January 29, 2005

ipod shuffle is available now in hk

but the price in one of the electrical appliances chain stores ($1398 for 1GB and the last one should be sold out) is much higher than that in hk apple's online store ($1170, check the title link). Is that worth to buy at the chain stores?

January 27, 2005

annual dinner

tonite at a club hosue in new world centre.

still in bad luck. no prize got from lucky draw... even my division got the top 3 prizes (totally worth for $7000). DAMN!!!

January 25, 2005

Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own

a song U2's Bono describes his dad which many also have the same characteristic in their mind

January 19, 2005

chinese new year holidays

from afternoon of new year eve to six days after the new year. but need to use two days annual leave... i will stay in hk. any activities in that period?

January 16, 2005

new printer

HP PSC 1210 (HK$720 only, with a mug and a punch of 4R photo paper)

any free fax software using TCP/IP network?

hard to find a new job even i hate the current one

  1. don't know which way i should go, so no job is attractive... (anyone can help me?)
  2. too tired after OT every workdays
  3. not bad relationships with colleagues
  4. careless makes me loss spirit (except online stuff: AA, online shopping...)

January 08, 2005


stomach inflected by flu... could not eat and all stuff out from mouth and asshole without digestion...

took 2 days sick leave...

January 02, 2005

new year

dinner with secondary mates at Six Dings Kee Rotary Hot Pot in Olympian City II next to the olympic station. after that we were hanging there and saw the countdown show by stars of 皆大歡喜. so damn winding there in a coldest new year for the past 43 years... we went to lam kwai fong. still have many going there around 1am just like us. too expensive for us to sit and drink there so we walked a circle and went back home.

largest x'mas tree in hk Posted by Hello

new year:
late wake up around 11am. then went to sing karaoke around 3. hot pot dinner with family