May 21, 2006

a bit down

last week i should not buy this & this...

sick was the main frame for last two weeks. but it's different than previous. i didn't need to lay on the bed to take rest. but these few days it took me staying a lot on the toilet...

bad luck was still around me. how could i lose my cell phone on a minibus? i don't know. and the worst is losing all people contacts... but better than none, my friend working in a mobile phone network company had a special offer by using nearly half of original price to get this. however i needed to pay for a bluetooth usb adaptor in full. another friend also lost his phone and bought this (a temp who was working with me few months before also interested). size is ok, smaller than i expected.

the most sad thing is death of friend's mom. last seeing her during chinese new year holidays & she's all right. but then around a month before she was in a hospital to ahve a treatment remove cancer. two weeks before she was already in the heaven. it's so fast... yesterday when we saw him, he did look ok but really don't know how is in his mind. may god bless him.

May 14, 2006

another blog from department of LA Government

after LAFD putting pix on flickr! and built a blog on blog*spot, LAPD also built a blog which makes CNET news feel interested.

when will our little government make some movement in this field in order to build a better image instead of justsaying better governance?

May 07, 2006

toys & miniature

yesterday traced my dream to fill up my lego collection in kowloon area. so i took a stop at shim shui po but without new stuff in my hand. so i moved on to next place, mong kok. a few more shops were checked. but all of a sudden, i found a thing more interested, i.e. herpa miniature car of bernd schneider's '95 dtm. so i don't care how much it costed, just took my wallet out and handed the notes to shop owner...

but there was some more time and the purpose had not yet fulfilled, and i walked down to tsim sha tsui and stepped into a shop selling lego. and finally got this...

but i don't wanna put any stickers on it yet. make it pure!

May 06, 2006


a victory of macromedia. and i like macro's layout actually

and it maintains the old adobe's feedback card which is cool. but they should maintain the latest download update design from adobe and the national setting didn't work after going to an english only site...

May 05, 2006

local master of copying

i'm not discussing how janice sings. but there's an article saying his producer copying a song from my favourite band. what i really wanna say is the guy really knows the world music much and used for producing local music. he's so damned clever. and those love music made by him are...

lucky not to work in toy factory?

there's one more reason for not choosing the car toy factory. today's newspaper said that prostitutes have moved from mong kok to tsim sha tsui east where the factory's office is at there. i don't like to leave there with those "ladys" not just standing around, but blocking my way to make me use their "service"... sounds like disgusting.

windows live messenger beta

the latest, should be the last one before release candidate was out (get the beta access right here).

this one is much kinda cooler than previous one. at least for a three-year ago pc. it takes half less memory and more functions are provided. another thing can be found by me (because the windows sound system has been crapped by ccleaner), it uses another way to drive sound out!

but one drawback is mine cannot operate when it starts with pc booting. it's needed to be closed and started again. maybe this is being affected by startright.

jamie + tom + dave

one for promoting himself more in the u.s.
one for m:i:iii
one for attracting more audience

so they drank olive oil!

check it~

There's some Reader in my Homepage!

This move stops people saying duplication of reader and personalized hompage

Check -> There's some Reader in my Homepage!

May 03, 2006

latest 24

after a dull lesson on induction and risk management (but it's kinda cool when i could leave earlier, slept between the lesson, and had tea when i slipped to the old place which is downstairs), i went straight back home to watch latest 24. and...
  1. james morrison was so fit (he's a yoga teacher in real life) when he wore sweater to show bill buchanan was resting at home to cover chloe had been here. i think he can get some more as a model of american apparel.
  2. how can jack get cell phone signals on the sky? all signal transmitters should point to ground.
  3. mike the chief of staff becomes messenger of mr & mrs president...
  4. so damned stupid miles found mike for help. first is mike has no real power, second is mike closes to jack instead of you, miles.
  5. paul mccrane is suitable to act as a bad guy, from er to now 24.
  6. 2 lol points: logan said jack is desperate. the real thing is jack's always desperate; there's no secure line on the earth. even the one by ctu was hacked!
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company's singing contest

there was a singing contest final held by company on second last sunday of april for the first time. 16 from every departments were selected to perform on stage at academic community hall, and one of them is my friend, ball. he had 20 tickets while i also got my extra two being as staff. my friend called his schoolmates, family and his girlfriend to support. for my extra ticket, with a bit unexpected (seems not have another chance), carmen joined me to watch the contest (as i told her there was a guest). she was so lovely beautiful, just like a perfect princess in my mind.

those finalists were formed in four groups. not only had they performed their own selected song, but also needed to have a group competition with the prize of a mp3 player. dancing was competited in my friend's group while others chose other things. and my friend's performance was better in that group competition than his selected song. his vocal cord was sleeping at that night so that he lost the contest. the champion was performing with support from music of guitar while the voice of first runner up was very simialr to jacky cheung. and all performers were very professional, better than most of local pop singers.

after all performance, 2 seniors from our bank sang four songs before our honoured guest densie ho (a bit late come) to perform. two songs were sung while the first one i never heard before and really could not catch up what she sang. btw the hosts (sara lee & william lam from metro broadcast) did a good job that night.

after the contest, we two took dinner together at a shanghaiese restaurant at mongkok but a bit disappointed on the food before going back home.

May 01, 2006

bad day

after 4 weeks of no 1 in billboard (5 weeks now, with reasons - warner music did a lot of stuff), bad day is promoted again in hong kong with new ad focusing on the mv featuring samarie armstrong (anna stern in the o.c.; btw, she's back in the o.c.!!!).

but don't forget the album was released last year. there are so many similar cases in music industry actually, like dido. she's really getting pop after eminem used "thank you" as background of stan even her music "here with me" has already used in roswell.