November 30, 2005

snap from speech by chief executive

since this morning, the radio has already said there was an important annoucement would be performed by our chief executive donald tsang tonight at 7:30. here are some of my findings during the speech:

  • chief executive was wearing new glasses
  • he sat just like a robot, even worse than C-3PO
  • he mislead us in 2 points:
    chief executive and new counilers of legislative council are elected with all citizen-elected district council members. (but actually some are appointed by our chief executive)

    the research he talked was done before the fifth report of the constitutional development task force was made. (he already misled british and american politicans with this point)
  • after his speech, tvb jade channel the news presenter asked the comments from a political commenter and two political party members. the dressing of the chairman of democratic party, LEE Wing Tat, is not very good. the lower part of tie was shown and he should either button all the buttons or not button at all.

    even worse was from the other party member, DAB's LAU Kong Wah, his face had two red spots which looked like ghost in traditional chinese stories... and what he said i can sure is not from his own heart, is from the order of central government. in thier local communists' mind, they don't like the current chief executive and they want to rule hk just like last seven years (most of hk people still remember how "good" last seven years were)

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November 29, 2005

recent favourites

three songs are in mind now recently:

  1. I'm Feeling You from Santana feat. Michelle Branch & The Wreckers

    from the success of debut of last album, the game of love from shaman, they form again for and got this song out. record company has also made this as the debut. it's a good song but a bit less compared to the game of love.

  2. Push the Button from Sugababes

    known this band from song round round (much earlier than local singer emme wong to sing the local lyrics version) from album angels with dirty faces but i don't like their make up. and this one is another pop material from the band.

  3. Boyfriend from Ashlee Simpson

    just like the above one, i can say this song can be a pop one even not sung by her.

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November 27, 2005

another characteristic test


你喜歡觀察、學習、研究、探求原因、分析事物、解決困難 / 問題。有數學、科學及分析的能力。
典型的工作包括:生物學家、化學家 / 化驗員、物理學家、地理學家、人類學家、實驗室技術員。



another terminator controlling our travel freedom

the real terminator arnold schwarzenegger has just left after promoting anti-priacy with jackie chan and also california plant products (sunkist's orange is much better than those from south africa, australia or china).

but nearby there will be a terminator to be implemented to monitor our travel freedom soon. our immigration department will use e-brain to issue every items related to our life and freedom like passports and visas. it is the first system around the world. it can learn new cases through input from officers when anything cannot be handled and automatically handle similar ones later on.

but two things are needed to take care, first is this system is hard to prevent anyone using fake identity to get the access or leave from hong kong. the second is whether the system will be too clever we cannot control it in the future and our freedom will be lost?

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November 26, 2005

democracy in hk

although i'm still lost in job hunting, i'm very clear on my view to democracy.

our government always say stability is over everything including the demand of democracy which follows the tone of central government. but from the history mentioned by 古德明, the stability was only highlighted when ming dynasty's eunuches was ruling actually. and central government is stable now? no, many farmers and villagers and even town people are in riot when government are concentrated on stability and people are put into jails.

and over government say they will take governance at high priority with professionals (but not chosen by public). but how good is it? it's bad. even democratic bosnia is doing much faster than us to stand the first statue of our celebrity, bruce lee, earlier than us (ref from abc news) around the world. but our "good" hk government have rejected that idea for long time even the one shown in avenue of stars is not supported by the government.

some people always want our catholic bishop joseph zin to stop asking people to parade for democracy on dec 4. but he did say a thing i agree very much. people should not disgard present life by chasing future. some may ask why the pope are not chosen by catholic believers. but they don't know the catholic society and the pope should be chosen by god.

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November 25, 2005

whata roflmao thing!

You Should Get a JD (Juris Doctor)
You're logical, driven, and ruthless.You'd make a mighty fine lawyer.


