January 31, 2007

good & bad for flickr

good thing is microsoft found flickr users to provide few desktop wallpapers for vista. anything m$ can save some buds to get wallpapers from other sources (but not corbis, bill gates started it)

bad is all old accounts will need to merge to yahoo accounts before mar 15. i've also done this once and reversed because i hate to log in every 24 hours! now this is forced to do...

flickr is so far i see the best for all of yahoo services. maybe it's time for microsoft to buy yahoo. (after allowing yahoo id used in messenger & finding flickr members for desktops)

January 25, 2007

my best friend's wedding

some nice guy put it on youtube. cool

p.s. one of classmate couples married last sat. a bit unexpected as they didn't contact us often in these few years. anyway god bless them as loyal christians

January 21, 2007

happy birthday the movie


24 & iPhone?

24 is now on fox again (tvb pearl will show on April 25 from unconfirmed source) and first four hours have already made many viewers excited.

this season ctu has replaced their dell displays into apple cinema displays. is there any chance to further using apple products in the series? like bauer using iphone? (o... is year 2012)

but the timeframe setted is after n years (few presidents have been replaced but in real world is still bush). so iphone used by bauer should be n generations later. and can power of apple portable products support 24 hours continously operations...

anyway someone did this in flickr

January 18, 2007

crappy undersea cables

kinda bad news that the cables crapped by earthquake nearby taiwan just after x'mas cannot be fixed until mid of next month... so how can i play america's army smoothly?

January 06, 2007

wed is kinda important

  1. i will start job rotation starting from that day for coming two months. will know the products much deeper from different angles.
  2. apple will deliver new products in macworld, maybe new ipod/iphone, new software, or upgraded mac mini (any chance for core 2 duo?) / mac pro (quad core?)... if new product line is out from ipod/iphone, i need to think to have one since my shuffle is gonna pass its peak. (hk time)
  3. it's last microsoft's patch tuesday before windows vista & office 2007 selling to general public officially (hk time)
p.s. 2nd book from that series also sucks. obviously the author wants to have more money for marriage!

google talk update

how about chinese version update?

January 04, 2007

measure map

seems like google does not give up measure map yet even analytics is their core. check "I like big charts and I cannot lie", at least reader is using tech from measure map. but will there be a chance to allow new user to join measure map again?