December 15, 2008

joy to the world

this was the last new episode before holidays. so it is normal to have holiday themes inside the story.

spoiler below

actually the main line is quite sad at all. one of the few patients cannot be cured even though she didn't suffer much from her symptoms. and also she showed how kids are being affected by drugs, alcohol, and teenage pregnancy nowadays. but the baby which was expected to die is still alive. and cuddy can fulfil her wish with that baby finally. and it seems house enjoys when seeing cuddy happy.

what a good lie house made to cover the cheating between the lovers. it just makes a joke to christians but it really fits the holiday theme.

there are a lot of footages on thirteen in these few episodes, showing the attitude change on herself. and this is a very shock to start a relationship. can she change foreman from same as house  (this is why foreman was fired outside and stays in the team again) to less like one?

November 30, 2008

new way to make things balance

in the old ways for many touring car races, to balance the difference of cars, they just put weights into the winner's car. but when the car differences are being big and drivers abilities are not the same, adding weights didn't work.

so new stuff is done by fia for wtcc. this time, they use the difference between fastest cars in different models and do compensation to slower ones by reducing weights for whole model. so the human factor can be lowered and the minor car difference due to different design styles should be fixed after few races.

i hope this can fix the problem brought this year, seat got very good result after using diesel. and bmw can win back guia race as they say!


what will happen if their king, bhumibol adulyadej, goes to heaven in one day?

  1. what will military do? can their major partner, the states, do something?
  2. seems it's hard to have a civil war if military is still strong enough
  3. secession? there is so big difference between cities & rural areas

safe trip home

the album i think is awesome. i like all the tracks playing altogether. but maybe they are a bit weak when being played individually. actually they are quite dido-style but this time she played more instruments so the feeling is a bit changed. don't believe in love gives a strong start at all.
are they a bit too worry besides financial crisis? globally, there's a deluxe edition with three more songs (one more in itunes - sorry for hkers), four postcards, studio film (same as the one in her site). besides a separate site is made for promotion. locally a poster was given.

gmail themes

many feel high on this. but i don't like even changin' one from one. the classical one is cool coz simple is the best. i still love old style google frontpage instead of igoogle.

24 redemption

reasonable & attractive. classical 24 story & scenes but in different locations

btw will it be shown on tvb?

November 29, 2008

heal thyself

return of mark greene!

story here; snapshots here

just feel happy and take some time to watch it

November 16, 2008

wtcc 2008 macao round 2

as the rules, eighth in last round would be first in this round. So at starting position were james thompson, augusto farfus jr and gabriele tarquini.

for few few laps, the most attractive was those three above attacking the others. but things changed at last three laps but nearly all crashes could not be caught by tv cameras! thompson crashed to walls at lap seven so farfus had got the first.

when everyone thought bmw could win a race in macao again, farfus got crashed (seemed with a slow car in front) and the left front wheel loosened kicked the car behind, driven by first runner up of world champion, gabriele tarquini. finally crossing the flag was second runner up of world champion robert huff, world champion yvan muller, and last year champion andy priaulx.

wtcc 2008 macao round 1

the core of the race is focused on seat's yvan muller and gabriele tarquini. either one can get the world champion today. tarquini was not running well in the qualifying so muller has a larger chance.

this year alain menu was on pole again and passed the flag first again. second was andy priaulx. robert huff wanted to pass him but failed. just few crashes were made and they did not affect the race. and muller got third in the end which is enough to make him the world champion!

November 02, 2008

america's army 2.8.4

two things are introduced, one is every soldier a sensor (es2). there is a training and a map for it. u can learn a bit more how es2 works in training. luckily the map is an ai map, i.e. all online gamers are in attack side and computer is defence side. if defence is also by gamers, es2 should not work. but when whole new design aa3 is available, i don't think es2 will be implemented immediately.

another is the deploy client. setup file size is getting bigger and bigger which makes download servers always overload. previously they also use bt to deliver the file to end users. now a deploy client is made. it also uses p2p technology and can separate delivers part of programs to us. but the performance is far behind from bt (maybe outside states only), even now i cannot complete downloading core files and the client keeps hanging. luckily they face the truth and provide update file from on partners site. there is a lot of work to do on that client before forcing players to use it solely in the coming future.

update (Nov 23): latest deploy client (1.2.4) even sucks. every time i run it, it says memory overflow.

