May 03, 2006

latest 24

after a dull lesson on induction and risk management (but it's kinda cool when i could leave earlier, slept between the lesson, and had tea when i slipped to the old place which is downstairs), i went straight back home to watch latest 24. and...
  1. james morrison was so fit (he's a yoga teacher in real life) when he wore sweater to show bill buchanan was resting at home to cover chloe had been here. i think he can get some more as a model of american apparel.
  2. how can jack get cell phone signals on the sky? all signal transmitters should point to ground.
  3. mike the chief of staff becomes messenger of mr & mrs president...
  4. so damned stupid miles found mike for help. first is mike has no real power, second is mike closes to jack instead of you, miles.
  5. paul mccrane is suitable to act as a bad guy, from er to now 24.
  6. 2 lol points: logan said jack is desperate. the real thing is jack's always desperate; there's no secure line on the earth. even the one by ctu was hacked!
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