November 24, 2009


  1. actually actors are quite well known, only hong kongers are lack of knowledge. of course you cannot get every 1st-class to play;
  2. maybe we expect a bit more, the movie actually is ok. but seems like the older twos are a bit better;
  3. every parents care their children. sorry for yuri;
  4. hope is for sissies. sorry for gordon, tamara;
  5. it’s normal to have rich on board as capital is needed and in order to make whole earth being unknown. of course murders are reasonable in this circumstance;
  6. USS JFK had been retired. they
  7. should use another aircraft carrier instead. btw why not use bentley a bit more;
  8. a bit too good for chinese; they don’t let remaining especially workers to come even for ancient chinese. their product may be in second class only. it’s hard to say every ship is in good shape after first wave of tsunami;
  9. where are the remaining arks? only three can pass through?

November 23, 2009

the clone wars s2e06

anakin said he wants to celebrate the victory in the clone wars with ahsoka when she is in trap. that means ahsoka should be dead already in revenge of the sith. what he talks often fails, like his mother, padme.

the death i think also contributes him to closer to stay in dark side…

wtcc macao 2009

  1. so dirty the team order was at the end of race 1. both seat & bmw did tricks to make the plans secure…
  2. there is no advantage for bmw anymore. despite rumours heard before, hope they stay in wtcc.
  3. this year crash was more violent than years before. thompson’s car was in too heavy damage in qualifying so he couldn’t show up in races. what a waste for him & lada. the crash for engslter was unlucky (he had already been unlucky this season with the crash with stupid safety car) & hope him recover soon. sad for larini, couldn’t finish for his ever last race.

p.s. so crappy tvb broadcast was, both presenters & timing for ads suck.

tp-link & macbook

i may know the wireless connection getting crappy between tp-link wireless router & macbook.

there are two factors, one is temperature of macbook. if the heat is not exhausted out, the temperature is directly proportional to the interference of the wireless signal. the connectivity in winter is much better than that of summer.

another is the boot camp. it seems either mac os or windows doesn’t disconnect / release the original connection well enough the next connection in another os sucks. but i still need to use windows as latest office for mac doesn’t support vba.

November 01, 2009

albums collected

  1. we sing. we dance. we steal things.
    first is attached by “lucky”. then find other songs are cool too
  2. fearless
    "love story” is a big hit & makes me interested. i also like “white horse” & “you belong to me”. Thx MTV for promotion when i was in singapore.
  3. the boy who knew too much
    great. even better than “live in cartoon motion