October 20, 2008



the patient is a from a canton family. outline of the face of the actress fit the story which her origin is from southern china. but she's a bit too mature to be 25-year old.

illness of cantonese = sars... thx chinese communist party

house might be having better observation skills than the private investigator he hired. he knew his father is not biological. and he knew why wilson was so mad so he can find a chance to start the friendship.

October 12, 2008

under the radar

the last one brought the star to the front by one song, bad day. this one shows a more synchronous one which nearly all songs are good. the style is united but it is a bit hard to find a song to have another big bang like bad day (of course the video of bad day helped a lot too). so can he get a good result under the radar?

October 07, 2008


even keira knightley fits the role to be the duchess, maybe a rounder girl is better. spencers are good to have babies, but it's a bit hard to make us agree by keira's body shape. i think the movie even better than becoming jane. btw both lovers of duchess & jane were famous when they were becoming important figures in uk politics. and both film ending is similar.


the script can describe the atmosphere at the period of time: women were still weaker than men. especially duke was powerful in the administration. she was too young and lack of information to  be a duchess. the duke treated her as a machine to produce heirs and had affairs outside instead. she's also stupid to allow another woman living together to attract his husband. but who knew her childhood friend would become an earl (so famous as a type of tea - earl grey tea )

i believe we are lucky and there are more poor ones still having the same way nowadays.

house season 5

so far the storyline is still cool. i don't know how come it lost emmys

5-03 seems to be the start of core of season 5. even wilson & carmenon was not shown up, content of other characters are building. idea of the private investigator is cool. house is an investigator actually, but the pi shows house is not strong enough.

the only thing not yet fitting to the preview of this season is showing more chase & carmenon. they are barely seen as same as season four... but the season just starts

hk disneyland

finally visited there three years after grand opening. i think this disneyland quite fits hk situation.

it's small enough to allow us to take a weekend travel which mainly hkers can be able to afford. it's close to downtown and well connected with public transport.

ghost houses for halloween are better than those in ocean park. we went there at daytime and our pupil size cannot be adjusted fast enough. so the road in front is much darker and it's much harder to expect where "ghosts" are waiting. people are not crowded that we don't meet people in front or after.

space mountain and buzz lightyear are also cool. playing space mountain in daytime during halloween is the best at all.

September 15, 2008

apple keynote

  1. steve jobs is still a bit thin and kept coughing.

  2. it's too bad that genius is useless in hk unless music store is ok to work.

  3. another ipod nano. it comes one model every year! this one is pretty awesome. the only bad thing is the lock button on the top. at least i don't need to take my fat nano completely out from the socks to lock the it.

  4. how about the new in-ear headphones? not many like the old one. is the new much better and not behind the one outside?
P.S. it rocked when jack johnson, the most selling artists in music store, performed at the end.

September 07, 2008

next plane home

one of my favourites, daniel powter, has new single out. compared with previous hit singles, next plane home is a bit plain. bad day is the one to break the ice but it may not be everyone's taste. the style of next plane home should fit for more audiences instead. i really wanna hear other songs in the coming album, under the radar, asap.

so this fall season i should get two more on my desk, one the uk, another from canada.

August 31, 2008

get smart (forgot to post it)

  1. it quite makes sense

  2. i really don't think anne hathaway is beautiful.

  3. it's so easy to have double agent

yahoo is continously being kicked

this time is the new service by google's blogger to kick mybloglog. the latest followers service is just the same as mybloglog. in this stage it's only for blogger members only. but one great thing is you can follow the list in google reader or put your following list into the reader! so you can read what you like in one single platform and you don't need to jump over to different browsers/tabs.
former googlers' friendfeed made some widgets for your site. i put the "feed widget" here but i would like to see an integration of badge & feed widget being available to use.and it's now renewing its interface. basically you can use the same service in facebook but facebook is not open to non-members to read.
P.S. when are functions of google reader available in other languages? not few new services are made. but it seems nearly none of them are implemented in my native language interface. gmail is a better when compared!

lexmark t644n

recently company changed their printer purchasing plan and one of our hp4250 is changed to lexmark t644n. why? because our it consultant is ibm, and lexmark is its spin-off!

price i don't know as it is not shown in lexmark's page directly. but the technology used is not as good as hp. size is much larger for similar functions. noise is much louder too. and space inside is more than that of hp. only two things can be shown, either design is not good enough or inside is too hot and need space of ventilation. besides driver is not as smart as hp's. watermark covers the words/pic of what it should print!

