March 22, 2009

something new and cool but should be fixed

the idea behind latest feature in google reader is good but i think it’s duplicate with current function, share with note. and they said, “Currently, you cannot comment on items in a shared items subscription or on a shared tag; comments can only be made on items shared by friends.” that means i needa type twice for same thing i thought. hope they check and do something to fix the situation

March 14, 2009

old times – ER S15E19 (spoiler included)

it was another anticipated episode before ER ends.

why? as the title said, this one is for long time lovers. four original casts are back, george clooney (should be the last time to see him to play a tv drama), julianna margulies, noah wyle & eric la salle.

main story is john carter needs to have a kidney transplant (lost one when lucy was killed & remaining is being damaged in africa). he was in the hospital his mentor peter works. this is touching when they talk before the surgery and how peter saves john during the operation. they are obviously far over mentor/student relationship.

in seattle where doug & carol reside, sam & neela are there to wait to get the transplant organs from a dying adolescent. doug & carol worked to convince teenager’s grandma to let her grandson go. when doug found sam & neela working in county, they check out who they know in common shows the big change in the show. finally sam & neela got what they want and back to chicago. it’s a bit odd for doug, carol, sam & neela not knowing kidney is for john…

anyway the story quality is back to the old days! and also we don’t expect george clooney for playing not only a cameo!

March 13, 2009

24 s7e13 (spoiler included)

so far i think it can be nominee for emmys. the story is exciting and unexpected. and it’s sad to watch bill’s dead… and also finally knows a bit on what happened to aaron pierce’s last four years.

empire: total war

i give up to try/own it

  1. not much free time to play games
  2. steam said demo is not allowed for my region
  3. gamespot said it’s not editor’s choice.