November 22, 2005

new terminator?

there are using wi-fi mosquito killers to kill mosquitos in golf courts pools by suing wi-fi to control the release of propane based on weather. i think this design has a potential in military purposes or correctional purposes to control prisoners and enemies like resident evil or terminator. if hackers or terrorists gained control of killers, they would release lots of gas and could kill us!!

ref: cent, taiwan cnet

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two telecom news in hk

first one is 13 operators from satellites, mobile sevice providers, to fixline telephone companies disagree the plan provided by the authority on the period of licensing for broadband wireless access (bwa). but the authority seems to ignore their complaint.

for the future of bwa in hong kong, since here is small, it can replace nearly very telecom services provided in different formats by now. but providers paid a lot of money to develop existing network and got the permits (like 3G) to operate the service. we must know new technology is coming and we must face it. i hope they one way slowdown the deployment of bwa (but not too late that affects customers benefits) and find a good way to adopt bwa asap (at least we don't need to more an expensive client to support 3G, 4G, and wifi whatsoever). and i hope i work in the companies can catch the chance to develop (like cti in the past - it doesn't disagree but it's losing money)

second is astri co-operates with wavecom to improve manufacturers' technique in pearl delta region.

it's hard to say how much this can help the manufacturers. some of them may already own better technologies (like zte) and there are research teams which have some well-known technologies (like cityu hk's ee). those mid-end have thier own team to build products and sold them in big names (ge etc). wavecom can only help those low-end oem factories to upgrade but they should be elimated by the market. and any good output from this co-operation will only contribute to wavecom. patents, designs... we can hardly get anything from wavecom.

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November 20, 2005


in this article, to kit talked about the relation between the expansion of muslim and the riot in france. he said a key point that muslims like to push others to belive their religion. nowdays, first is to live in their ways and not affecting others. since their behaviour is much opposed to local ones, they are suppressed, later on they will fight against the authories.

in history only some period of moors' spain and after the third crusade muslims allow christains to maintain their ways of life. but soon the way has gone. now christains i think are weakened because of materialism. and muslims are going to be the only way for all people? no with religion control from our good chinese communists, they will not win at all.

and i think another group of people who behave like muslims are environmentalists and those for anti-globalization.

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wtcc in macau

for the first time the last race of wtcc series (etcc for last few years) was held in macau (some drivers tried macau circuit when they knew there would be the place of last race this year and most of them had raced there in formula 3 or other touring cars). the weather is the best compared with last few years and lots of auidences were waiting to watch the race and played auidence wave at their seats.

the first session was held at noon. the race was soon stopped for a while while six cars including jörg müller crashed just after lisboa bend and blocked the track. local portuguese andré couto had leaded but hit twice (lisboa bend, fishermen's bend) to the wall so we needed to withdraw. alfa romeo's augusto farfus jr. won this session while last year winner andy priaulx, seocnd in championship was jsut after him and seat's richard rydell was in third. fabrizio giovanardi, third in points could not finish the race and lost the chance to get the championship. first in points dirk müller got hit near the end of the session and finished at position 10.

the second one started around an hour and a half later. started at pole was three-time winner duncan huisman who was started at 15th at the first race (8th when crossed the flag). Second is btcc champion james thompson. third is peter terting who drove a seat. there were three laps with safty car becuase 4 cars crashed at fishermen's bend and two extra laps were given for racing. huisman maintained the lead until the end and priaulx was strong enough to get second from starting 8th position. dirk müller was in bad luck when he just passed the other before the lisboa bend and could not get into the line so that he crashed to the bend directly. with the withdrawl of the race, priaulx is the first world champion. alain menu was strong enough to survive the race after a small touch of lisboa bend and finished at third.

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November 19, 2005

coming stuff from apple comp inc.

for coming macworld expo, there is a rumour of unveiling new intel-cored ibook. but in this news, apple will also renew the shuffle line which is a-year-old. the size will be smaller and it should like ipod mini to have multi-colors. will there have any display? any chance to make it to be a real ipod?

