December 21, 2007

cappuccino caramel truffle

it's the new favor served in hk. but i love the solo coffee more. caramel taste is a bit too strong that i don't feel like it's a coffee product. the chewy chocolate truffle however is lovely. that is the selling point of this ice cream i think.

December 18, 2007

no sharp front upper for adidas' stan smith

the latest milk previews new edition of adidas' stan smith will be out. and it said the editors like sharp front upper design. but i don't really like it.

i agree it's quite dull for the series but the design doesn't feel the whole shape. the shoes are much more cute with round front. and most important is much harder for me to buy another stan smith. the one i'm wearin' is near servin' me for nearly two years. but this is hard to find another to suit my foot size (i need one size larger than those available sizes!). with sharp front, at least half/one size more is needed. damn..

December 16, 2007

Televisionista: "House" Christmas Episode in January?

the strike really hurts! need to wait one more month to watch latest house episode. and it is the first one after new fellows are chosen. let's sing x'mas songs in jan then.

December 13, 2007

lego city 7991 garage truck

it's time to complete the remainin' one before end of year. under the same frame, obviously this is done by different designer from concrete mixer. the driving cabin is in less details but components are in fit. a few are in queer (pls click the gallery link below): 1. why the trolley is on the top? 2. no cover for the garage container? 3. something strange in the manual...

link: my 7991 gallery in flickr

December 12, 2007

December 05, 2007


as what i have said after the last race this year. alfa romeo's car is a bit too old to keep competitive in the top race. so now the team running it, n.techology finally gives up and they are going to find another partner to play the game in coming future. but if they wanna fight with manufacturer teams, they cannot choose those putting official teams in the race, i.e. bmw, seat (or audi group), chevrolet (or gm group), or no mercedes (the focus on dtm). So most likely they can find japanese or korean cars. And most active one should be honda, there are some cars running in wtcc under independent teams for past few years (not the one just completed). and they have individual design for europe market (major battle field for the race). anyway, as a fan, what we can do is just enjoying holidays and wait for more news.

December 02, 2007

latest faq for empire: total war

looks like empire will be attractive. it's developed by the same team makin' rome: total war which i think is great one. and all new gaming system is implemented. and that means medieval 2: total war was done by another team. that's why the way the game shows is a bit different from rome.