July 31, 2005

stuff i tested in cmatcl

plug, plug portion, sockets, adaptors:
(BS1363-1 and relative SS, MS standards) (BS1363-1 Clause 12) (BS1363-2 and relative SS, MS standards) (BS1363-3)

fixed luminaires (60598-2-1)
portable luminaires (60598-2-4)
light chains (60598-2-20)

terminal blocks (60998)

pump for integrated appliance (60335-1)
hair clipper (60335-2-8)
blender (60335-2-14)
coffee maker (60335-2-15)
hair dryer (60335-2-23)
battery charger (60335-2-29)
electric fan (60335-2-80)

plastic electrical conduits (BS4607, BS4662)

charger (61558-2-7)

radio frequency test for saso (II-02, II-43)

lots of IPX1, X2, & X4 tests (60529) for radio, fans, luminaires, etc

lots of material tests (60112 tracking; 60695 ball pressure, glow-wire; and needle frame tests)

in between dreams

finally bought it by hk$99 at the end of the last day of work after the introduction of sitting, waiting, wishing, good people, introduction of the various media and listening the pirated one got from the net.

suggested track: banana pancakes

July 30, 2005

last week

last week in cmatcl was a bit boring. doing some sorts of supporting lab tests were my major jobs. and then was cleaning up the drawers and packing up the stuff. got some free meals for me. my supervisor's told me how i should get improved: self-confidence; direct speaking and writting if i still wanna work as an engineer; not doing something not related but helpful; some thinking before shout out... i've so many weaknesses

finally gave back my staff id card, medical cards and did some paper work with hr staff. no more queuing for bus and mini bus (damned this summer so many using the public transport made me late for a few times) on workdays to there anymore.

July 26, 2005

1st gathering with ball's back

so many to join the gathering after ball's back for birthday for man wai and 7c. many talking about studying financial courses. i agree we need to improve our financial skills to prevent being poor. but i don't think their ways are suitable for me. i want to be one using service instead of providing service. but it's a long way to go and still needs to provide service for a period of time.

July 23, 2005

last saturday

could not leave earlier because need to reconfirm a light chain previously failed with another sample by lamp bridging test (EN60598-2-20 Clause 20.12.3) from a quite troublesome french supplier. It took me over nine hours before it's dead. so i got extra four hours OT salary. thx a free lunch and my supervisor told me i knew too few about the company politics and the bad side of the real world which i cannot say anything to stop him. before going back home bought another mouse since the one bought a year ago cannot function well.

July 21, 2005

fight against before leave

as i said on last post. i did the tests of light chain and today the guy for LNE-Asia came up and asked me to show where the ball pressure test failed. even with the support of two workmates, i were still got fightened. nearly i sliped out something i should not tell out of my mouth. but seems the challege has passed for a moment. let me see how the respond from my head (he's away at that moment) when the guy found him tommorrow (i truly think the guy is going to)

July 16, 2005

two more weeks to go

after that i'm free again! but too early they are to stop laying job to me. what still in my hand is a light chain for LNE-Asia. and a hair dryer/curler for VDE. then what i'm gonna do is to "teach" (should be shareing) the stuff i know in luminaire testing to everyone. so i'll be so free in the coming two weeks?

faked stuff

do you waste money to buy genuine handbags or wallets from Gucci, LV... as many office ladies do in hk? or just buying similar faked products? our german gives a good answer, faked. why? he thought they will be damaged in a few years time but not like Rolex which can give to offsprings with price gaining. then i asked how about your wife's feeling? he said she does think the same as him and is using the faked one bought in shenzhen...

July 13, 2005

comparison: sinapore airlines

people always compare everything. let me do some stuff for what i think in the journey. first is the airline companies i've used the serivces:

overall quality: cathay pacific (cx) (2000) >= sinapore airlines (sq) (2005) > qantas (qf) (2000). there's even a pee smell from qf's 747-200.

plane: cx > sq > qf. cx and qf both used 747s for the flight but sq only used 777-200. but qf's 747-200 sucks (must better than china airlines). the flight to singapore nearly made the plane full in capacity (because of the holiday) but very few when we came back.

seat: cx >= sq > qf. cx has lcd display on economic class for every seat in 2000 but not in qf. qf's seat didn't have enough space for me to put on feet without hitting the seat in front.

food: basically no big difference on the economic class level. but i wanna thank you the catering sevice here this time (should be this one) because it provides Häagen-Dazs ice cream when we went to singapore.

servants: no big difference. but the uniform of the sq is not favourite for ladies. too big neck opening...

pilots: ca = sq > qf. the landing of qf is not good, just like hitting rally car hitting on the ground

July 02, 2005

security device for online banking

hk monetary authority requested banks to improve online banking security. some implement e-cert. but hsbc is using another approach, i.e. security device. i've got one earlier than others since i used its service to do danagerous decisions (buying stocks).

it looks like a little key chain which will generate a 6-digit code everytime when you log in the system. but how the system works? if easy to know, then easy to crack. will we be safe to use? and it's easy to get lost because of the design. we need to pay $100 to get another one back except battery going out.

July 01, 2005


Should RTHK follow the style of BBC? or just behave as a mouth of government?

government official and new chief executive said they don't want rthk to waste taxes to compete the private radios stations. but those programmes they mentioned are representive and have good reputuations. and even i love some programmes even other are going downwards. as a hong konger, i don't like rthk to become what officials like.

live at brixton academy

on the public holiday of handover, finally finished watching dido's oncert on dvd (did something british on former british soil). my review (based on my old crt tv system - only dolby stereo 2.0 used):

  1. simple (only play; songs selection; & audio options in menu)
  2. plain (one clothes on 3 days concert? - even the musicians)
  3. at beginning, seems she didn't have enough preparation so i don't like the way she performed here with me. but afterwards i found she may wanna show there's a difference between album and live. so quite different tone used in different songs. some lower, some higher. and a lot more musicial equipments used
  4. every concert needs an encore section? seems every artists like their fans to call them back from the stage at the near end of the concert.
  5. i love the layout of the case anyway but it's not convenient to take the discs out.

anyway i like the set and any chance to come to asia (except japan) to perform in concerts?