January 31, 2006

lunar new year holidays

these few days for me were just for the time of rest while others were doing what should be done at this period. except sleeping, watching tv, playing aa, i still need to send job applications to various places and watched a movie, narina. and finished the first disc of all the way home.

narnia: it's ok but not as good as lotr (i don't mean the books, only the movies, and we should compare to those children books from j.r.r. tolkien). and disney's films in future without pixar (disney buys pixar and chicken little not as good as pixar's) should focus on those with actual humans but not animations (like pirates of the caribbean). let pixar dominate on animation business (dreamworks has lost its soul - paramount selling dreamworks library).

all the way home: shows the road of the corrs. they made me feel they lost a bit passion on making music after the success of talk on corners, dead of their mum, building their own family, and change of management of record company. so...

January 23, 2006

any market for fishs n chips?

on wednesday night, a tv programme on jade will talk about culture of britian by to kit. but how many locals are interested to watch that? british culture is normally admired in higher class of local society. but for the most, a week alter the same programme by eason chan relating japanese culture is their is what they want.

or... after tung administration, people still stay in the good memory of colonial hong kong?

January 22, 2006

killer game in mainland

many hong kong people know how to play this game, and in mainland, rules and businesses are developed from this game. why can't develop just like mainland? 1. too many types of entertainment in hong kong? 2. losing passion or mind to build business by our own? (at least for me)

ref: appledaily

January 16, 2006

old town

not promoted by local section of their publisher (from website, to any kind of ads), their celtic magic had showed the power in hong kong, the corrs' "old town" from "home" gained top 10 position in both radio stations chart (rthk, metro radio) nearly three months after the release.

credit card limit

i did spent too much, or donated to the charities so that my limit has been raised? the one i used most finally increases my limit one-sixth more. compared to the one i only used for paypal which already gave me nearly double of the original limit.

price too attractive

our governor had gone and his book was put on the sales corner of the book shop. the price on the tag was already attractive but there is even 20% more discount. i couldn't stop my desire and so my debt has increased even more.

P.S. miss sewell's book is now on the list of paddyfield.com.

January 15, 2006


first saturday of this year was the coldest day in winter. i wore a pair of old shoes to back to work. from in the office, the bottom started to deteriorate... whole floor are with rubber bits and needed our gurhka guards to clean up... sorry. besides of yelling help, i rushed to the nearest shoes shop to get a new pair but the styles there showed not fulfills what i think. so i stepped on a tram to the shopping centre on hong kong island, causeway bay. finally i got my first pair of adidas (stan smith 2, 451769).

how about the broken one? still in the house. it's only been worn with few times so not environmentally friendly to our earth. and maybe finds a repairment shop to fix it.

really unexpected

just before the end of first working friday, sitting in front of a table to compare the certificates and the numbers on the forms, virbation of phone woke me up. an unexpected voice told me that a job offer is given to me and its benefit is a bit better than the current one. so i submit my resignation letter next day and finished my last duty yesterday. tomorrow i will start working in a new location.

forgot to mention what i've done in the old job. i should work to make and check microfilms made by aged deposit forms. but the past few days the market the company serves for is very active. so we did little on that aspect. actually we helped input and validation of deposit procedure from physical to digital format.

January 01, 2006

another year

Dec 24: stationed at home (but many can even celebrate the birth of christ in a very commerical way. (inspired by this post) - wth to hong kong people, too tough on normal days?)

Dec 25: karaoke & gathering in a friend's home

Dec 26: resting

Dec 27: karaoke

Dec 28: interview

Dec 29: update codes for my site, update css for my blog, to fulfill w3c validation

Dec 30: another interview and signing contract, bought all the way home

Dec 31: online donations (maybe too much), online loans paying, bbq at siu lam

Jan 1: online credit card bill paying, bought clothes for job

blu-ray & hd-dvd area codes

from this post, you can see only three zones will be available for future rather than six. actually area codes are for marketing need. but previously they divided them too specific so affecting the flow of production, logistics, marketing, and selling. and area codes can be easily broken by codes on chips, software, and even for concert discs (like dido or the corrs) they can make discs possible to play in many zones.

but one good thing is they don't need to add too many side things (especially the subtitles) for certain area products.