November 26, 2006

dreams - the ultimate corrs collection, the corrs

obviously record company wanna earn more when they are not working together! but as a naive fan of the corrs. so bought it

November 20, 2006


in hong kong, there's no thanksgiving so that x'mas is now the main theme everywhere.

even in our work place, ladies had bought decoration and i needed to help to put them on more than a month before.

ahh, but i'm thinking what i will do that day. most likely stay at home.

step back from pacific coffee's irish cream latte because of starbucks' holiday special, toffee nut latte.

1st book from the series may not be worth. looking for second one

even without much promotion, it is now on hmv chart and got one there.

update on 2/12:

i have some sorts of luck and got a quite good prize from the draw!

November 12, 2006


travel agency: 4/5 - good in this price range

airline: 3.5/5 - too full even in this period

tour guide: 4/5 - a bit too many phone calls

hotel: 3.5/5 - a bit old; breakfast not too hot; but tv played friends season 9!

coach: 3/5 - too many insects inside

food: 3/5 - nothing special; taste is ok

view: 4.5/5 - a bit smoky, river is a bit dry; but best were being shown

weather: 5/5 - fine, not cold, not hot, no rain, not too dry

special: 6/5 - a korean workin' in hk picked his parents to join the tour. and celebrated his mon's birthday on the last day. cool!

some pix here

November 08, 2006


1. 瞓覺唔會嚇醒我
2. 唔怕我笨&悶
3. 唔好男仔頭
4. no smoking

November 07, 2006

sad cypress

finally complete the book after watching twice on tv.

the big difference is how to end the story. book version uses the logical way thru court interactions. but tv version shows how poirot pushed nurse hopkins for the truth while poirot were in danger.

seems that tv version is more attractive

looking for pc game of murder on the oriental express

November 05, 2006






November 04, 2006

where can jean alesi go?

former formula-1 driver jean alesi quits dtm. where can he go? in the announcement on dtm site, he will maintain good relationship with mercedes.

in wikipedia, some traces can be found. back to f-1 as a driver for future team, driexiv? as a team manager of the team? as a test driver for mercedes? fully concentrated on his vineyard? retire completely and active on show business in japan as he has a japanese singer wife?

seems he quits dtm is not a bad choice...

google is a bit late

or too busy on blogger beta? their blogger web comments didn't support firefox 2.0 until now. and does the new update support blogger beta?