August 22, 2008

finally time is fixed!

after many changes of her website, the target date of safe trip home is finally known. details are not much to know yet, but a free track is available for 2 weeks. 
"look no further" was known to fans for around a year and it is the first to let everyone listen. music is a bit simpler than that of previous songs. is that be the style of the album or how will they organize the album? we need to wait... anyway it's good to hear new stuff from dido and a date is fixed!

August 17, 2008

2008 legislative council election

below is solely personal opinion

the district i can vote for is nt west. there are 14 candidate combinations.

first i ignore communist or pro-communist candidates;
second those supporting too much welfarism i cannot support;
besides those with poor political experience everyone can give up them;

basically none can fulfill what i want.
so i can choose one from supporting fully democracy.

July 29, 2008


my sister got a macbook with student discount. isp only provide a wired router but it's inconvenient for her to get connected. so i bought the subject to home. it is ok to connect on traditional way but neither macbook nor n82 cannot connect in wireless way. i called the hot line and even they cannot help on phone. they asked me to pick it to their site.

i went there this morning. the way to the site is nearly the same to my working place! they checked and found that what i got is an old version from store may not be compatible with macbook or n82. so they exchanged with the latest firmware one to me.

this time all wireless devices can connect to the router but the router cannot connect with isp! the only way is to copy the data when my pc directly connect to isp and fill those data into the router. the guy behind hot line said this is normal. as far as all devices can connect to the internet, this minor thing is not a problem when compared to what mentioned in first two paragraph.

July 25, 2008

hk book fair '08

  1. no book was bought as some of books got from last year are not yet opened. sorry charcoal (ms wong's pix is too small lol).

  2. another reason not getting any book is it is not shown there!

July 20, 2008

emmys '08

my preference from the nomination list:

house must be my choice for all categories with it as an nominee

outstanding reality-competition program: project runway coz it's "fierce"!

outstanding host for a reality or reality - competition program: how come they think of this award, the host didn't show up for long and they use standardized wordings

July 01, 2008


adidas originals again

and this pair is also stan smith!!!
i think this color is a good alternate (clay brown) from traditional grass green.

caramel apple crumble

i can feel only one or two apple crumbles with apple taste even there are many crumbles. caramel catches over. just like the last caramel product.

June 09, 2008

the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian

far after the first of the series, the second is showing now.

the movie presented is much tighter than the first one but aslan is a bit fake compared. the story seems composed of other famous novels but writers of screenplay did put efforts to make the film more modern way. the fight scene is so roman (use of legions & testudo formation) and i like that. it also shows the dark side of soul. At last it's quite lotr feel (as author of both series were quite closed). is it good to leave peter and sun not back to narnia?

anyway rulers of humans are devils (maybe this is influenced by their ancestors as per aslan). those humans are with romance ascents which are quite funny.

some google stuff

google is busy changing its icons; giving tests to gmail. but some are more interesting for me, like taking more care of local adsense community.

another is improvement on translation. typing "fy" before the keyword you wanna translate in search box now shows more than before. besides dictionary shows basic definition, there's a link to take you into google translate to show you more in details like other features in google translate are attractive too.

but the most important thing is the support of hkex in google finance (so i now subscribe its blog in my reader). i love the layout, simplicity, and the chart function. but for long time it didn't support hk stocks which was a pity. it's cool to have support now but something can be improved.
  1. stock history is too short, just around a year.
  2. information is not completed, like interest rate...
  3. news sources, which now are from bloomberg or reuters, are not enough
  4. a bit personal - i don't wanna capture so much data in excel which gets all numerical information. i just want current stock price.
P.S. former googlers' products are also in big interest. twitter from former blogger owners seem steps back the way the old blogger walked, instability (link 1, link 2, status). google wasted time to rebuild the blogger to increase the stability and flexibility. so what will twitter act? or friendfeed from former team to make gmail, reader... takes over the shine?

necessity for ngong ping 360

after the heaviest rain in record, many parts of lantau island cannot be accessed by road covered by landslide, including ngong ping & nearby po lin monastery. even ngong ping 360 is not opened for public to travel due to damage of fiber optic cable, it still provides emergency services for people living in ngong ping to get stuff at tung chung.

finally it shows the need to be built further on boosting tourism. people can use cheaper methods to stay connected after traditional ways are blocked. if it is not existed, airlift thru copter may be needed and resources cannot be used in other places.

