October 09, 2013

the stolen years

the story is attractive at first, boring before the turning point, and sad after the point. maybe it is too carefully calculated. i have thought whether the girl would become a devil again when she returned to work. the tragedy may not happen if the girl was not so rickless or the hospital did not break the rule to accept the instruction of a disabled person.

it is quite obviously the film is not purely made by taiwanese. the accent of some actors has betrayed everything.

lego city #60020 cargo truck

  • the outlook of cargo truck and forklift truck is full of details
  • nice design to open the side panel.
  • too many stickers
  • using a rubber to control the forklift may not be good. the rubber may be broken after ages and the forklift cannot be raised again.
  • the layout inside the cargo truck is not realistic 
  • roof of cargo truck is not sealed due to the hedges like the ambulance
pix are here.

lego lord of the rings #79006 the council of elrond

  • sticker as eye of sauron to protect the brick is a good idea
  • rare elrond & arwen
  • rare weapons
  • nice colours chosen
  • structure of tree is better than city house
  • not just one ring only!
  • stickers but not many
  • scene is too small making everything is too close
  • not include the whole fellowship of the ring
  • much technic stuff to build the structure & playable functions similar to palpatine's arrest.
pix are here.