October 07, 2008


even keira knightley fits the role to be the duchess, maybe a rounder girl is better. spencers are good to have babies, but it's a bit hard to make us agree by keira's body shape. i think the movie even better than becoming jane. btw both lovers of duchess & jane were famous when they were becoming important figures in uk politics. and both film ending is similar.


the script can describe the atmosphere at the period of time: women were still weaker than men. especially duke was powerful in the administration. she was too young and lack of information to  be a duchess. the duke treated her as a machine to produce heirs and had affairs outside instead. she's also stupid to allow another woman living together to attract his husband. but who knew her childhood friend would become an earl (so famous as a type of tea - earl grey tea )

i believe we are lucky and there are more poor ones still having the same way nowadays.

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