May 03, 2006

company's singing contest

there was a singing contest final held by company on second last sunday of april for the first time. 16 from every departments were selected to perform on stage at academic community hall, and one of them is my friend, ball. he had 20 tickets while i also got my extra two being as staff. my friend called his schoolmates, family and his girlfriend to support. for my extra ticket, with a bit unexpected (seems not have another chance), carmen joined me to watch the contest (as i told her there was a guest). she was so lovely beautiful, just like a perfect princess in my mind.

those finalists were formed in four groups. not only had they performed their own selected song, but also needed to have a group competition with the prize of a mp3 player. dancing was competited in my friend's group while others chose other things. and my friend's performance was better in that group competition than his selected song. his vocal cord was sleeping at that night so that he lost the contest. the champion was performing with support from music of guitar while the voice of first runner up was very simialr to jacky cheung. and all performers were very professional, better than most of local pop singers.

after all performance, 2 seniors from our bank sang four songs before our honoured guest densie ho (a bit late come) to perform. two songs were sung while the first one i never heard before and really could not catch up what she sang. btw the hosts (sara lee & william lam from metro broadcast) did a good job that night.

after the contest, we two took dinner together at a shanghaiese restaurant at mongkok but a bit disappointed on the food before going back home.

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