May 24, 2008

house's head; wilson's heart

is this the right time to stop amber line?

it's so sad when finding out the truth

if i'm wilson, my heart is broken and cannot face the fact.

May 20, 2008

why don't bmw use diesel in wtcc

but they allow schubert motors to fit a diesel engine in super 2000 320 (i.e. same format for wtcc) for nürburgring 24h. seat use diesel in wtcc for an year and give a brilliant result.

May 18, 2008

ipod nano 3rd gen update

latest 1.1.2 fixes some bugs as per apple description for ipod nano 3rd generation. the most important for me is making sound much louder! i think the power has been doubled. that means i need to reset volume control but i forgot the password. so i have reset whole machine completely.

and the sound quality has been improved to a level i think it is much more acceptable. i cannot listen obvious noise but it is still worse than 1st generation shuttle.

last shine for er

productions said last season of er will try to get as many as original casts as possible. if the script is good and they really come back, these will be brilliant for er to have a happy ending. i'm really looking for. but will tvb put it on prime time? the o.c. was put into midnight for last season but first three seasons were played without a break. and will it do some promotion as there is no promotion for the final episode for friends!

p.s. alex kingston who played dr elizabeth corday will be shown on coming episode of doctor who.

May 14, 2008

good news for vba

next office for mac (maybe office 2012) will get back vba!

too many people learnt vb 6 in last decade with effort by ms. and vba is very similar to vb 6 which makes people stick around for a period of time. and it is much harder to change a programming language than changing gui for windows.

many people (including those south asians focus on cutting cost in my workplace) want to replace ms office with openoffice but they forget the fact. it is quite hard to do so when vba is still cool and easy to learn.

update on may 25: not just me says open source is absolutely good!

May 12, 2008

mrs mcginty's dead

i know harper collins is changing cover design for agatha christie's books. old design shows unity but somehow it is not quite related to the story. new one is more attractive and focused on the story. but u cannot feel it is in a series.

i'm working hard on taken at the flood. but it's hard to mrs mcginty's dead in the town. why? the new design is just out! really hope it will soon fill the bookshelf at bookstore and mine. but at the same time old design is also ok for me because i hate to wait.

May 11, 2008

living the dream

like to see carmeron to show much in this episode. she is the secretary of house. house wannabe as attractive as the doctor to be shown in his favorite soap drama but obviously he fails.

it is lucky that they are just been fined for what house did on his soap star.

i think i am as miserable as wilson. amber said him always fulfills his wifes wishes but not his. at that moment i think that is me actually. but is change good for both? i don't know.

May 04, 2008

adsense support group in chinese traditional

suddenly got an email to ask me to join the group, and actually there are more than a thousand members in the group already. the functions provided by adsense to traditional chinese are still limited (we are just small proportion compared to simplified chinese users - they had a blog already). but those interested are now to get active, because you will be rewarded as below:
  1. a gift from google
  2. invited to join seminar
  3. posted on the soon-to-be blog
  4. shown on the soon-to-be youtube channel
P.S. forgot to say gmail is now in version 2 for traditional chinese interface!

May 03, 2008

no more mr nice guy

the first house episode after strike is just a soap drama. medical thing i cannot say (you can check here), but all the key characters are given enough time to show up. the strike obviously brings the idea to the story. and everyone hates annual job review. i really love house playing his team again and make former members worrying. it's another time to show how smart he is!

will new guys be put in opening credit later? axn will start playing season 4 in east asia, so when will tvb show season 3?

