August 14, 2013

lego star wars #9526 palpatine's arrest


  • design with details from speeder to nearly everything
  • many golden bricks including microfigures!
  • many characters! mace windu, anakin, palpatine & more
  • many playable functions
  • can be used in various scenes if those involve chancellor's office
  • stickers but not many
  • parts are not firm enough including entrance & roof of windows behind chancellor's seat
  • too many dark bricks which are a bit hard to distinguish in the manual
  • much technic stuff to build the structure & playable functions
  • the base of the office makes me feel like a plane at first!
pix are here.

August 13, 2013

the wolverine

i don't really like the movie. few parts are excited.

jane grey is hotter than japanese girls but a bit too old.

yukio is really attractive except wolverine

bodyguard is too stubborn on loyalty. that is the same for eastern ethnics.

eason's life concert

only bad thing is no encore...