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bird migration

from the news, we can found birds are becoming lazy to fly over the continents for warmer places in winter maybe cause of global warming and can hold birthing places earlier than those still flying during winter period.

this may be good news and bad news for us. good news is obviously related to the bird flu. since fewer birds are moving from one corner of earth to another corner, fewer chances for them to become virus carrier. the virus has less chance to contact with other animals and it has less chance to have mutation. so it is less offensive to human.

but ecosystem of not only one places has been changed since birds are normally at the upper part of the ecosystem. so that means one place will have less lower parts organisms and birds compete food with us. finally we may ned to hunt them as our food. but most likely environmentalists don't agree that. and at the other place where they should stay in winter will have much more pests. less food can be made and more people will get hungry.

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will nike release new shoes in apple-style?

after motorola had yelled it will follow apple-style to release new phones, nike did an action more useful than yelling. apple coo is gonna join nike's board.

so what will this affecrt nike? release shoes in apple-style? designing shoes like macs, ipods more? integrating mac products into nike products? (as i can remember nike has sold mp3 players but not parntered with apple)

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November 17, 2005

Motorola plans Apple-style product launches

cnet posted that article saying that motorola will promote new products like apple-style. but i don't think that's a magic for motorola.

apple product range is not so wide as motorola's. so it's easy to push more resources on making attract products and there are plenty of times to make people to think what new products are making. so that it's style is useful.

but in motorola case, it has a lot of products, some are attractive but many are not especially the low-end ones so that they need to promote their new products month by month. there's no room for outsiders to imagine new products and no rumours can be made.

in order to make this new style success, both motorola production and marketing staff need to put a lot of effort to change their working style and pay hard to make good products and imaginations.

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written test again

after a brief trip to guangzhou on tuesday, yesterday i went to kwun tong again to attend written test for graduate trainees. but it's too late for me to leave home so that i wasted $70 on taxi. i found an old intern also attended among over ten candidates but he left earlier than me. and i was not in the candidate list but the officer asked me to put my details there. btw this year paper is much harder than last year one.

next stop was tsim sha tsui and had a look at new sogo. it's much smaller than the one in causeway bay and seems selling more profitable stuff. oh, my friend was in his store and took lunch with him. i was a bit lucky because it's ahrd for him to work so early. and wednesday is the day you can access freely to public museums. just a few minutes of walk from the department store is the arts museum watched the chinese ink painting. and walked to the nearby space museum to see any new stuff inside which made me a bit disappoointed. it's interesting so many foreigners to take a visit to the museums. hk goverment should put much more effort on maintaining and improving the standards of the museums.

i still cannot find something for the weekend in the bookstores but i can find a pocket penguin in pageone. another bad news is the version of civilization IV sold in hk is dvd version which i need to either buy a whole new computer or buy a new dvd drive which both i don't have money to do.

back home later and fell asleep as felt tired (maybe effect of drugs)

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November 14, 2005

interview @ unisys

i think this is the first time for me to go to chai wan area since i was born. around an hour trip from home mtr picked me to the last station of the island line and i took a minibus just oustside. in very short time i was at the door of the building.

not like the normal office, u need to sign up for passing the gate to the lift lobby. and there will be a person to press the floor you want to go. what a waste of resources. the application form provided is not localized and u can fill in military service if u had! the team head instead of hr interviewed me. he talked he was hiring people for supporting workstations for tellers. so the job will get overtime two to three days per week especially at the weekend. for the second interview (if it happends, it will be done by hr, strange?) but maybe it's useless that he told so much because i still cannot make poeple think i have the passion to work even i tried. maybe steve said right that i should not so long for the last job. i think it's time for me to give up?

nearby it's the bus terminus just under a private estate and next to the stadium. so i took the cross-harbour bus. the bus driver is good for the elderly but not for his driving skill. i'm interested in a pair of ladies. one should be mom and she didn't wear what she should at her age range. her daughter has make-up on her face making her so white. the young one talked about the model business from chai wan, eastern corridor, cross-harbour tunnel until they left at mongkok. she also got a phone call to get a photo shoot tomorrow for a newspaper agency. but when i took back i was thinking how old she is. even she's talking about someone always be a bikini or bathing model. and i think her mother affected her a lot on becoming a model.

