August 31, 2008

get smart (forgot to post it)

  1. it quite makes sense

  2. i really don't think anne hathaway is beautiful.

  3. it's so easy to have double agent

yahoo is continously being kicked

this time is the new service by google's blogger to kick mybloglog. the latest followers service is just the same as mybloglog. in this stage it's only for blogger members only. but one great thing is you can follow the list in google reader or put your following list into the reader! so you can read what you like in one single platform and you don't need to jump over to different browsers/tabs.
former googlers' friendfeed made some widgets for your site. i put the "feed widget" here but i would like to see an integration of badge & feed widget being available to use.and it's now renewing its interface. basically you can use the same service in facebook but facebook is not open to non-members to read.
P.S. when are functions of google reader available in other languages? not few new services are made. but it seems nearly none of them are implemented in my native language interface. gmail is a better when compared!

lexmark t644n

recently company changed their printer purchasing plan and one of our hp4250 is changed to lexmark t644n. why? because our it consultant is ibm, and lexmark is its spin-off!

price i don't know as it is not shown in lexmark's page directly. but the technology used is not as good as hp. size is much larger for similar functions. noise is much louder too. and space inside is more than that of hp. only two things can be shown, either design is not good enough or inside is too hot and need space of ventilation. besides driver is not as smart as hp's. watermark covers the words/pic of what it should print!

August 22, 2008

finally time is fixed!

after many changes of her website, the target date of safe trip home is finally known. details are not much to know yet, but a free track is available for 2 weeks. 
"look no further" was known to fans for around a year and it is the first to let everyone listen. music is a bit simpler than that of previous songs. is that be the style of the album or how will they organize the album? we need to wait... anyway it's good to hear new stuff from dido and a date is fixed!

August 17, 2008

2008 legislative council election

below is solely personal opinion

the district i can vote for is nt west. there are 14 candidate combinations.

first i ignore communist or pro-communist candidates;
second those supporting too much welfarism i cannot support;
besides those with poor political experience everyone can give up them;

basically none can fulfill what i want.
so i can choose one from supporting fully democracy.