February 29, 2004

congratulation, ball

this time is the official announcement from ball about his job offer. (i knew that on st. valentine's day) and he will be the mt of dbs. he will be gonna go to singapore for a year in july. (i'm thinking a present now...) so today he treated us today. the restaurant is in chungking mansions which many indians lived there. most of us go inside for the 1st time. we took curry & indian food there. the food is ok but normal chinese may not like the taste as they are different from outside which mostly using se asian/japanese curry. anyway, thx ball!!!

then we went to a pub nearby and we got some beer, playing dices...

February 28, 2004

gossip from the floor heaven

tuesday afternoon, i needed to exposure the patch antenna on the ground floor. then some year 2 students (few girls & a boy) came for their epd project. the cheap lab techincian came to show off himself in front of girls just like how good the relationship with the bosses outside... after that those yr2 asked him about ias & fyp. but the lab techincian said he was not good to tell them and push this taks to me... cheap man...

wednesday, consuls-general visited, principal had a chance to show off in front of those visitors. when chic chan describing the sar measurement kit, he didn't know what type of fluid which simulates the head. principal then said the name directly... btw., we had heard before they came that even US consulate would come but acutally...

thursday, a phd student sucked. orginally i were wanna measure in the afternoon, but she took the chamber when i were at lunch! normally, i would not be angry with other people, but not she. she didn't know how to use & waited lots of time... 3 hours later was in my turn. i used it for 2 hours, then a co-op student asked me to help him a bit. what do u think who came? she again! she wanted to measure a pattern... i were wanna leave & asked she to help the co-op student. but she even said she just looked but not helped. god damn...

friday, i took my results to meet my fyp supervisor. he often got sick & asked me to wear a mask. that's ok. but i didn't feel he was sick when he was talking about my project. he said my antenna's connection with the probe is ugly & this will make the parasite effect. as far as i know, this only affects high frequency antenna but mine is only for 2.4 GHz. that should make only a very tiny problem... (hope this mean my project near to the end...) then he asked many other things & didn't trust my result... shit. & he taught some methods to improve the performance but i tried in the simulation that they are useless... but a good thing is he allowed me to find his phd student officially which knows patch antenna more than him...

February 21, 2004

bad luck & cold blooded

bad luck is about the fyp, & i am a cold blooded man...

i am following last year fyp from a graduated & my supervisor wanna punish the result on the paper. but how idiot is my supervisor. he could not find the result of a graph was fake even the real result on relative graphs was on the next page in the final report and he gave a- for the project. he asked me to improve it... that's a quite impossible job. do i need to cheat him?

at friday's night, i got home as usual taking mtr in kowloon tong station. i saw two foreign ladies (one over 40, another over 60). they were both carrying luggage. they should use lift instead of escalators but they stepped on the escalators. i just stood next to the old lady. she wanted to move down to join the younger one. however she cannot pull down the luggage. and i didn't have any action or realize something i should do until a true light school girl came to help her. suddenly i felt i am so bad and stand away immediately after the escalators brought me to the platform. what the hell am i?

February 12, 2004

CRE result

fail chinese. others pass. that is what i expected

February 09, 2004

IELTS result

not bad for a engineering student. average is 7.0!

listening: 9.0
reading: 7.0
writing: 5
speaking: 6


today i had a talk with my fyp accessor. not bad, he is more cleverer than my

February 01, 2004

by request

god damned the system, can't save my stuff.

something between chinese new year & now

on the eve, we went to festival flower market at victoria park. there were lots of people. and many things are sold: houses, flowers, toys, anti-government stuff... we left around 2am and ate nearby, back home around 4am.

2nd day after new year, went to temple to pray gods, wong tai sin & che kung. che kung has more and more people because the prediction for hong kong had been so real for last year. it predicted bad and then sars came. btw this year the luck of the place is medium...

3rd or 4th day, sick (again on Feb 4th)

Jan 27, a day before the end of the school holiday, started the fyp again. chaning the content, but is still difficult because that is a bad idea thought by my supervisor and i need to finish it!!!

Jan 31, lam fong birthday. we went to play bowling in the afternoon (bad luck to see a stupid university schoolmate). then at night, we watched the show at victoria harbour, symphony of light. the buildings are too far away, some too high (e.g. IFC), some too low / small (e.g. City Hall). & the narrative is too disgusting... finally we ate at a japanese restaurant.