February 23, 2008

at least three more years for dtm?

mercedes hired ralf schumacher as a dtm car driver. once their boss said ralf needs two years to learn from formula car to touring car world. to fill the investment, dtm can play at least three years even first there is a strong competition with wtcc; second only two manufacturers participate (actually volkswagan ag have two legs on top touring car sport, i.e. audi in dtm & seat in wtcc).

update on Apr 13: another proof!

February 17, 2008

back to cityu

it's for one thing, interview for a master degree study.

but this is not in electronic engineering anymore which were taken by classmates; for knowledge and career, i decide to apply master in finance.

interview is now over, and only god knows whether i can start my study on coming september or not.

recent music favorites

  1. sheryl crow's love is free. it's so easy going.

  2. latest album from jack johnson, sleep through the static. versus love is free or his last own album, in between dreams, it is a bit darker. but if you like in between dreams, you will still like it as change is not big to force people giving up (especially songs after "if i had eyes"). my favorites in this moment are "if i had eyes" and "hope".

    forgot to say a thing. why is the leaflet inside in german/dutch even it is printed locally?

an article from chairman of hk apple daily

is about agatha christie. basically it's about her biography with a little bit of his own view on her books and herself.

attractive red packets for year of rat

  1. citistore

  2. grand century place - very cute

February 11, 2008

Say it ain’t so… « Flickr Blog

two things about polaroid in my mind
  1. no more old crime scenes in movies or tv like cold case? using polaroid is meaning professional when we watch in the box.

  2. we will lose the moment, the expectation to wait pictures coming out

February 10, 2008

uninstall them

  1. avg anti-virus - the program affects many programs; like foobar, internet explorer...

  2. windows live mail - even introduces new functions fitting today's usage, but it sucks for normal use; i.e. always cannot connect to mail server.

sweeney todd

for the movie, all things are quite good except the storyline. it is very weak. maybe this is as an adoption from musical which focuses less on script. except johnny depp, there are other big names in the film which is out of my expectations.

midway is a bit nonsense but the ending is quite sad when he finds out what he did is very wrong which is much more than just revenge. still everybody lies!

it's a film suitable for valentine's more than lunar new year.

P.S. anyone knows whether benjamin barker recognizes her daughter at last?