptable. i cannot listen obvious noise but it is still worse than 1st generation shuttle.

last shine for er

productions said last season of er will try to get as many as original casts as possible. if the script is good and they really come back, these will be brilliant for er to have a happy ending. i'm really looking for. but will tvb put it on prime time? the o.c. was put into midnight for last season but first three seasons were played without a break. and will it do some promotion as there is no promotion for the final episode for friends!

p.s. alex kingston who played dr elizabeth corday will be shown on coming episode of doctor who.

May 14, 2008

good news for vba

next office for mac (maybe office 2012) will get back vba!

too many people learnt vb 6 in last decade with effort by ms. and vba is very similar to vb 6 which makes people stick around for a period of time. and it is much harder to change a programming language than changing gui for windows.

many people (including those south asians focus on cutting cost in my workplace) want to replace ms office with openoffice but they forget the fact. it is quite hard to do so when vba is still cool and easy to learn.

update on may 25: not just me says open source is absolutely good!

May 12, 2008

mrs mcginty's dead

i know harper collins is changing cover design for agatha christie's books. old design shows unity but somehow it is not quite related to the story. new one is more attractive and focused on the story. but u cannot feel it is in a series.

i'm working hard on taken at the flood. but it's hard to mrs mcginty's dead in the town. why? the new design is just out! really hope it will soon fill the bookshelf at bookstore and mine. but at the same time old design is also ok for me because i hate to wait.

May 11, 2008

living the dream

like to see carmeron to show much in this episode. she is the secretary of house. house wannabe as attractive as the doctor to be shown in his favorite soap drama but obviously he fails.

it is lucky that they are just been fined for what house did on his soap star.

i think i am as miserable as wilson. amber said him always fulfills his wifes wishes but not his. at that moment i think that is me actually. but is change good for both? i don't know.

May 04, 2008

adsense support group in chinese traditional

suddenly got an email to ask me to join the group, and actually there are more than a thousand members in the group already. the functions provided by adsense to traditional chinese are still limited (we are just small proportion compared to simplified chinese users - they had a blog already). but those interested are now to get active, because you will be rewarded as below:
  1. a gift from google
  2. invited to join seminar
  3. posted on the soon-to-be blog
  4. shown on the soon-to-be youtube channel
P.S. forgot to say gmail is now in version 2 for traditional chinese interface!

May 03, 2008

no more mr nice guy

the first house episode after strike is just a soap drama. medical thing i cannot say (you can check here), but all the key characters are given enough time to show up. the strike obviously brings the idea to the story. and everyone hates annual job review. i really love house playing his team again and make former members worrying. it's another time to show how smart he is!

will new guys be put in opening credit later? axn will start playing season 4 in east asia, so when will tvb show season 3?