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November 13, 2005

neil armstrong

we are gonna welcome our motherland astronauts to our land, i just found something on cbs' 60 minutes new for the first man on the moon when i search for prince of wales stuff.

he finally agreed to get interviewed and talked about the stuff about space (maybe this can stop some people to use it as an excuse for yelling they hadn't gone to the moon) probably for his first authorised autobiography, first man.

but what i focus is how he has the gut to be an astronaut. he got pilots license at 16 but not drive license. he was a flighter pilot at korean war, and a hotshot test pilot to test x-15. but he lost her daugter as the same year to be an astronaut and he's strong enough to concentrate on his work. he nearly lost his life three times during the period for serving nasa. but just after the failure of the experimental device for landing moon, he went back to his office to finish the paperwork!

so if you know any people who have the same gut, make him to be an astronaut!

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Prince of Wales

used to have a chance to own hong kong and he presented his family on the event of handover. but the genes of royal family showed that females are with much longer life. (queen victoria and the queen mother, even his mother the queen). he was interviewed by cbs' 60 minutes before he formally visited the united states after he married duchness of cornwall. some of the highlights were shown by local partner's cantonese channel programme last night.

he's 57? he should not hire nine public relationship officers but someone for make-up (compared to last governor chris patten, he's 61). i'm afraid of the look of prince william after 10 years.

but his interview shown in page 2 & 3 is the key point of my thought. sustainable development; livability; today's world abandoning so many things unnecessarily, so often in the name of efficiency... we are not the technology. it should be our slave. but it's rapidly becoming our master in many areas; frontier of farming organically (quite hard for hk without enough financial support like high-end products maintenance); i totally agree what he said on technology. we are already becoming slave. air-con cycle in hk; email and blackburry everywhere everytime even in the holidays. at last we don't have room for any more thing...

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November 11, 2005


finally break the hardest one generated by pappocom which is posted on today's headline daily. the feeling is amazing.


November 07, 2005

greenhouse gas cut = economy damage?

from the reuters news, International Council for Capital Formation said that the cost to fulfill kyoto protocol on climate change is not small.

that short pain is not easy to cover when globalization has already damaging developed world society by moving low profit industries to developing countries. and protectionism may come when they find this as an excuse and quit the protocol just like US. however we can live a bit longer before the day after tomorrow comes.

hope that there are brilliant politicans to find a good way to handle this.

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newsletter vs feeds

for the world in favor of feeds, i think there's the market for newsletter.

for example, reuters only provide feeds but google reader updates every few hours and get the same headlines for couples of time.

if i use normal desktop reader, i can only check the news when i loaded the application. so the newsletter may be a better choice.

and also emails got from subscription can be used for promotional purposes (based on the laws)...

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November 05, 2005

Little Fighter 2

there's a new version as little fighter online which is not free. but for people downloadin' in, they just get this old version & MAKE it in POPULAR DOWNLOAD LIST position 42!!!

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November 01, 2005


saturday took grad pix for alex and kk coz they need to dealy their graduation for co-op scheme. campus modifications are on the way while people are still the same. they still played cards after photographin'. except ivan took his girlfriend to give us an introduction. she's a bar tender workin' at lan kwai fong.

another interview was on monday afternoon. it's a consulation company to work on stuff related to microprocessor. talked over 15 min on why i still findin' this kind of job but i still cannot give a good answer... seems another lost. but he did say a main point why hk can still have a small bit of industry even wages are high, people are not smart (compared to billions of people). that's the intellectual property.

dinner for hong's and my birthday. after that we went to lan kwai fong to join the celebration of hallowe'en there. the head of lan kwai fong was also there in stead of stadin' at remote government's ocean park which he acts as the chairman. it's not cheap for minimum charge ($60) to get a drink and stand inside the bar. but it's festival time. later we moved to get back home and find our mr. police standin' to guide people (us also) the way back home.

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