February 01, 2004

by request

god damned the system, can't save my stuff.

something between chinese new year & now

on the eve, we went to festival flower market at victoria park. there were lots of people. and many things are sold: houses, flowers, toys, anti-government stuff... we left around 2am and ate nearby, back home around 4am.

2nd day after new year, went to temple to pray gods, wong tai sin & che kung. che kung has more and more people because the prediction for hong kong had been so real for last year. it predicted bad and then sars came. btw this year the luck of the place is medium...

3rd or 4th day, sick (again on Feb 4th)

Jan 27, a day before the end of the school holiday, started the fyp again. chaning the content, but is still difficult because that is a bad idea thought by my supervisor and i need to finish it!!!

Jan 31, lam fong birthday. we went to play bowling in the afternoon (bad luck to see a stupid university schoolmate). then at night, we watched the show at victoria harbour, symphony of light. the buildings are too far away, some too high (e.g. IFC), some too low / small (e.g. City Hall). & the narrative is too disgusting... finally we ate at a japanese restaurant.

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