July 13, 2005

comparison: sinapore airlines

people always compare everything. let me do some stuff for what i think in the journey. first is the airline companies i've used the serivces:

overall quality: cathay pacific (cx) (2000) >= sinapore airlines (sq) (2005) > qantas (qf) (2000). there's even a pee smell from qf's 747-200.

plane: cx > sq > qf. cx and qf both used 747s for the flight but sq only used 777-200. but qf's 747-200 sucks (must better than china airlines). the flight to singapore nearly made the plane full in capacity (because of the holiday) but very few when we came back.

seat: cx >= sq > qf. cx has lcd display on economic class for every seat in 2000 but not in qf. qf's seat didn't have enough space for me to put on feet without hitting the seat in front.

food: basically no big difference on the economic class level. but i wanna thank you the catering sevice here this time (should be this one) because it provides Häagen-Dazs ice cream when we went to singapore.

servants: no big difference. but the uniform of the sq is not favourite for ladies. too big neck opening...

pilots: ca = sq > qf. the landing of qf is not good, just like hitting rally car hitting on the ground

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