April 16, 2008

another interview

this time, i didn't go back to cityu, but to polyu.

today obviously was not a good day for interview, it's very hot! temperature outside was over 30oC and that in the interview room was not low so i kept sweating in front of interviewers. coming few days will be much cooler.

there were two interviewers which i think both should be staff of facility. they asked similar general questions as what cityu interviewer asked but two things i think they kick me out from the list. one is have you ever taken any financial program before internally or externally? another is whether you need to use the analysis to report to outside policy? btw i saw other interviewees are older than me and they wore more formal. besides my interview seems to be very short, only 10 minutes. so their favorites should be with little financial background and work in marketing or credit. when to know the result? may 30.

p.s. i'm still young enough agent of model company has an interest in me.

April 10, 2008

tao heung & tai cheong bakery

the annual result annoucement of tao heung said they got some tai cheong shares, the bakery which lord patten loves its egg tart. and tao heung said they can buy the whole tai cheong after three years.

even i have tao heung stocks, i don't like the news at all. sooner or later tai cheong will become another maxim's, saint honore's, etc., nothing special. now tao heung mainly provide general food at this moment and may wanna be become unique by getting tai cheong, but this is quite hard under a big company. so this means the decline of local food, from delicate to mass production which hong kong also lose the soul!

April 06, 2008


  1. really full of fuck
  2. hk people are so different from europe/the states. we don't like watching whole songs sung in the film obviously. seems a bit wasting time
  3. but story is so natural at all. i like the idea and the ending is one of possible choices
  4. guy is not poor at all, but why he uses a broken crapped guitar?
  5. no hk bank will follow the practice at their side. that relationship manager is kinda cool.
  6. i believe hk is better than dublin even the scene is beautiful. how many need to sing on the street?

P.S. how come cinemas in palace ifc are so damn small. only seven rows are in front of screen and the distance is not far which make me dizzy even i like the song style

April 04, 2008

win xp still lives for a part, and...

microsoft allows windows xp home version to stay alive beyond original deadline for ultra low-cost pcs up to "either june 30, 2010, or one year after the general availability of the next version of windows".

that means
  1. vista is too harsh for them
  2. normal software support for xp still stay (not for high-end of course, like directx 10)
  3. target ship date for windows 7 is june 30, 2009
  4. so vista fate should be similar to windows me
but that may upset some enterprises and take a step further to shift to open source side.

a good thing improved in google reader

one of my beloved things by google has amended a function to make it better. that is not instantly mark all articles as read status when you press shortcut keys (shift+a) to behave "mark all as read". this shortcut keys are easily mistaking used like you wanna share an item (shift+s). at that time you would wanna say fuck when you have not few items (some are a bit aged) not read (it happened twice for me!). now there is a pop-up to ask you really wanna mark all items as read. that's cool.

o... only in firefox. btw if you allow to have quick search in firefox, shortcut keys are in mess!

wish list - double sorting
now it only provides single sorting and search for the articles under same feed or all items marked "star" or "shared". what i want is it can provide auto sorting for those articles are marked "star" or under shared under same feed. sometimes i wanna check those articles under same feed and delete some when they are old-dated. but it is not easy when only allows us to show all items in same feed or all articles marked "star" or "shared".

March 29, 2008

say no for leung chun ying to be appointed as ce of hksar

there is news coverage showing he intends to be ce in coming future.

what we need is universal suffrage instead of appointed.

March 25, 2008

perfect disaster

tonight just played the episode of typhoon featuring hong kong as victim. most of them are fucking fake. i think only one of the actors is really from hong kong, others are from singapore. scenes, actions by government departments make us large...

the spiderwick chronicles

the story is a bit thin (actually it combines the whole series!). but it's cool for kids even only adults can understand the content completely.

is it a good thing to study the world thoroughly?
is it a good thing to work deep but ignore your family?
is it a good thing to lie to your child?

and nowadays cg is not a problem at all. and don't expect the brothers are portrayed by same kid.

March 09, 2008

Ausiello on Smallville, Grey's, House, Lost and More! - Ask Ausiello |

from latest spoiler, seems like the team has run out of ideas. the story sounds a bit like the finale of season 2...

March 01, 2008

sea world explorers

this outsourced program shows underwater archeology enthusiasts to search for history located nearby. what they do is quite interesting and also show hk people also care things around.

but the program background search is a bit weak compared. like in episode three, saying usaf attacked japs in wwii. there was no usaf at that time, it was under army instead. and so general henry h. arnold was the only person to hold general of the army & general of the air force.

in the latest episode, a "historian" said if cheung po tsai was still in higher rank in the military after capitulation (he was dead in 1822 as said in the program), hong kong would not become british colony after first opium war. but the opium war was after 30 years from the capitulation, cheung po tsai should be too old to command a navy at the front line. what he talked seems a bit non-sense.

February 23, 2008

at least three more years for dtm?

mercedes hired ralf schumacher as a dtm car driver. once their boss said ralf needs two years to learn from formula car to touring car world. to fill the investment, dtm can play at least three years even first there is a strong competition with wtcc; second only two manufacturers participate (actually volkswagan ag have two legs on top touring car sport, i.e. audi in dtm & seat in wtcc).

update on Apr 13: another proof!

February 17, 2008

back to cityu

it's for one thing, interview for a master degree study.

but this is not in electronic engineering anymore which were taken by classmates; for knowledge and career, i decide to apply master in finance.

interview is now over, and only god knows whether i can start my study on coming september or not.

recent music favorites

  1. sheryl crow's love is free. it's so easy going.

  2. latest album from jack johnson, sleep through the static. versus love is free or his last own album, in between dreams, it is a bit darker. but if you like in between dreams, you will still like it as change is not big to force people giving up (especially songs after "if i had eyes"). my favorites in this moment are "if i had eyes" and "hope".

    forgot to say a thing. why is the leaflet inside in german/dutch even it is printed locally?

an article from chairman of hk apple daily

is about agatha christie. basically it's about her biography with a little bit of his own view on her books and herself.

attractive red packets for year of rat

  1. citistore

  2. grand century place - very cute

February 11, 2008

Say it ain’t so… « Flickr Blog

two things about polaroid in my mind
  1. no more old crime scenes in movies or tv like cold case? using polaroid is meaning professional when we watch in the box.

  2. we will lose the moment, the expectation to wait pictures coming out

February 10, 2008

uninstall them

  1. avg anti-virus - the program affects many programs; like foobar, internet explorer...

  2. windows live mail - even introduces new functions fitting today's usage, but it sucks for normal use; i.e. always cannot connect to mail server.

sweeney todd

for the movie, all things are quite good except the storyline. it is very weak. maybe this is as an adoption from musical which focuses less on script. except johnny depp, there are other big names in the film which is out of my expectations.

midway is a bit nonsense but the ending is quite sad when he finds out what he did is very wrong which is much more than just revenge. still everybody lies!

it's a film suitable for valentine's more than lunar new year.

P.S. anyone knows whether benjamin barker recognizes her daughter at last?

January 26, 2008


from this and this, microsoft (ms) is not dropping visual basic for applications (vba) yet.

even vba has some drawbacks like outdated (based on vb 6) and security issue, staying alive is good for many people as many macros (from word, excel, access to other programs) are written on it (not just me feeling happy, but also company colleagues).

but the move from ms still make many worrying. first is discontinuing support to other non-ms programs. and it's not available for latest office for mac '08 (that may stop people transferring from pc to mac!). the important is they are pushing people to use visual studio tools for office (vsto). the latest one needs you to use visual studio '08 pro or team system.

i do think vba will be faded out just like visual foxpro. but seems that many are still using vba and not many will buy a full set of visual studio just for office macros, the future of it is still a bit long (like win xp now or win 98 in the old days)

atv world is great

gets both top gear and fifth gear! the two great british motor shows.

FYI top gear is a bit more funny while fifth gear is more normal one

January 13, 2008

triple o's

have a try of original burger combo at citysuper's cookeddeli causeway bay. size is quite big for the burger but meat is a bit too dry (even drier than mcdonald's'). it's wise to take pickled cucumber out as quite many don't like it. french fries - they are real potatoes obviously! price is double of mcdonald's' which may not be worth for normal hk people (so at this moment stay inside luxurious food courts).

January 06, 2008

investment strategy

hold & buy more in long term:,,

short term interest: ipo (some in the list)

other will try to sell @ better price (but dunno when)

January 05, 2008

another poirot season on atv world

they are: the mystery of the blue train, cards on the table, after the funeral, and taken at the flood and were shown in uk in early '06. the broadcast time sucks which is at 11:30 pm on sun and they are shown few months after second season of marple in hk.